Do You Give a Gift at an Engagement Party?

When it comes to wedding related events, it can be confusing knowing when to bring a gift. Close family members and friends will likely give loved ones a gift for their shower and wedding. What about gift etiquette for engagement parties though? If you received an invite to an engagement party, it can seem awkward showing up empty-handed. However, gifts aren’t required traditionally for engagement parties. We’ve provided you with a bit of guidance to help you with engagement party gift etiquette below.

engagement party invitation with champagne flutes

So, when do you give a gift at an engagement party?

Always consider the formality of the engagement party first. If the engagement party is formal, you’ll want to give a gift. Most engagement parties aren’t formal but if you get invited to a black tie affair, bringing a gift is a good idea. If the party is casual, you can bring an engagement card with a handwritten message to congratulate the couple. When in doubt, a card that shares your sentiments about the couple’s exciting news along with well wishes can be brought to any engagement party.

You can still bring a gift to a casual engagement party but don’t feel the pressure to buy an expensive gift. The bride and groom-to-be usually understand that there’s no tradition for engagement party gifts. Bridal shower gifts and wedding gifts are typically more important. If you’re going to bring an engagement gift to the party, consider a gift that’s small and inexpensive.

You can gift the couple with beautiful personalized stationery, matching photo mugs, or custom photo magnets. Personalizing any gift with the couple in mind adds a charming touch to your gesture. You should also consider what the couple may need. Wedding planners, organizers, and checklists are all great ideas for engagement gifts. Glassware such as custom mason jars and custom wine glasses can also serve as the perfect gift for the couple’s home.

You can also bring a nice bottle of champagne or wine for a celebratory toast.

If you’re hosting or sharing in the expenses of the engagement party, you don’t need to bring an engagement gift but a card will do.

What’s Next?

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