25 Dog Birthday Party Ideas: It’s Paw-ty Time!

Celebrating birthdays and important dates is a time-honored tradition among families. And dogs are, without a doubt, members of the family. So, it’s not at all far-fetched to celebrate your pup’s birthday, adoption anniversary or ‘gotcha day’ with a party!

From dog party games to drool-worthy snacks, if you’re planning a party for your dog’s birthday or if you need a birthday gift idea for your pup, we’ve fetched 21 of our favorite dog birthday party ideas to inspire a celebration that you and your furriest family member will enjoy.

Planning Tips: Things to Consider

Before you send out those party invitations, there’s a few things to consider. Take the following into consideration while you start your dog birthday party planning:

Party Location

dogs at dog park

When deciding where to hold your best furry friend’s party, consider the size of your dog and the number of guests—canine and human. Obviously if you’ve got a Great Dane and are going to invite all your dog’s big dog park friends, you’ll want to plan a party outdoors. But if you’ve got a Chihuahua and just a few small dog friends, an indoor party might be perfect.

If you choose to have an outdoor party, you could host it in your own backyard, as long as it’s securely fenced. Or, opt to throw your shindig at the local dog park, but choose a time when it’ll be mostly empty or be prepared to share your party favors with anyone else that might show up.

If you’ll have your party inside, you can have it at home, at a local doggie daycare center or at a dog-friendly hotel. Just be sure your four-legged guests will have a place to do their business.

Dog Approved Entertainment

In addition to planning the logistics, think of a few dog-friendly activities that will keep your pup and the party guests entertained. Why not set up a fun doggie photoshoot, a fun fashion show or a puppy talent show? Be sure to have special dog-themed prizes on hand for the winning pups.

Your Pup’s Personality

dog with birthday hat

Consider how well your dog will behave in a party situation. If you’re afraid a lot of chaos will stress out the birthday dog, opt for a small celebration without any other dogs.

When you get a lot of dogs together, there’s always the possibility things will get rowdy. Be prepared with safe areas dogs can retreat to if they’re feeling overwhelmed. And, if you’re providing treats and toys for entertainment, be sure you bring enough for everyone—you don’t want your party guests fighting over tennis balls and pupcakes.

Canine Friendly Refreshments

Every birthday party includes cake, snacks and refreshments. When it comes to your four-legged guests, make sure you have plenty of fresh, clean water available. Don’t hand out treats or snacks to any dogs before you check with their humans first. This will help you avoid upset tummies or problems with allergies. Of course, make sure anything you serve to the dogs is completely safe for canine consumption.

How To Host A Dog Birthday Party

Have your party location, guest list, and date all figured out? Then get your party planning well under way with the following dog birthday party ideas:

1. Party Favors

dog birthday party ideas party favors

Source: About a Mom

Party favors are a way to thank your guests for attending and shopping for them can be the most fun part of planning. Frisbees, tennis balls and bags of treats make great favors. You could even get practical and throw in a roll of poop bags.

2. Pup-Safe Pastries

Everyone knows dogs shouldn’t eat ‘people food’ but this celebration calls for a special birthday treat! So, for the epic occasion, bake a dog-safe birthday cake or order special treats from your local dog bakery.

3. Dog Photo Album

dog birthday party ideas dog birthday book

Source: Shutterfly

You’ll be sure to capture some frame-worthy photos at your pooch’s party. Compile all those adorable party pictures into a dog photo album. It’s the perfect way to commemorate the special day.

4. Ruff-reshments

To keep your human guests happy, think about the same type of refreshments you’d serve at a child’s birthday party. DIY some dog-themed snacks and decorate a too-cute puppy cake.

5. Party Hats

dog birthday party ideas party hats

Source: My Dog Likes

Every good paw-ty needs birthday decorations! Don’t forget the balloons and party hats so your guests—even the furry ones—can celebrate in style.

6. Birthday Cake

What party is complete without the cake? This adorable little cake is meant to treat your two-legged party guests, but the yummy dog bone topper is safe to share with your pup on his special day.

