Tips for Taking Engagement Photos with Dogs (With Cute Photos)

Engagement photo shoots are one of the many exciting ways to celebrate your upcoming nuptials. At the same time, they also provide save the date and invitation photos, give you a chance to get to your know your photographer and most importantly, show off your one-of-a-kind life together. So, of course, engagement photos with dogs are a common and adorable go-to for enhancing your images.

Adding a dog to the mix—though adorable—goes more smoothly after exploring a few basic tips on taking an engagement photo in the first place. With your four-legged family member along for the ride, it takes a little more planning to get just the right outfit, location and poses to keep your dog happy and photo-friendly.

How to Take Engagement Photos with Your Dog

1. Take Your Dog For a Walk

Engagement photos with dogs should be just as natural and relaxing as if it were any other day. Head out to your favorite park today, where your pup feels most comfortable with or without the camera.

2. Pick Their Favorite Activity

If your four-legged friend loves car rides, head out on the road to make them more feel at ease in front of the camera. Plan the photoshoot around every part of the activity to keep them happy and relaxed.

3. Make Them Feel Loved

Your dog is a member of the family! Show off your love by picking him up for a big hug and a kiss. Be sure to capture the shot quickly as to keep it fun and relaxed for everyone.

4. Break out the Treats!

Being a well-behaved dog model can be hard. Be sure to bring some treats along to keep them feeling appreciated. Snap a few shots of his excitement when he gets rewarded.

5. Capture the Candid Moments

Break free from the poses for a moment to capture the energy of running free with your dogs. From the car to the park, capture all the extra, unplanned moments in between.

6. Dress for Your Setting

Break free from formal engagement photo shoot clothing and dress in something chic and comfortable. This makes things easier when your wet pup comes to say hello.

29 Ideas for Dog-Friendly Engagement Photos

1. The Ring Balance

This photo idea requires extreme trust in your dog and a quick shutter speed. Balance the ring for just a quick moment on your dog’s nose, and be sure to reward him with a treat for staying so still.

2. Loving Looks

Loving Looks Engagement Photo

Source: Gina Brocker

Engagement photos with dogs are also a sweet time to showcase the love they have for you. Zoom in for a close up of a snuggle to capture a frame-able image for home.

3. All of the Paws!

What better way to show off your engagement ring than with a family hand and paw photo? This creative engagement photo idea is perfect for announcements and save the dates.

4. Matching Color Palette

Go as far as taking your dog’s fur and coloring into account when choosing an outfit and photo location. For long-haired pups, avoid clothing that attracts hair so you can really snuggle without constant cleaning.

5. What about the Cat?

No need to leave your other pets out of the picture. If you have a dog and a cat, bird or other cute creature, let them in on the fun by hosting your photoshoot at home.

6. Prepping Your Puppy

Prepping Your Puppy Engagement Photo

Source: The Melideos

When your dog is just a few months old, be ready to capture both their incredible cuteness and their sudden dips in mood and energy.

7. Capture their Focus

Even when the camera isn’t focused on you and your fiancé, zoom in on one or both of your dog’s focus, giving them a moment in the spotlight.

8. Park Bench Photoshoot

While cozying up on a pretty park bench, capture all the adorable ways your dog explores the area and finds his own comfortable spot.

9. Ready for My Closeup

Be sure to catch the cutest moments when your dog is feeling most excited about the camera. These seconds could be fleeting, so it makes a great time for a closeup.

10. Collar Flowers

For a delicate touch to your dog engagement shoot, add a touch of color-coordinated roses or ribbons to your dog’s collar or leash.

11. Dog Meeting

Dog Meeting Engagement Photo

Source: Studio Adele

Does your engagement mean the joining of two new dog friends? Bring them to your favorite spot to celebrate their two humans tying the knot to make one family.

12. Winter Outing

If he popped the question in the fall, early winter is a great time to take engagement photos. It adds a cozy winter landscape and means larger dogs are excited to jump and play in the cool air.

13. Explore the City

Highlight some funky street art or other perks of your favorite neighborhood the same way you would on a fun outing with your fiancé and dog.

14. Head to the Beach

This naturally romantic setting is a frequent recurring spot for wedding photos. Bring your dog along when they’re already comfortable playing in the surf or running along the edge of the water.

15. Bring the Whole Gang

When you both have one or more dogs, take the whole family out for an excursion. Be sure to get some time without the pups after they’ve had some time to play together.

16. Autumnal Stroll

Autumnal Stroll Engagement Photo

Source: Eder Photo

Highlight the beauty of the season and your local area in your favorite dog-walking spot. The beauty of the area will speak for itself and give comfort to your pup in a familiar place.

17. Bows and Bowties

Color coordinate your dog’s collar accessories to complement the energy of your upcoming wedding and your engagement photo shoot style.

18. Brewery Fun

Many breweries allow you to bring your furry friend, making this a great location to take engagement pictures with dogs. Be sure to pose with their signature logo and decor.

19. Vintage Bike Ride

This adorable engagement photo with their dog featured an old-fashioned bike ride with springtime colors and a doggy in the front basket. Mix and match themes to work your dog into the picture.

20. Puppy Pile-Up

A great alternative to walk-in-the-park images, curl up in a scenic spot and let your pup curl up with you. Be sure to think through your engagement photo attire for lounging with lap dogs.

21. Doggies on the Stoop

Cozy up together in the spot where you feel most at home. Bring your puppies out onto the stoop for a naturally interesting photo backdrop.

22. Save the Dates

Set yourself up with this creative engagement announcement idea by letting your dogs show off your upcoming wedding date.

23. Member of the Wedding

Get creative with your dog’s adorable engagement sign by including them in the wedding decision. This couple chose “I do, too!” to show off his enthusiasm for his new parents.

24. Throw a Party

Show off your festive energy for your upcoming engagement by adding simple pops of color through balloons and confetti. And this way, your dog is comfortable at home the whole time.

25. Snowtime Snuggle

Break out the blankets and hot cocoa to go a bit further with your winter engagement shoot. Match your dog’s handkerchief with the cozy color scheme.

26. Show Your Appreciation

After being so focused and still, make sure you capture a moment of a great big hug at the end of your engagement session.

27. All in the Details

Be sure to show off all the dapper details both on your dog and in your own outfit. Hone in on fancy shoes when catching your dog go by and be sure to focus on in their fine accessories as well.

28. Sunset Walk

Exploring your favorite hiking spot works perfectly during the Magic Hour of photography, just before sunset. After the trek, your dog will love relaxing with you as you take in the scenery.

29. Small Dog, Big City

Perfect for tiny pups, use simplistic poses and backgrounds to highlight the adorable size of your doggie. The playful addition makes them the unexpected focus of the photo.

Follow these animal-friendly tips for making the most of engagement photos with dogs and puppies. Whether your a photographer or newly engaged couple, dog-centric pictures—both in your engagement photos and in your wedding—make for a collection of adorable and memorable images to frame in your home or fill a beautiful wedding album.