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Seven Things To Include On Your Baby Shower Invites

Whether you're planning a shower for yourself or for your expectant friend, there's little question that every guest you invite to the baby shower will love getting an invitation to come and celebrate this meaningful moment. In your quest to make everything as perfect as possible, from the party games to the food, make sure you tackle the invitations with thought and care. Don't feel intimidated. Just ensure you include all the right information, leave no room for error, and avoid including anything that doesn't belong on there.

Highlight Momma's Name (and Maybe Baby's, Too)

Some party planners actually forget to include the mom's name on the invitation cards, not because they're inept or forgetful, but because the guests are usually intimate acquaintances. It's easy to take for granted that everyone will magically know who the guest of honor is as soon as he or she receives the invite. As silly as it is, it's also common, so make sure momma's name is front and center on the invitations. Typically, you should use her full name. However, if she has a well-known nickname, that's okay, too.

If it's a shower for the couple, include the spouse or partner's name as well. If the couple knows what they're naming the baby and don't mind sharing it, you can include that, too. It's a sweet surprise for guests who don't know yet.

In the event you're planning and hosting the party for mom, don't forget to put your own name, number, and email address somewhere on the invitations. Make it as easy as possible for guests to get in touch with you. If you decide to put together a website for the event, you can also include the address. That's a great place for a FAQ.

The Gender of the Baby (Maybe)

This is entirely up to the parents, so it isn't necessarily a requirement on every single baby shower invitation. That being said, if the parents want the guests to know the baby's gender, certainly include it. However, if the parents want to keep it a secret, try not to share any potentially revealing information. Do note that even if the parents don't want to share their baby's name, they may still want to reveal the gender.

Include the Important Dates

There are several important dates you need to mention on the invitations. Naturally, you have to include the date of the party itself; that pretty much goes without saying. Keep in mind that baby showers are traditionally held one to two months before the mom's due date, meaning the invitations need to go out a month or a month and a half before the date of the shower. This might seem incredibly early to start sending anything, but nine months isn't all that long, especially when you're planning for the baby, not just a party.

Name the Location

Let everyone know where the party's taking place with the exact address. If possible, include a few landmarks or general directions. The invitation isn't the place for detailed directions, but if you place any inserts in the envelope, you can elaborate there. Otherwise, either trust that the invitees will use Google or GPS, or include some additional information on the shower's website.

Tell Everyone How to RSVP

You may choose to place your contact information here if you're planning the party for a friend or relative. If it's better for guests to text you, email you, or call you; this is the place for those details. It's also important to let the guests know when and how to RSVP. Since there are typically around four to six weeks between sending the invitations and the date of the party, guests should let you know if they're attending two to three weeks before the shower.

Mention the Registry

It's fine to let the guests know where mom's registered. Babies need many things. The first baby generally needs a bit more than later children, but moms and dads always need essentials. If the mother isn't registered anywhere or has special requests in addition to the registry, you can either mention that in the same section or add it to an invitation insert. This is for instances where the parents might appreciate a donation in their child's name, a special gift or something ongoing, such as a digital footprint or virtual baby book, or some type of savings fund.

Provide Additional Special Information

You also need to include any special details, plans, or requirements. For instance, let everyone know the party's theme. This is especially important if you're using a theme that relies on guest participation, such as a costume party. This is the place to let guests know about anything they need to bring, instructions for games, and food menus. If you're planning a potluck or a dessert bar, you may also need to have the guests contact you individually.

Baby showers are joyous events that honor the mother and her upcoming gift. Helping her celebrate, showering her with love, and offering her support are even more fun than the party itself, but the bash will certainly be memorable if it's planned with care and attention to detail. All it really takes is an informative, well-written invitation. For more inspiration on baby shower invitations, check out our resources on the Shutterfly Ideas blog.

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