80 Ways To Decorate A Small Kitchen

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The kitchen is a place to cook, eat, laugh, and enjoy one another’s company, and because it’s such an integral part of the home, it should be decorated to inspire good food, memories and enjoyment. While a small kitchen means less room for décor, that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautifully styled. Tiny kitchens can readily stand up against their larger counterparts in a cook off to produce big meals and hearty flavors, and that’s no different when it comes to kitchen design.

Whether you’re embarking on DIY projects, playing with paint colors or shopping for accessories, you’ll find that there are many ideas on how to decorate your small kitchen without compromising precious space. Get ready to express your personal style and bring your kitchen to life with colors, fixtures and décor. Below, you’ll find several small kitchen design tricks and tips to inspire your inner interior designer and create a space you’ll love. Make your kitchen even more uniquely yours with personalized home decor like serving trays, glassware and pillows. If you’re looking for more ideas on kitchen decor, follow our simple tips for making the most of a small kitchen.

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Kitchen Decoration Idea by Colin Price - Shutterfly

Roll out a rug that pops and you’ll have a decorated kitchen in a single purchase.

Photo by: Colin Price

Kitchen Decoration Idea by A Beautiful Mess - Shutterfly

Store cooking ingredients in matching jars on open shelves for cute décor and easy access.

Photo by: A Beautiful Mess

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Ioanna Roufopoulou - Shutterfly

When storage space is scarce, hang wire racks to hold your kitchen goods. Bonus: they’re also a great place to hang dried spices.

Photo by: Ioanna Roufopoulou

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Home Stories A to Z - Shutterfly

Why hide your beautiful dishes? Remove cupboard doors to display decorative plates and glassware.

Photo by: Home Stories A to Z

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Anna Harris - Shutterfly

Who said dishes had to come in a set? Mix and match unique colors and patterns and display your finds on open shelves.

Photo by: Anna Harris

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Susan Gunyou - Shutterfly

A cozy kitchen doesn’t need décor when it has a gorgeous reclaimed wood accent wall.

Photo by: Susan Gunyou

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Danae Horst - Shutterfly

These dark jade tiles contrast beautifully with the copper utensils and white cabinets.

Photo by: Danae Horst

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Jennifer Holmes of Dear Lillie - Shutterfly

Monochrome is in with these striped shades and 50 other ways to use gray throughout your small kitchen.

Photo by: Jennifer Holmes of Dear Lillie

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Just a Girl and Her Blog - Shutterfly

When storing supplies on the counters, place them on platters and cake stands to create a contained, cleaner look.

Photo by: Just a Girl and Her Blog

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Alyssa Rosenheck - Shutterfly

A small kitchen means little room for décor so be bold with paint colors to make your cabinets pop.

Photo by: Alyssa Rosenheck

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Centsational Girl - Shutterfly

In a small space, less is often more and a few small, simple pieces can be just what your kitchen needed.

Photo by: Centsational Girl

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Tessa Neustadt - Shutterfly

A little paint goes a long way when you use a bold blue to contrast with white fixtures and furniture.

Photo by: Tessa Neustadt

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Celeste Noche - Shutterfly

Add character and make your kitchen feel more like home with a cozy, colorful rug.

Photo by: Celeste Noche

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Pinch of Yum - Shutterfly

Ditch the original packaging and use glass jars to store and display spices and ingredients for a cohesive appearance.

Photo by: Pinch of Yum

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Jenna Sue Design Co. - Shutterfly

Floating shelves serve fashion and function. Display a dish that color coordinates with the rest of the kitchen to tie everything together.

Photo by: Jenna Sue Design Co.

Kitchen Decoration Idea by From the Nato's - Shutterfly

Find dishes of the same color family to display as an accent color and bring life to a bland kitchen.

Photo by: From the Nato's

Kitchen Decoration Idea by A Couple Cooks - Shutterfly

The blue mason jars in this kitchen are an inexpensive way to incorporate beautiful color into a neutral kitchen.

Photo by: A Couple Cooks

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Max Burlhalter - Shutterfly

Keep up with the seasons by displaying freshly cut flowers from your garden or a small pumpkin in the fall.

Photo by: Max Burlhalter

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Jasmine Star - Shutterfly

Decorate your kitchen with original, handmade furniture that tells a story while providing a comfortable place to sit.

