25+ Thoughtful Gifts for the Yoga Lover in Your Life

Daily yoga practice has the ability to transform the way we see our bodies, minds and even our homes. Choosing the ideal gift for yoga lovers comes down to finding which personalized items further support their time on or off the mat. Dedicated yogis often design their space around their practice. Any little detail that adds to this experience truly shows how much you appreciate their passion for yoga and meditation.

Find natural ways to incorporate aromatherapy into their studio, for example, or hand-sew a custom yoga mat strap to simplify their walk to class. Whether you’re searching for the perfect best friend gift or a teacher thank you present, these gifts are customizable to their unique style, personality and practice.

1. Hand-knit Yoga Headband

Put your knitting skills to use by following this knit headband pattern. A headband is ideal for winter or early morning yoga classes. A handmade head warmer makes a perfect yoga gift for her as she keeps her hair in place and hits the mat. Choose their favorite yarn color for a personalized touch.

2. Personalized Photo Candle

Personalized Photo Candle

Source: Shutterfly

A balanced yoga studio includes personalized touches that inspire peace and happiness. A photo candle lets your family memories glow, lit by the warmth of the flame. This personalized gift makes the ideal addition to a peaceful sanctuary.

3. Beaded Diffuser Necklace

Handpick a combo of wood and felt beads and string them onto the cord of your choice. Next, infuse each one with a calming essential oil blend. Between yoga classes, your asana-practicing friend can carry the scent of soothing aromas all day long.

4. Hanging Mason Jar Candles

Hanging Mason Jar Candles

Source: 17 Apart

Mason jar gifts are always a favorite. Help your yoga teacher set the scene in their home or school studio with these DIY mason jar candles. When lined up along the entranceway or practice area, they welcome students on their path to class or create a warm haven for their experience. Make it even more special with a personalized mason jar!

5. Scented Clay Bracelet

Scented Clay Bracelet

Source: Hello Glow

Great for both on or off the mat, hand-roll and dye your own design of clay beads before threading each on a bracelet-length elastic band. Gift with a bottle of essential oil so they can refresh the bracelet whenever they choose.

6. Home Wellness Spa

Home Wellness Spa

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Great for the end of a long week or difficult yoga class, gift all the essentials and instructions for a home wellness spa. In a gift basket, package a collection of plain or scented tea candles, dried chamomile flowers of and of course, a personalized wine glass.

7. Hand-decorated Tea Lights

Curate a collection of hand-painted tea lights to deck out your favorite yogi’s home studio in style. Use a mix of metallic permanent markers and add simple patterns to the sides of each candle’s plastic container. Stack and package your gift collection in cellophane and matching ribbon.

8. Clay Incense Holders

Incense holders are minimalist in style and easy to create. Shape clay into matching shapes — such as triangles or diamonds — and paint with delicate designs one it dries. Be sure to puncture the center of each holder with an incense-sized hole for supporting each stick.

9. Shabby-Chic Candle Holders

These holders add a bit of rustic flair to any yoga studio, making them the perfect gift for a yoga teacher. Using a dishwasher brush, roughly add a design of white and yellow textured paint to the sides of your glass. The rough look meshes well with a simplistic, natural yoga studio style.

10. Essential Oil Spray Collection

Mark each stage of their yoga practice with room sprays that awaken, soothe and freshen the studio. Combine distilled water, witch hazel and your choice of EOs to small spray bottles before adding hand-designed labels.

11. Hand-sewn Yoga Mat Strap

Follow this easy-sew pattern to transform a vibrant piece of fabric into an adjustable yoga mat strap. This personalized accessory simplifies the process of packing up and heading to class. Pair with a new yoga mat for an extra-special yoga gift set.

12. DIY Aromatherapy Candle

Fill their practice area with calming aromas, such as lavender, grapefruit or mint. Mix some essential oil with natural wax flakes and add a wick for a simple, yet personalized yoga gift idea.

13. Stamped Incense Display

Press an ornately carved button or stamp into your choice of colored clay for an elegant incense holder. The taller base will hold the incense stick strongly in place while adding a little charm to a yoga room. Pair with their favorite scent of incense or make your own!

14. Minimalist Candle Holders

For a creative and personalized yoga teacher gift, mix powder plaster into a square, silicone ice tray for a set of hand-painted, modern candle holders. Add stripes, polka dots and other geometric designs for a full candle set.

15. Lava and Wood Mala Beads

Mala beads are an excellent way to remain present and focused —on or off the yoga mat. Combine a total of 108 wood and lava beads with your choice of tassel or charms, and gift to your favorite yoga teacher or mediation-focused friend.

16. Flamingo Canvas Pouch

Flamingo Canvas Pouch

Source: Shutterfly

This stylish canvas pouch can act as both a coin purse and a bag for holding yoga class essentials, such as mat spray and mala beads. Add your friend’s initials alongside an embroidered pattern and choose a metallic color block at the bottom of each pouch.

17. Oil Diffuser Accent Bracelets

Pick out an elegant collection of semi-precious beads to create an oil-infused bracelet for a thoughtful yoga gift. Alternate the scented stones with meaningful charm chosen just for them.

18. DIY Sandalwood Incense

Hand-design both incense sticks and cones with only a small handful of ingredients. Sandalwood powder and essential oils combine to create potent batches of infusions to fill a yoga studio with calming scents.

19. No-Sew Yoga Top

Alter any loose graphic tee by trimming off the top collar and cutting a triangle down the back for a comfy, yoga-ready look. Design your own top with fabric paint or a vinyl stencil for a truly personalized look.

20. Pesonalized Yoga Set

For the complete homemade yoga gift set, carefully stencil a message and design of your choice onto a standard yoga mat. Pair it with a black nylon carrier and be sure to trace your stencil carefully since drawing on a yoga mat can be deceptively tricky.

21. Stone-Textured Candles

Specialty spray paint varieties create all types of interesting designs and textures. Use a naturally inspired stone spray around a medium-sized votive candle to create a set of stylish additions for a yoga studio. Pair with a calming scented candle fit to your friend’s preference.

22. Custom Wall Art

Custom Wall Art

Source: Shutterfly

DIY wall art can create a sense of Zen-like balance in a simple yoga room. These minimalistic and free printouts can be paired with calming canvas prints to match the color scheme of the studio.

23. Yoga Studio Diffuser

Yoga Studio Diffuser

Source: Hello Glow

Diffusers are ideal for filling a space with either calming or invigorating scents to fit the mood. Combine easy-to-use polymer crystals with a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and package it in a mason jar with dried fruit and leaves.

24. Tinted Candle Holders

To create a matching set of pastel-tinted candle holders, combine a few drops of food color with mod podge. Mix and match repurposed glass containers or candlesticks to create a wonderful gift set for yoga lovers who love to light up their practice area.

25. Seaside Candle Set

Natural touches are ideal for yoga rooms, especially those that remind you of the sea. Use a double boiler to melt natural beeswax and fill handpicked shells with just the right amount for each wick. Take it one step further and include a personalized candle adorned with a photo of their favorite beach getaway.

26. Customized Water Bottle

With the use of non-iron transfer paper, choose a personalized, yoga-ready message to adorn to the side of a brand new water bottle. Choose fun phrases like “Drink up!” to remind your yogi friend to stay hydrated throughout their practice.

The philosophy and inspiration of yoga practice extends far beyond the studio. Pair one of the personalized gifts above with an additional gift that gives back to honor the loving message of yoga itself. The recipient will surely feel loved knowing that you took the time to put together such a thoughtful gift.