80 Creative Engagement Announcement Ideas

After deciding to get married, many couples choose to celebrate by having an engagement photoshoot. Engagement photos allow couples to announce their engagement in their own unique way, and they also make a wonderful keepsake after the wedding. If you’ve recently become engaged and are trying to think of ways to announce your engagement, we’re here to help you! We’ve gathered 80 great engagement announcement photo ideas from creative ways to show off your ring to romantic shots of you and your beau.

While you start your journey to wedded bliss, don’t forget to include your favorite photo on your save the dates!

Black and White Ring Shot

This artistic black and white photo features a shot of the back of the groom-to-be’s head with the bride’s arms around him. The shot also clearly displayed the bride’s lovely ring.

Source: Praise Weddings

Photo Credit: Joy Marie Studios

Record Poses

You may both want to share your love of music or simply send the message out using your not-so-typical prop. If you want to get even a little more creative, throw in your favorite song lyric!

Source: Praise Weddings

Photo Credit: Mimi Nguyen Photography

Marquee Event

Because your engagement is something to rave about, why not go all out and show it off in a marquee? Throw on your most stunning attire and smile happily for the camera with your sweetheart.

Source: Praise Weddings

Photo Credit: Ether and Smith

I Pick You

This cute and creative apple picking shoot will certainly let your friends and family know that you picked the best of the bunch.

Source: Praise Weddings

Photo Credit: Brandon Kidd Photography

Love Jar

These fun phrases are always a good idea, especially if you have a special poem that you both value. Throw in some balloons and you’ve got yourself a celebration.

Source: Confetti Daydreams

Photo Credit: Adene Photography

Engagement Ring in the Forest

If you’re looking for a unique way to display your engagement ring, try using a natural setting as your backdrop. In this photo, the bride displayed her lovely oval-shaped ring in a forest.

Photo Credit: Claire Vivian Photography

Bright Blue Street Art

One fun way to make your engagement photos really pop is to use a brightly colored background! This couple’s photo featured a bright blue wall that had the words ‘Have Fun’ written on it with white spray paint.

Photo Credit: Anika London Photography

Twilight Photo

Sunsets are a classic photo background, but there are plenty of ways to make them creative, as can be seen in this artistic photo. The photo was taken just as the sun was setting, putting the couple in shadow.

Photo Credit: Anika London Photography

Pacific Beach Pier Engagement

Add an artistic flair to an oceanfront engagement photo by shooting it in black and white. In this image, the couple was photographed in front of rolling waves, and they wore matching white outfits.

Photo Credit: Alon David Photography

Flour Toss

There are plenty of ways to have fun with your engagement photo, like the couple did in this photo. The groom-to-be chopped up corn and celery, and the bride-to-be laughed and threw flour at him.

Photo Credit: XOXO Wedding Photo

Pug Engagement Photo

If you have pets, try getting them involved in your engagement photo—after all, the more, the merrier! In this photo, the bride and groom sat back-to-back, and they each held a pug wearing a bowtie.

Photo Credit: XOXO Wedding Photo


Show off your new ring with style by making it the centerpiece of one of your engagement photos. In this photo, the photographer put the focus on the bride’s hand, where her beautiful diamond ring was displayed.

Photo Credit: Jessi Photography

Play Ball!

If you have a favorite sport, try showing it off in your photo. You can anything from balls to hockey sticks to a baseball glove, like this bride-to-be!

Photo Credit: Richard Barlow Photography

Pittsburgh Steelers Engagement

Show your partner that you’re they’re number one fan by wearing jerseys to your photoshoot.These Steelers fans showed their love for their favorite team and each other in their custom-made jerseys.

Photo Credit: Richard Barlow Photography


A simple pose can take a photo to the next level with a creative angle. This unique lighting gives this photo an art gallery feel.

Photo Credit: Brian Kraft Photography

Silhouette Stairs

This stunning silhouette shot shows a true love story, with no fancy props needed. Pick something that has a unique pattern and you are all set.

Photo Credit: Brian Kraft Photography

Scrabble Photoshoot

Scrabble tiles are a great way to include words or phrases in your photo. For inspiration, take a look at this couple’s Scrabble tile holders, which spelled out ‘Hubby’ and ‘Wifey.’

Photo Credit: Lin & Irsa

Personalized Spoons and Bags

In your photoshoot, try using props that creatively show off the date of your engagement. In their photos, this couple had engraved spoons and personalized bags with their names and engagement date on them.

Photo Credit: UDS Photo

Heart Arms

Show how well you and your partner function as a team by working together to create a heart with your arms! In this photo, the couple stood in front of the sun, creating an artistic silhouette.