Photo by: Jasmine Star

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Calypso in the Country - Shutterfly

Play around with light fixtures, which can completely change the vibe of your kitchen. Plus, you can swap them out at any time!

Photo by: Calypso in the Country

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Tobi Fairley - Shutterfly

Something as simple as decorative curtains can bring vibrant life to a plain kitchen. Color coordinate by adding other matching pieces.

Photo by: Tobi Fairley

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Helen Norman - Shutterfly

Combine various framed art pieces and décor to create a gallery wall on an otherwise blank canvas.

Photo by: Helen Norman

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Nina Holst - Shutterfly

Empower your small kitchen with bold, dark paint. You’ll enjoy the pop of bright colors the next time you chop fresh vegetables.

Photo by: Nina Holst

Kitchen Decoration Idea by A Home for Design - Shutterfly

Several small pieces can add up to the visual appeal of one large piece. Mix and match abstract art, trinkets, and flower vases.

Photo by: A Home for Design

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Stephanie Kraus Designs - Shutterfly

If your small kitchen doesn’t have much space for décor, curtains with prints and patterns serve both fashion and function.

Photo by: Stephanie Kraus Designs

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Creatively Living Blog - Shutterfly

Use chalkboard paint to allow for creative doodling and original artwork by your kids that can continuously evolve.

Photo by: Creatively Living Blog

Kitchen Decoration Idea by The Vintage Whites Market - Shutterfly

Get hands-on and build a small table to serve as a kitchen island that will provide a little extra counter space.

Photo by: The Vintage Whites Market

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Leslee Mitchell - Shutterfly

Simple, abstract art is a great way to add an interesting visual without overpowering a small kitchen space.

Photo by: Leslee Mitchell

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Dustin Peck Photography - Shutterfly

Get back to the basics by decorating your kitchen with a bowl of fruit. It provides natural color as well a tasty snack.

Photo by: Dustin Peck Photography

Kitchen Decoration Idea by 320 Sycamore - Shutterfly

Collect antique milk glass pieces to display on a shelf. White goes with any color so you can be sure it will match with your kitchen.

Photo by: 320 Sycamore

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Ever & Anon - Shutterfly

Place picture frames and art in the corners to evenly distribute decorations and bookend your cooking space.

Photo by: Ever & Anon

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Artsy Chicks Rule - Shutterfly

There’s no rule that says your kitchen has to be painted all the same color. Choose a fun accent color to paint your island.

Photo by: Artsy Chicks Rule

Kitchen Decoration Idea by BeachBrights - Shutterfly

Plants are a great way to decorate since they come in all sizes. Add a few decorative plants to your windowsill.

Photo by: BeachBrights

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Ben Elsass Photography - Shutterfly

If you’re out of decorating ideas for a small kitchen, stick with a few small pieces. The less clutter, the larger your kitchen will seem.

Photo by: Ben Elsass Photography

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Pepper Design Blog - Shutterfly

You can upgrade the appearance of your small kitchen with a home project like this green subway tile backsplash.

Photo by: Pepper Design Blog

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Finding Home Farms - Shutterfly

Every inch counts in a small kitchen, so use the space above the cupboards for displaying your kitchen decorations.

Photo by: Finding Home Farms

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Old Things New - Shutterfly

Add the illusion of extra space to your small kitchen by hanging a decorative mirror.

Photo by: Old Things New

Kitchen Decoration Idea by On the V Side - Shutterfly

Painting your kitchen cabinets all white creates a blank canvas for you to incorporate any color and type of décor you desire.

Photo by: On the V Side

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Domestic Imperfection - Shutterfly

When you can’t decide on a color scheme, primary colors are a great way to decorate your kitchen. Incorporate hints of red, blue, and yellow throughout.

Photo by: Domestic Imperfection

Kitchen Decoration Idea by On Bliss Street - Shutterfly

For a rustic look, use vintage baskets in place of a fruit bowl. You can paint them to match or leave them in their antique state.

Photo by: On Bliss Street

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Emerald & Oak - Shutterfly

Often times, less is more when it comes to small kitchen decoration. Search for the perfect light fixture to serve as the focal point.

Photo by: Emerald & Oak

Kitchen Decoration Idea by It's a Wannabe Decorator's Life - Shutterfly

Dishes don’t have to be reserved just for eating. Display decorative plates on the walls for easy kitchen decorating.

