6 Couples Photo Album Ideas That Celebrate Togetherness

Spread the love around showcasing favorite moments spent with your better half by making a series of couples photo albums. Feature special moments and highlight the delightful experiences you have lived as the dynamic duo that you are. If you have been together for a long time then there will be plenty of birthdays, vacations and adventures to choose from. If your relationship is at the beginning stages then you can start the tradition of documenting future memories and milestones.

With thousands of pictures stored in camera-phones nowadays, putting together several photo albums should be a piece of cake. You just need to curate the best shots from your massive digital photography collection to get this project off the ground. Take a look at our ideas below if you need more inspiration.

1. Anniversaries

Picnic setting with wine glasses and custom personalized photo albumMarking an anniversary is an endearing way to celebrate your life together. An anniversary photo album speaks louder than words by showing the care, dedication and commitment that have gotten you both to each milestone year. Plan a romantic picnic to view the picture book for the first time together – don’t forget the wine glasses and soft pillows for a picture-perfect time.

2. The Story of Us

Coffee mug, succulents and high quality photo album on coffee table This will be the first volume of the love photo album series you will be creating. An ideal way of storytelling the beginning stages of your love story, not so much in words but in pictures which can be even more touching. A nice little addition would be to select your most-liked pics in the album to create two identical photo mugs, one for you and one for your love!

3. Our Firsts

making photo books online with collage photos and memoriesDocumenting all your firsts as a loving couple is an entertaining way to reminisce the history of your couplehood. Think back to when you took your first trip together, the first date or the first time meeting the parents. This can make for a sweet and unique birthday gift for the love of your life – add a portable photo mug and desk calendar to make it even sweeter!

4. Adventures

high quality photo book and hardcover design with collage photosPut together an exciting collection of pictures describing your most fabulous adventures. If you have traveled to exotic locations then a travel book would be suitable. Aside from travel, other adventures that can be featured in photo albums for couples are events such as adopting a new pet or buying your first home together.

Consider ordering photo prints of your favorite shots in the book to display in your home or office.

5. Wedding

create your own high quality wedding photo album with hardcover designRelieving the day you got married is a preferred pastime for many couples. The walk down the aisle, the first look, the charismatic speeches and that choreographed dance that blew everyone away. Fortunately you have plenty of pictures from the special day from your photographer and your guests.

A wedding book or album can be an excellent surprise gift for your spouse, add a framed photo and a custom-made candle to complete this alluring and sentimental present.

6. Our Favorite Places

layflat photo book with high quality photos used as coffee table photo bookDo you have a top-ten list of travel destinations you have visited as a couple? Or perhaps you have started a bucket list of cities and landmarks you must see together. Maybe your mission is to find the cafe that serves the best cup of coffee or find the perfect bottle of merlot.

Whatever your passion is, grab a mug of hot cocoa and start gathering your top snaps to create a striking photo album.

When putting this project together think carefully about the photo album design. We recommend staying true to your aesthetic and taking into account your home décor. Review other books for additional inspiration if needed. Look at all the photo album options you have by exploring the wide array of personalization features you can apply.

Most importantly, enjoy the process and have some fun while you are at it. The end result will be something that will be enjoyed for years to come!