Photo Credit: Dudek Photography

Ring on a Fencepost

If you want to put the emphasis of the photo on your engagement ring, try displaying it on a fence post. In their photo, the couple stood behind the ring, and they were blurred out.

Photo Credit: Rose Devore Photography

More than the Moon

Use Scrabble tiles to spell out phrases that are meaningful to you, like this couple did with the phrase ‘More than the Moon.’ If there are any ‘o’s in your phrase, use your engagement rings for them!

Photo Credit: Rose Devore Photography

Family Engagement Photo

You can create a cute engagement photo by getting the whole family involved! This photo was taken on the beach, and in it, the couple leaned in to kiss each other while they held their daughter’s hands.

Photo Credit: Oh My! Photography

Sunset on the Beach

Create a romantic shot by sweeping your fiancee off of her feet. To add even more romance to the image, try taking it at sunset on the beach.

Photo Credit: King Street Studios

Boogie Down

Feel free to add some silliness to your engagement photos, like this the bride and groom who danced the night away in their photo!

Photo Credit: King Street Studios

Hand Writing

If you’re planning on showcasing your ring finger during your photoshoot, try adding a whimsical touch by writing a message on your hand. You can write ‘I said yes!’ like this bride-to-be, or you can write your own personalized message.

Photo Credit: Oahu Photography

Chalkboard Signs

For a cute prop, include heart-shaped chalkboard signs in your engagement photos. In these two photos, the bride and groom-to-be wrote different stories about the moment that they felt they were engaged.

Source: Bridal Musings

Photo Credit: Katherine Ashdown Photography

Sweet Treats

Ice cream is a great prop to use during your engagement photoshoot. And as a bonus, you get to eat it after you’re finished shooting!

Source: Bridal Musings

Photo Credit: Katherine Ashdown Photography

Vintage Signs

If you love the vintage look, try incorporating old-fashioned signs into your photos. In these photos, the groom’s sign said ‘She said yes,’ while the bride’s had the date of their engagement.

Photo Credit: Callaway Gable Photography

Heart-Shaped Chairs

To give a sense of unity to your photos, use the same props in all of your photos, like these bright red heart-shaped chairs.

Photo Credit: Callaway Gable Photography

Black and White Field

A field full of flowers is always a beautiful setting for an engagement photoshoot, and shooting the photos in black and white adds a unique, artistic edge to the photos!

Photo Credit: Jason + Gina

Central Park Engagement

Nothing’s more romantic than a snow and ice-covered lake! This couple added even more romance to their photo by having the bride display her bright blue ringbox.

Photo Credit: Angelica Roberts

Rockefeller Center Proposal

When you’re popping the question, it’s always a good idea to have a photographer on standby! They’ll be able to capture the bride-to-be’s wonderfully shocked and delighted expression.

Photo Credit: Paparazzi Proposals

New York Street Engagement Photos

If you’re looking for a casual pose for your photo, take inspiration from this couple. In their two photos, they leaned against a brick wall, smiling at each other all the way.

Photo Credit: Dana Pleasant Photography

High Line Engagement

If you’re taking engagement photos in a busy city area, like the High Line in Manhattan, try blurring out all the people around you. This puts the focus right where it should be: on you!

Photo Credit: Hudson River Photographer

Four-Legged Friend

Create a casual and fun engagement photo by sitting on the ground with your pup. In this photo, the couple sat cross-legged on the cement ground, holding their dog between them.

Photo Credit: Hudson River Photographer

At-Home Photoshoot

This couple wanted to get their little dog involved in their photoshoot, but the dog ran in front of the camera, causing the bride and groom to both laugh. It just goes to show, sometimes you have to be spontaneous with your engagement photos!

Photo Credit: Joshua Zuckerman Photography

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

Add some holiday cheer to your engagement photos by incorporating a Christmas tree. This photo features the famous Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, which was lit up behind the couple as they took their photos.

Photo Credit: J.Ferrara Photography

Kids and Chalkboards

To create cute photos, get the little ones involved! In these photos, two little relatives of the newly engaged couple were given chalkboard signs to hold.

Photo Credit: J.Ferrara Photography

Engagement Chocolate Bar

Celebrate your new engagement with a sweet bar of chocolate! To commemorate the occasion, personalize the chocolate bar with your names and the date of your engagement.

Photo Credit: J.Ferrara Photography

Boardwalk Engagement

Announce your exciting engagement news to the world with a brightly colored banner. This couple’s cute paper banner said ‘We’re Engaged,’ and it had a heart in the center.