Photo by: It's a Wannabe Decorator's Life

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Montana Prairie Tales - Shutterfly

Looking for a simple DIY kitchen decorating idea? Place some flowers in a vase to set on a shelf or counter.

Photo by: The Prairie Homestead

Kitchen Decoration Idea by The Prairie Homestead - Shutterfly

A decorative spice rack makes cooking ingredients readily available while adding to your kitchen’s look.

Photo by: The Prairie Homestead

Kitchen Decoration Idea by The Old Painted Cottage - Shutterfly

Hang a large black and white art piece on the wall for an interesting, yet modest focal point.

Photo by: The Old Painted Cottage

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Cottage Instincts - Shutterfly

If you’re not big into decorations, make your kitchen look new with a fresh coat of paint using contrasting colors for the upper and lower cabinets.

Photo by: Cottage Instincts

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Prairie Charm - Shutterfly

Every day is a picnic in your small kitchen with a red and white checkered backsplash.

Photo by: Prairie Charm

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Bethany Menzel - Shutterfly

Play with colors in a small kitchen, like how this sweet space brightens the room with fresh mint countertops.

Photo by: Bethany Menzel

Kitchen Decoration Idea by The Ugly Duckling House - Shutterfly

Coordinate curtains and dishtowels with your paint colors like in this timeless black and white kitchen.

Photo by: The Ugly Duckling House

Kitchen Decoration Idea by The Grit and Polish - Shutterfly

Add some pizzazz to your small kitchen with a unique light fixture or funky chandelier.

Photo by: The Grit and Polish

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Akin Design Studio - Shutterfly

Industrial style metal barstools will add a hint of rustic style to a contemporary kitchen.

Photo by: Akin Design Studio

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Cook Republic - Shutterfly

Industrial light fixtures and hanging Edison bulbs induce a powerful kitchen vibe for the serious chef.

Photo by: Cook Republic

Kitchen Decoration Idea by The Yellow Cape Cod - Shutterfly

Plants and greenery, whether real or artificial will add subtle pops of natural color to your cooking space.

Photo by: The Yellow Cape Cod

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Design Dump - Shutterfly

Open up your small kitchen space by adding an interior window so you can enjoy the company of those in the next room while you cook.

Photo by: Design Dump

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Sabbe Interior Design - Shutterfly

Look up! Your ceiling is the perfect blank canvas to take your kitchen’s style up a notch with decorative ceiling tiles.

Photo by: Sabbe Interior Design

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Live The Home Life - Shutterfly

Store your baking ingredients and other dry goods in white porcelain jars, which are classic and timeless.

Photo by: Live The Home Life

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Brooklyn Limestone - Shutterfly

Need to add color to a neutral kitchen? Get the job done in one purchase with colorful chairs or stools.

Photo by: Brooklyn Limestone

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Anne Sage - Shutterfly

Decorate your small kitchen with color and pattern by rolling out a beautiful rug. Bonus: your toes will be cozy while you cook!

Photo by: Anne Sage

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Ugmonk - Shutterfly

This kitchen achieves the modern look with contrasting black and white paint, funky wire chairs, and a unique, artsy centerpiece.

Photo by: Ugmonk

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Sofia Clara - Shutterfly

When your kitchen has limited counters, make more space by adding standalone units. Consider getting hands-on with a DIY project!

Photo by: Sofia Clara

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Fresh Mommy Blog - Shutterfly

Get crafty by building your own kitchen island and use your favorite paint color to add your own flair.

Photo by: Fresh Mommy Blog

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Tori Aston - Shutterfly

Dark wood shelves contrast beautifully against white subway tile and make a great place to store and display your dishes.

Photo by: Tori Aston

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Bob Narod, Photographer, LLC - Shutterfly

With an artistic backsplash comprised of stylish tiles, you won’t need to worry about paintings and extravagant decorations.

Photo by: Bob Narod, Photographer, LLC

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Photography Peter Rymwid - Shutterfly

A kitchen decorated with fresh colors is bound to inspire freshly cooked meals. Combine soft yellows and greens for a cheery atmosphere.

Photo by: Photography Peter Rymwid

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Re-Made Just Right - Shutterfly

Repurpose an old table to serve as a kitchen island and add a vintage, rustic look.

