30+ Dreamy Lavender Wedding Ideas

Lavender is a romantic flower that looks and smells lovely. This light purple flower looks beautiful in bridal bouquets, ceremony altars and also makes a great accent in centerpieces. With its calming, aromatic scent, and lovely color, it’s easy to see why this flower has become so popular.

If you’re thinking of including lavender in your wedding, we’ve put together a list of lavender wedding ideas to help you plan the wedding of your dreams. This list includes everything from tips for using a lavender color scheme to ways to include lavender in your wedding stationery suite.

Find inspiration from these ideas and incorporate them depending on your wedding’s theme and style. From lavender-colored wedding menus to party favors, this fragrant flower is sure to make a statement at your wedding.

1. Matching Bridesmaid Dresses And Florals

To create a uniform look, consider pairing your bridesmaids’ dresses with the lavender in your floral arrangement. You could use sprigs of lavender or lavender-colored flowers, such as roses or aster. These flowers will look beautiful in your bridesmaids’ bouquets as well.

2. Lavender Wedding Stationery Suite

Purple wedding stationery suite next to flowers on a table.

Source: Shutterfly

To help set the tone for your wedding, include lavender accents in your wedding stationery suite. You could include delicate lavender illustrations on your wedding invitations and RSVP cards, or add a lavender-colored font.

3. Floral Centerpieces And Table Decor

Lavender centerpieces are a fantastic way to tie together your lavender theme. Consider using sprigs of lavender as an accent in your centerpiece, or use a mixture of lavender-colored flowers. You could also include a piece of dried lavender at your guests’ place cards.

4. Watercolor Programs

At your ceremony, give your guests a hint about all the lavender to come at the reception by using lavender-colored programs. Incorporate an ombre effect into the programs to make them pop.

5. Soft Scarves As Party Favors

If you have an autumn or winter wedding, lavender scarves are a great party favor idea. Place a few sprigs of lavender on top of the scarves to infuse them with this lovely scent.

6. Party Favor Lavender Bags

Lavender-colored party favor bags will fit seamlessly into your lavender décor. For the favor itself, consider providing guests with a lavender-flavored dessert, such as a lavender white chocolate bar or macaron.

7. Pastel Table Runner

Add a pop of lavender to your wedding tables by using a pastel purple table runner. Pair this runner with lavender flowers or table settings with lavender accents.

8. Rustic Wedding Invitations

Save the date and wedding invite with purple flowers.

Source: Shutterfly

Consider having a rustic backdrop for your wedding stationery to get your guests excited about your theme. You could tie your invites with a sprig of lavender, burlap, or include a piece of loose petals inside the envelope.

9. Purple And Copper Accents

Lavender and copper work perfectly together—the bold copper pairs beautifully with the softer shade of lavender. Consider using copper utensils and lavender table settings to create a cohesive and beautiful wedding design.

10. Succulent Stationery And Bouquet

Blue and purple wedding invitation and matching bouquet.

Source: Jaime Davis

If you’re looking for a unique invitation idea, try designing custom stationery that features the same flowers you’re using in your bouquet. For an added pop of color, use a lavender border and succulent illustrations.

11. Lavender And Dusty Blue Color Scheme

Lavender and dusty blue is a romantic and elegant color scheme. Use lavender and dusty blue-colored flowers in your bouquet and centerpieces and incorporate these two colors into your wedding stationery. These colors will also look beautiful together on your wedding cake.

12. Wild Floral Bouquet

If you’re planning a chic boho wedding, a wild floral bouquet is a great choice for you. Pair sprigs of lavender with a medley of wildflowers, like blue cornflowers, Queen Anne’s lace, blue thistles, and pink larkspur.

13. Lavender Flower Crown

For your headpiece, consider going for a boho-chic lavender flower crown. You could use just lavender to make your flower crown, or pair it with other wildflowers. For a uniform look, use the same flowers in your bouquet and floral arrangements.