7. Goodie Bags

dog birthday party ideas goodie bags

Source: Chilliwawa

Make sure every guest leaves with a smile on their face by sending them home with their own goodie bags. Fill them with things like dog toys, tennis balls, dog bones and healthy dog treats.

8. Two Cakes

If you’ll have both four-legged and two-legged guests in attendance, you’ll probably want two cakes—one for you and one for the dog! Add an adorable label so you don’t accidentally eat your dog’s cake.

9. Dress to Impress

An adorable t-shirt, a frilly dress or even a simple bowtie—most dog parents have played dress-up with their dog. What better reason than a birthday to dress your dog in his party best?

10. Pupcakes

Make these drool-worthy pet-safe mini pupcakes for each of the dogs attending your puppy party. Just remember to top each cake with a yummy dog treat.

11. DIY Dog Gift Basket

You can’t have a birthday party without gifts. Why not make your own dog gift basket—stuffed with all of your pup’s favorite things? Fill a bucket with treats, a new toy and a new collar or leash.

12. Party Decorations

Your dog means the world to you, and you mean the world to your dog. Don’t be afraid to show it! Hang a birthday banner, decorate, give presents and even sing Happy Birthday to your best furry friend.

13. Paw Print Cake

dog birthday party ideas paw print cake

Source: Urban Bakes

Everyone knows dogs can’t have chocolate, but this paw print cake is 100% safe for your four-legged party guests. Made from bananas and frosted with carob, your dog will howl for a second helping.

14. Custom Pup Birthday Card

A dog themed birthday card.

Source: Shutterfly

Create a birthday card that matches your pup’s personality perfectly. Even if your dog won’t be able to read it– it’s the thought that counts, and it makes a great momento for the future.

15. Doggy Decor

Party decorations have gone to the dogs! Stick to your theme with a birthday cake and decorations that match. Make these puppy face masks and human guests can pose for silly pictures alongside the birthday dog.

16. Look-Alike Cake

A cake baked in the likeness of your dog will surprise and delight anyone who attends your dog’s birthday party. If you’re talented with fondant, try making it yourself or order one online or from your local dog bakery.

17. Tennis Balls

It’s no secret that dogs love tennis balls. Spread them around the party and watch the dogs play. When the party’s over, allow your furry guests to take a few of them home as party favors.

18. Paw Print Cupcakes

These too-cute cupcakes are just for your human birthday party guests. Make your favorite cupcake recipe and decorate them with paw prints made from chocolate candies.

19. Dog Birthday Bowl

Personalized pet bowls for dogs.

Source: Shutterfly

Present your pup with a new custom dog bowl for the ultimate birthday gift. With your dog’s name and a custom design, there’s no mistaking who’s got the best food dish around.

20. Table Decor

Every good paw-ty needs cool table decorations. A letter board sign with your favorite dog quote along with labels for the “treats” adds a fun, modern twist to your party table.

21. Homemade Dog Biscuits

Are cookies more your style? Bake your birthday dog these homemade dog biscuits. Be sure to package up some extra cookies to send home with your four-legged party guests.

22. Dog Birthday Outfit

dog bandana for dog birthday outfit

Source: Shutterfly

Don’t forget to plan an extra special birthday outfit for your birthday pup. Check out our supply of dog bandanas and customize one to perfectly match your pooch’s personality.

23. Cozy Morning In

Big family and their dog enjoy the dog's birthday and they celebrating.

Turn your pup’s birthday celebration into a cozy morning spent with their favorite people. This is an especially good idea for dogs who are sensitive to too much excitement and activity, and who would have a harder time with a larger celebration.

24. Biscuit Cake

Lit birthday candles in dog milk bone with colorful sprinkles on lace paper doily.

Transform your dog’s favorite treats into the centerpiece of their birthday party. You can add things like canine approved frosting and even candles. Just make sure you blow out the candles before they get too close.

25. Birthday Photoshoot

Cute dog celebrating birthday with a treat and a photo shoot.

Use the occasion of your dog’s birthday party to throw a birthday photoshoot. Find the perfect pet accessories and set up a photo booth for your birthday pup. And make sure to visit our resource on dog picture ideas for additional inspiration.

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