25 Dog Picture Ideas for the Ultimate Photoshoot

We all have camera rolls filled with adorable photos of our pooch—selfies at the park; snuggles on the couch. But while these are precious memories, they’re not really “frame-worthy” quality. Here, we’ve come up with the ultimate list of inspiration to help you shoot the best photos of your best friend. Be sure to fill a dog themed album with all your favorite photos to share with family and friends.

Tips for your Dog Photos

Make Everyday Shots Shine

dog in a red collar
Use light to enhance your otherwise ordinary everyday shots. Whether it’s using a sunset as the perfect backdrop or harsh morning light to make a snuggle shot totally atmospheric—light can transform your composition.

Shoot With High Shutter Speed

Depending on the lighting situation and your preferred aperture, this may not always work. But shooting with a higher shutter speed will allow you to capture the moment—not to mention those epic action shots.

Think Before You Snap

samoyed yawning
What we love about so many of the photos featured here is that they look like an ordinary moment captured beautifully. So before you just start snapping move around, consider the composition and what you can do to make your shot “frame worthy.”

Remember The Rule of Thirds

Not every shot of your dog has to feature them in the middle of the frame looking directly at the camera. Look for unique angles—like from above—and frame your shot in a way that’s visually interesting rather than familiar.

Keep Their Personality in Mind

shi tzu dog smiling
While a shot of your dog in the bathtub or on a paddleboard might look great, it may not be illustrative of what your dog likes doing. Use this list as inspiration to highlight the activities your dog loves and how to capture them in the most artistic way possible.

25 Dog Picture Ideas

1. Surfs Up

This pup is clearly a pro. But even if you’re taking your dog supping for the first time, capturing in this unique position can illustrate a lot about their personality. It helps when you have an epic sunset, too.

2. The Outdoor Bath

Now, if you have a dog who despises baths, this may be harder to capture. But either way add a bucket, some bubbles and stick your camera on a tripod and start shooting. Whether you get them shaking off bubbles or relaxing, it’s bound to be cute. For more ‘awws’ check out this list of dog quotes.

3. Dog and Baby

Chances are if you have a baby, your dog thinks it’s their job to protect them (and nap with them, too). Capture their sweet bond like this one here, where the dog is looking lovingly into the bassinet.

4. Bubbles

This is going to be fun for the both of you. The way the light bounces off of the bubbles adds a lot of color and visual interest. This dog here is quite obedient—but if yours tries to bite them, it could be an even better shot.

5. Play With Space

We know your dog is probably the center of your universe. But they don’t have to be at the center of the frame. We love this up-close shot that highlights this pup’s kind eyes and fluffy muzzle against a white backdrop.

6. Party Pup

Celebrate your dog’s birthday by throwing them a festive photoshoot. We love the party hat used here, and the balloons in the background add a fun touch of color, too.

7. Windows Down

Next time your dog sticks their head out of the window, don’t bark for them to get back in. Instead, grab your macro lens and grab a shot of their ears or tongue flapping in the wind.

8. Tail to Tail

Sometimes the most frameable pictures of our pets are the most unexpected. Instead of focusing on their (adorable) face, get your dog and their friend or sibling to sit tail to tail. Giving your dog a new sibling? Try out a matching dog name.

9. Black and White For Oldies

Feeling nostalgic with your older dog? Capture their sweet demeanor in a classic black and white image. We love how this shot showcases their beautiful white spots and owner, too.

10. Play Together

The way a dog looks at their human is truly special. Capture your pup playing with you or the family to preserve these precious memories forever.

11. Strike A Pose

You’re probably going to need a handful of treats for this one. But, after you get them in the perfectly-regal position for their portrait, it’s going to be well worth it. We love how this dog is looking right into the camera.

12. Shoot a Silhouette

Get your dog up against a foggy sunrise, pink sunset or bright hilltop and click away. This shot plays with light and dark to create a moody silhouette.

13. The Purse Peek-Out

Is your pooch the kind you always carry around? Capture them in their doggy bag to highlight just how small they are.

14. Confetti

If you can get your pooch to pose for you, sit them up against a plain wall and toss some confetti over them. Capture their surprised face as the colorful pieces fall around them and add some wonderful visual movement.

15. Play Dress Up

If you already have some cute doggy outfits, put them in that. Otherwise, one of your hats, a pair of sunglasses or even some colorful socks can be a great accessory.

16. Catch The Sunset

The way the sunset is reflecting on the sand is mesmerizing. But what we love about this shot even more is how the woman and her dog contrast so beautifully and automatically become the center of attention.

17. Put Them In Your Shoes

If your dog seems to have a thing for shoes, play up on it by getting them in a pair of your own. Could be extra cute if you get them in a pair they chewed up.

18. Couch Snuggles

Does your dog have a ‘spot’ on the couch? Capture their classic snuggle position or how they perch on the side and look out the window (or at the kids). Be sure to keep the focus tight so you know where they are, but keep the focus on their adorable face.

19. Look Down

dog picture idea poodle standing

Source: Sarah McGraw

We can’t get enough of this downward angle. It’s playful and fun, plus, the focus is beautiful. You get a sense of movement while still feeling like you’re looking right into this pup’s eyes.

20. Shake Shake Shake

You may hate it when your dog shakes off in the house, but for the sake of photography, it’s pretty great. Spray them down with the hose or take them to their favorite watering hole to capture this dynamic shot. Be sure to keep your shutter speed low so you can really capture the moment.

21. Focus On The Ears

There’s nothing quite as soft as a dogs ears, is there? Like the shot above that plays with negative space, this photo also focuses on this dogs adorable ears.

22. Carry Them Around

Position your dog in your purse, bag or backpack for a truly adorable shot. We love this shot from behind and how the lens is looking up at the dog for something a bit more unique.

23. Get A Tight Focus

Grab your macro lens and focus in on your pup’s best feature. Whether it’s their shiny black nose or fluffy ears, this photo will highlight their most adorable feature.

24. Having Fun

Is this an incredible shot, or what? We love how the kids are chasing after the dog here. But, if you don’t have kids, an action shot of your dog running through a field is bound to be photogenic.

25. Licks

Have a pup who always seems to have their tongue out? Shoot it. It’s a great opportunity to capture a piece of their personality and zoom in on their beautiful facial features.

Whether your dog loves to swim, run or take long naps and play with the kids—look at your dog doing what they love through a different lens. By taking an extra moment to reframe a shot or take an excursion to be beach at sunrise, you can greatly enhance your dog photography skills.