Photo Credit: Jimmy Chu Photography

Close-up Engagement Photo

Taken at a unique angle, this photo included the groom’s chin and the bride’s hand on the groom’s chest, clearly displaying her beautiful diamond engagement ring.

Photo Credit: Jimmy Chu Photography

Smiling Black and White Photo

This lovely photo was shot at an angle, with the bride-to-be leaning down and resting her forehead on her groom’s head. Shooting the photo in black and white added another artistic element to the photo.

Photo Credit: Dominique Attaway

Behind the Fence

This photograph shows a great way to incorporate a fence into an engagement photo. The photographer stood in front of the fence and shot the couple behind it, creating an interesting angle and a beautiful shot.

Photo Credit: Dominique Attaway

Times Square Engagement

This couple showed that busy Times Square can be a great background for an engagement photo! The advertisements behind them were bright and colorful, and the brides-to-be stood on a raised platform, providing the perfect angle for the shot.

Photo Credit: Studio Images

Holding Hands in Brooklyn

For a fun and different photo, have the photographer focus on your entwined hands. Shoot the photo from the waist down, and don’t forget to wear your favorite shoes!

Photo Credit: By Millie Photography

Laughing Bride

To create a cool engagement photo, throw on a pair of shades. Sunglasses look perfect in a black and white photo—they add an artistic flair to the image!

Photo Credit: By Millie Photography

Math Rocks

Try including a whimsical background in your photo! In this photo, the bride and groom-to-be stood next to a bright blue wall that was painted with math symbols. creating a photo was both educational and beautiful.

Photo Credit: Kevin Trimmer

iPhone Selfies

This couple had the creative idea to get selfies involved in their photoshoot! The couple smiled at each other in the background, and in the foreground, they held their phones, which each displayed a photo of their partner.

Photo Credit: Carlos Andrew Thomas

Close-up High Line Photo

Sometimes, a simple close-up is the perfect choice for an engagement photo. This photo clearly showed the love between the couple in their wide smiles and the way the bride held her groom’s face.

Photo Credit: Carlos Andrew Thomas

Under the Trees in Bryant Park

This photographer made the unique choice to fill most of the frame with the background of Bryant Park, capturing just the top halves of the couple. The idea worked, though, creating a unique photo that celebrated the couples and their surroundings.

Photo Credit: Ivan Luckie Photography

Can you Hear Me Now?

It’s always fun to add a few playful photos to your engagement photoshoot. You can use props like headphones and exaggerated facial expressions too!

Photo Credit: Le Image Photography

Barefoot Photo

Roll up your jeans to and slip off your shoes to create an artsy barefoot photo. This lovely photo was taken just after a big rainstorm, creating a glossy look on the ground.

Photo Credit: Le Image Photography

Looking Down

Close-ups are a great way to add interesting angles to your photo. In this close-up photo, just the top of the groom-to-be’s forehead was visible, and he leaned into his fiancée, resting his forehead against her head.

Photo Credit: Fabio Fistarol Photography

Spaghetti for Two

In this cute homage to “Lady and the Tramp,” the couple shared one spaghetti noodle. All that’s needed to complete the photo is an Italian chef playing the accordion!

Photo Credit: Fabio Fistarol Photography

Rainy Day Photo

Don’t let bad weather stop you from getting your perfect engagement shots! As this couple shows, you can get beautiful, creative shots even in the middle of a rainstorm.

Photo Credit: Carnival Studio

Sculpted Hanger

With a little bit of creativity, a coathanger can become a beautiful work of art! This metal hanger was shaped to spell out the bride’s married name, and the couple also included their rings in the shot.

Photo Credit: Carnival Studio

Champagne in Chicago

To get creative engagement photos, try playing with angles during your engagement photoshoot. This bride and groom were shot from an upwards angle, and there were also two glasses of champagne in the foreground.

Photo Credit: C. Cusic Photography

Chicago Riverwalk

A blurred effect always creates a cool, artistic-looking photo. This couple used the blurred effect in their lovely photo taken on the Chicago Riverwalk.

Photo Credit: C. Cusic Photography

Sitting on the Rooftop

If you want to get a beautiful cityscape shot, head to a rooftop lounge for your engagement photoshoot! Be sure to add colorful furniture to make your photo really pop.

Photo Credit: Jill Tiongco Photography

Twirling Away

Your engagement photoshoot is the perfect time to practice your dance moves! Give your bride-to-be a twirl, or do your favorite dance move in the photo.

Photo Credit: Bonphotage

Ring in Focus

If you’re trying to find creative ways to display your ring, take a look at this engagement photo.This bride-to-be held onto the end of her floral dress, with her circular, diamond ring towards the camera.