Photo by: Re-Made Just Right

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Beyond The Picket Fence - Shutterfly

Even small kitchens deserve islands. Add your own personal touch to a homemade island with dry-brushed paint and added hooks.

Photo by: Beyond The Picket Fence

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Therese Winberg - Shutterfly

Install a rod and purchase s-hooks for an easy and decorative way to hang utensils.

Photo by: Therese Winberg

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Armelle Habib - Shutterfly

One of the best small kitchen decorating ideas is to coordinate matching colored smaller pieces throughout the space to create visual flow.

Photo by: Armelle Habib

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Larnie Nicolson - Shutterfly

Don’t be afraid to be bold with colors and shapes, which will keep you inspired to try new things in the kitchen.

Photo by: Larnie Nicolson

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Mark Lohman - Shutterfly

When you’ve chosen a boldly colored appliance, use contrasting colors for the rest of your small kitchen decorations to create visual balance.

Photo by: Mark Lohman

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Julia Brenner - Shutterfly

This cozy, colorful rug adds warmth to this kitchen’s cool floors and matches well with the blue cabinets.

Photo by: Julia Brenner

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Ali Marie Photography - Shutterfly

One simple kitchen decorating idea is to dedicate a shelf to display your collection of mixed unique mugs.

Photo by: Ali Marie Photography

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Elissa Crowe - Shutterfly

Add a little rustic charm to your tiny kitchen with mason jars which double as drinking glasses.

Photo by: Elissa Crowe

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Up to Date Interiors - Shutterfly

Drawers and cabinets don’t necessarily need to be one solid color. Add a little flavor to your small kitchen design with patterns and prints.

Photo by: Up to Date Interiors

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Ivory Lane - Shutterfly

Throw color palettes out the window and simply display your collection of cookbooks on the shelf to add plenty of color.

Photo by: Ivory Lane

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Young House Love - Shutterfly

Carefully orchestrate the colors of your kitchen design like in this example where yellow, blue and green subtly pop against a white base color.

Photo by: Young House Love

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly - Shutterfly

No home office? Utilize every countertop as a workspace—including your kitchen!

Photo by: Shutterfly

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly - Shutterfly

Mismatched plates and dinnerware double as interesting conversation pieces.

Photo by: Shutterfly

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly - Shutterfly

Keep a decorative tray nearby for some function and fashion in the kitchen.

Photo by: Shutterfly

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly - Shutterfly

Decorate with placemats and creative plates so any meal doubles as art.

Photo by: Shutterfly

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly - Shutterfly

To open up a smaller space, consider using bright colors in your kitchen. These white cabinets paired with a light gray countertop not only makes the kitchen look larger, but also creates an organized, clean look.

Photo by: Satori Design for Living

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly - Shutterfly

If you’re working with a small space, consider contrasting the cabinetry. This black and white kitchen is balanced perfectly which creates a sleek, clean look.

Photo by: Mountain Modern Life

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly

When choosing a color for your cabinets, opt for white. It creates a clean and open space.

Photo by: The Glamorous Gal

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly

Liven up your kitchen by decorating with your favorite plants! It's a simple addition to bring in vibrant color.

Photo by: Asian Family Recipes

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly

Lacking space? Add a few shelves and decorate with colorful dishes that stand out.

Photo by: TEM Photography

Source: Creekwoodhill

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly

Using white as a backdrop, pair with wood accents and a textile rug for a modern kitchen.

Photo by: Domestic Blonde

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly

If you're not a fan of painting, use marble backsplash and wallpaper to give your walls a new look.

Photo by: Pink Little Notebook

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly

Nothing says home like a cottage vibe. You can accomplish this look by combining different wood textures.

Photo by: Aimee Weaver Designs

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly

Is bread a staple in your house? If so, make it a part of your kitchen decor by creating a bread station.

Photo by: Abbots At Home

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly

Using glass for your cabinet doors is a unique way to display everything. It also keeps you organized!

Photo by: The Rustic Life

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly

Going for a modern design? Use gray and white as your base and splash fun pops of color in.

Photo by: Cuddlepill

Kitchen Decoration Idea by Shutterfly

If you have the opportunity to let natural light pour in, do it! It's an easy way to brighten up your kitchen.

Photo by: Faithful With the Little

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