14. Lavender Wedding Dress And Bouquet

Lavender is a dreamy choice for your wedding dress—there are tons of styles available that fit every type of wedding. Pair your dress with a bouquet filled with lavender-colored flowers.

15. Purple And Pink Florals

Lavender and pink are a versatile combination—you could choose to go for bright pink flowers, or you could pick a lighter, pastel pink. Either way, pink and lavender will look wonderful together throughout your florals.

16. Lavender Themed Dessert Table

Your guests will love getting to choose from a dessert table filled with lavender-flavored treats. From lavender and lemon cupcakes to honey and lavender cookies, there are lots of delicious desserts to offer. Decorate your table with fragrant lavender sprigs to help tie your theme together.

17. Unique Colored Roses

Looking for a way to incorporate lavender into a bouquet of roses? Use lavender-colored roses! Pair these flowers with bright white or ivory roses for contrast.

18. Moody Floral Arrangements

Wedding bouquet with various purple flowers.

Source: Lara Lam

A moody color scheme is a great choice for a winter wedding or a bohemian theme. Incorporate lavender into this color scheme by using soft purple flowers paired with burgundy roses.

19. Flowing Chair Ribbons

Tying ribbons to your guests’ chairs is a great way to include more lavender in your wedding ceremony. Use a few different shades of purple to make these ribbons pop.

20. Dark Lavender Bridesmaid Attire

Searching for the perfect shade of lavender for your bridesmaids’ dresses? Consider using dark lavender—this darker shade will contrast well with a white wedding dress.

21. Dusty Purple Bridal Attire

Dusty purple is a beautiful accent color for your wedding dress. This lovely color also works perfectly as a pop of color in a groom’s boutonniere.

22. Rustic Burlap Boutonnieres

Incorporate lavender into the groom’s attire by making your own DIY lavender boutonnieres. To give these boutonnieres a rustic feel, tie them together with burlap twine.

23. Muted Table Decor

Lavender and grey make a wonderful color scheme. If you’re looking for a way to incorporate these two colors into your table decor, try using a lavender font on your menu and a grey background for the stationery. You could also use grey napkins and lavender-colored flowers in your centerpieces.

24. Artsy Reception Accents

Make your lavender wedding décor pop by adding some artsy accents. Consider hanging up signs featuring an ombre lavender background and a purple font, or use violet-colored flowers to decorate your dessert table.

25. Rustic Chic Lounge Furniture

Your guests will love having a piece of lounge furniture to relax on when they need a break from dancing. Use lavender-colored pillows or cushions to make this furniture fit into your wedding theme.

26. Dried Lavender Bunch Party Favor

Aromatic dried lavender bunches are another great party favor idea. Every time your guests smell this fragrant flower, they’ll think of your wedding.

27. Single Floral Wedding Cake

If you’re planning on having a smaller wedding cake, top the cake with a single lavender-colored flower to add a subtle pop of color. Choose a flower that matches your wedding cake style—for example, if you’re going for a natural cake, choose a flower in a paler tone.

28. Lavender Signature Cocktails

Including lavender in your signature cocktail is a great way to pay homage to your theme. There are so many different flavor combinations you could use, from a classic lavender and lemonade cocktail to one flavored with lavender and rosemary. Don’t forget to include a sprig of lavender on top as garnish.

29. Dusty Purple Cake

Use different shades of dusty purple and lavender to create a stand-out wedding cake that will look beautiful on your dessert table. You could also decorate your cake with a unique illustration, like the flower on this cake.

30. Colorful Bow Ties

Looking for a way to bring lavender into the groom and groomsmen’s attire? A beautiful lavender bow tie is the perfect way to add a lavender accent to their suits.

31. Lace Wedding Gown

A pastel shade of lavender pairs beautifully with a delicate lace wedding gown. For contrast, consider pairing this light dress with a bouquet filled with dark purple flowers.

Lavender is an excellent choice for a wide variety of weddings, from boho chic to whimsical celebrations. When you incorporate lavender into your wedding, you’ll be able to create a beautiful ceremony and reception that you’ll love looking back on in your wedding photo album.