26 DIY Teen Room Decor Ideas to Personalize Any Space

Decorating your teen’s bedroom is an exciting project because you can customize everything to their unique interests and personality. Whether they’re a sports fanatic, love music or can’t get enough of bright colors, you can design their space to match their style. To offer you inspiration, we’re sharing 26 DIY teen room decor ideas you can personalize. From wall art to vanities to lighting, you’ll find something here that sparks your creativity.

Most importantly, choose decor that makes your teen feel like their room is their own special haven. Try including photos of family, friends and favorite trips in a personalized collage poster. This special touch can hang on any wall—and will add a personal touch to the other decor you choose.

1. Decorative Tray

To rest on top of a dresser, desk or vanity, create a tray that has some personality. With metallic paints or vibrant colors, fill in a stenciled design for a professional look.

2. Knit Lampshade

Cover a lampshade with a knitted sweater—either one from your closet or a second-hand store. Choose a quirky color or keep it more neutral.

3. Monogram Wall Art

Repurpose a picture frame by turning it into rustic monogram art. Lay a piece of burlap over the frame’s center, then add a decorative letter painted in your teen’s favorite color.

4. Jewelry Organizer

Display jewelry in an organized fashion. Turn a cork board into a place for hanging bracelets, necklaces, hair clips and earrings.

5. Eclectic Arrangements

a desk with random photos

Source: With Heart

Fill a desk or shelf with a range of items: a pile of books, a succulent plant, a picture frame and a vase. By including pieces with a range of colors and heights, you’ll have a display that’s full of texture and personality.

6. Colorful String Art

This wall art only requires three materials: string, nails and a wooden board. Form your design in the shape of a letter or favorite animal.

7. Personalized Vanity

Make getting ready everyday a fun experience with a vanity that fits your teen’s style. Paint it in the color of their choosing, then add decorations and little accents like unique knobs on the drawers.

8. DIY Ombre Basket

The gradient color scheme on this basket gives it the ombre effect. Spray paint your basket in a pastel hue of a color like pink, green or blue.

9. Framed Photo Board

Give your teen a place to hang their photos, bucket list or greeting cards. With a painted picture frame as the base, hang wire or string across the center, then use mini clothespins to clip on the photos or papers.

10. Themed Gallery Wall

Choose a decor theme that fits your teen’s personality and interests. Is it travel, camping, sports or music? Design a gallery wall with complimentary photos and art pieces.

11. Modern Desk or Vanity

Find a sleek, narrow desk to place on a wall in your teen’s room. Turn it into a vanity or keep it as a desk for homework and craft projects.

12. Canvas Wall Art

Customize a canvas with an uplifting quote or phrase. Outline your letters in advance for an easy DIY teen room decor project.

13. Plant Hangers

Try a macarmé technique using hemp, jute or cotton cord to form a secure resting place for a plant. Hang your indoor plant from the ceiling using a hook and enjoy the freshness they bring to the room all year long.

14. Corner Shelves

an antique mirror with corner shelves

Source: Home with Lo

Have a corner of the room that’s under utilized? Place a vanity or desk in the corner then hang shelves to store everything from books to picture frames.

15. Hardware Art

Nuts, bolts and washers make great material for unique artwork. Form a design on a blank canvas, then place it on a wall or shelf.

16. Metallic Wall Accents

Let your wall sparkle with metallic accent art. Try a monogram or star shaped design. Place other decor beside your metallic piece to balance the arrangement.

17. Crocheted Baskets

a red crochet basket

Source: My Poppet

Fashion colorful baskets by crocheting round or heart-shaped bowls. Your teen can store their makeup, sewing materials or knick knacks inside the baskets.

18. Faux Chandelier

Want to give your decor a fancy touch? Make a faux chandelier out of wax paper circles and a repurposed lampshade. Hang your chandelier from the ceiling or set it on a bedside table.

19. Unique Mason Jars

Help your teen stay organized with labeled mason jars. They can store anything from their loose change to candy to chapstick.

20. Heart Garland

a knitted heart garland

Source: Planet Penny

Fill the room with love. Make a heart-themed garland out of paper or crocheted yarn. Hang the garland above a desk or vanity.

21. Vintage Jewelry Display

Create a decorative space for organizing necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Transform an ornate vintage frame into a stunning jewelry display.

22. DIY Votives

Enhance the beauty of glass votives by using acrylic paints. Choose flowers or hearts or polka dots for a beautiful collection. Place tealight candles inside to complete this DIY girl room decor project.

23. Makeup Display

Paint a wooden picture frame in a fun color like teal or magenta. Lay a metal sheet across the center and adhere fabric to the metal for a decorative look. Place a small magnet on the back of each makeup container for an easy storage board for eyeshadow, mascara and blush.

24. Personalized Wall Decor

The best DIY teen room decor ideas match the unique style of the individual. Design your wall with personalized pieces like monogram art, candid photos and maps of their favorite places.

25. Cork Board Lettering

Brighten the aura of the room with an inspiring phrase, quote or lyric. Make cork board letters yourself or find them pre-made at a local craft store.

26. Wooden Vanity

Construct a wooden vanity out of a single board and two kitchen stools. Paint the stools in a festive color like pink or green. Add a chair to the mix, and your vanity is complete!

Creating DIY teen room decor is a fun way to make their space more personal. Add an extra cozy feel with a personalized pillow for the final touch. Including photos from a recent band trip, tennis competition or family vacation will be sure to make your teen smile.