Photo Credit: Bonphotage

Two Pier Photos

This engagement photo took place on a pier and was beautifully presented in black and white.

Photo Credit: Seth Morris Photography

Entwined Arms

A brick wall is always a chic background, and there are plenty of ways to get creative with it. This couple chose to have the focus of their photo be their entwined arms, creating a sweet image.

Photo Credit: Seth Morris Photography

United Center Engagement

It’s fun to get landmarks involved when you’re taking photos in a city. This Chicago couple took some of their engagement photos outside the United Center, and they stood next to a statue of Michael Jordan.

Photo Credit: Chrissy Deming

Shiba Inu Engagement

When you’re deciding what to wear for your engagement photo, don’t forget to choose an outfit for your pup too! This couple’s Shiba Inu wore a blue bow-tie that matched the groom-to-be’s shirt.

Photo Credit: Sally Donnell Photography

Ring Close-Up

Make your engagement ring the center of attention by having it right in the middle of your photo. This bride-to-be had her arms around her fiancée, and the background of this photo included the groom-to-be’s blurry back.

Photo Credit: Sally Donnell Photography

Cross-Legged Poses

For a fun and unique engagement photo, try using a cross-legged pose. In this photo captured in Chicago, the couple sat cross-legged on the sidewalk with an ornate building in the background.

Photo Credit: Third Coast Photo

Ring at Sunset

Show off your beautiful new ring by placing your hand in the foreground of your photo! Take inspiration from this photo, where the bride-to-be displayed her square-shaped diamond engagement ring as her fiance smiled at her in the background

Photo Credit: Jonie and Garrett

Lincoln Park Engagement Photo

It’s always fun to get your four-legged family members involved in your engagement photos! In this black and white photo the soon-to-be married couple kissed and crouched down next to their adorable German Shepherd.

Photo Credit: Brittany Bekas Photography

I Do

Proudly hold up your ring for all the world to see in your engagement photo! You can also use foam letters to spell out words for your photo, like ’I Do.’

Photo Credit: Sara Jane Photography

Picture Perfect

Frames don’t have to just be used on the outside of photos—they can also make a fun addition to a photo itself! You can hold the frame at any angle you like, and you can create fun poses inside the frame.

Photo Credit: Sara Jane Photography

We're Getting Hitched

A handwritten sign can add a personalized touch to your engagement photos. In these photos, the bride and groom-to-be sat in a golden brown field, and they held up a sign that said ‘We’re Getting Hitched.’

Source: Snapknot

Photo Credit: Gavin Wade Photographers

Fredericksburg Proposal

Try using a mix of black and white and colored engagement photos, like in these four photos captured in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Three were taken in color, and one was in black and white, creating a beautiful, varied set of images.

Source: Ashley Kanton Photography

Photo Credit: Chelsea Schaefer Photography

Spring Blossoms

If you’re taking your engagement photos in the spring, be sure to take full advantage of the blooming flowers. You can also use a flower-covered branch as a creative ring display.

Photo Credit: Amy Caroline Photography

Sitting in a Tree

For a creative engagement photo, try sitting up in a tree with your partner! This couple chose a tree branch near the water, creating a beautiful background.

Photo Credit: Irving Photography

Bright Yellow Background

Make your engagement photos bright and cheery by using a colorful background. This couple chose to use the bright yellow wall at Denver’s Union Station as their fun background.

Photo Credit: Irving Photography

Rolling Away

If you’re a bike rider or skateboarder, try incorporating that into your engagement photo, like these two brides-to-be! In this fun photo, one bride-to-be rode a bright blue bicycle while her fiancée rode a skateboard.

Photo Credit: Frances Photography

Living Room Scene

Sometimes, it can be fun to have your engagement photoshoot in your own living room! In this cozy photo, the bride-to-be lay on a couch with her head on her fiancé’s lap, reading a book while her dog sat by her feet.

Photo Credit: Jenna Noelle Weddings

Campground Love

Celebrate your engagement by setting up a romantic campsite photoshoot. You can even get your pup involved by having them wear a handwritten sign with the date of your engagement

Photo Credit: Callie Riesling Photography

Clinking Glasses

Celebrate your engagement by clinking glasses of champagne. In this photo, the focus was put on the couples’ glasses of champagne, and in the background, the happy couple kissed.

Photo Credit: Sarah Rose Burns Photography

Office Romance

Who says the office can’t be romantic? This couple met at work, and they celebrated that meeting by taking engagement photos in their office.

Source: Black Bride

Photo Credit: Nadia D Photo