How to Write a Letter to Santa + Template

Christmas is in the air and you want your child to experience all the holiday magic they can. Between baking Christmas cookies to building snowmen, there’s plenty of fun Christmas activities to help you fill your holiday schedule. However, the best Christmas activities are plans that involve the big man in red himself. And kids are always excited to see what he brings them on Christmas morning. But first, they need to let him know exactly what’s on their wishlists. Looking to write a letter to Santa Claus? We’re here to help! Check out our Santa letter template and guide below.

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How To Write A Letter To Santa

These step by step instructions will help you make sure your letter is Santa-ready. So get out a pen and paper, and follow these tips when you’re ready to get started.

  1. Use special holiday stationary or your favorite personalized notepad. This gives your Santa letter a special touch so that he knows it’s written by you.
  2. Start your letter with a greeting to Santa. This might look like “Dear Santa Claus,” or “To Santa.”
  3. Introduce yourself. Let Santa know who’s writing the letter. He gets a lot of letters every year, so it’s important you remind him who you are.
  4. Fill in the blank after “I’m writing to you because…” Do you want to let him know what’s on your wishlist this year? Or do you want to wish him a very Happy Holidays? This is your chance to explain the reason for your letter.
  5. Tell Santa all the reasons you’ve been good this year. We’re sure there’s been plenty, so take your time to write them down. And if you have something you’re going to try and be better about, let him know that, too.
  6. Politely let Santa know what you’d like for Christmas. Try not to go overboard on your list, though! Check out our Christmas list ideas for a little inspiration if you’re struggling to write things down.
  7. Thank Santa for reading your letter or for everything he does during Holiday season. Then, sign your name.
  8. Finally, give your letter to your parents to send to Santa.
  9. Alternatively, fill out the Santa letter template below for a fun, personalized Santa letter that’s envelope ready.

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Letter To Santa Template

We’ve all written notes to the Big Guy in the red suit letting him know what we want for Christmas. But he has a lot of work to do and letters to go through, so sometimes it’s best to send our gift list to an intermediary — like Mrs. Claus or Santa’s Head Elf. With fewer requests vying for attention, this person could be in the perfect position to state our case to Santa.

Of course, once we decide who to send our Christmas letter to, we still need to craft a convincing request. How can we prove that we’ve been good all year?

We’ve created six template letters to Santa and his helpers so that you can get that Christmas card written just right. Start by making a selection at the right and we’ll help you craft the perfect letter to send to the North Pole.

Santa Claus Letter Template Instructions

Click on a character to start your note. Fill in the blanks and click “Write Letter!” to generate the letter.

Instructions: Click on a character to start your note. Fill in the blanks and click “Write Letter!” to generate the letter.

How To Send A Letter To Santa (For the Parents)

Looking for the best way to get a response back to your child after they send their letter to Santa? We’ve outlined two different holiday mailing options below. Pick your favorite and it’ll quickly turn into one of your annual family Christmas traditions.

Using USPS:

1. Place the letter to Santa in an envelope, along with Santa’s special response. To save paper, have Santa write the response on the back of your child’s letter.

2. Make sure the envelope is addressed to your child, and that the return address says “Santa, North Pole.”

3. Include a First-Class mail stamp on the envelope.

4. Place this sealed envelope in a large envelope addressed to:

North Pole Postmark


4141 Postmark Dr.

Anchorage, AK 99530-9998

5. Add appropriate postage, and mail the letter by December 8th to ensure a timely response.

Not Using a Mail Service:

If you’ve missed the mailing deadline or if you don’t want to worry about waiting for a postal response, you can still make sure your child gets a personalized response from Santa Claus. Just have Santa write a response to your child’s Santa letter and include it in a simple envelope, along with their original letter. Santa will leave the envelope with his response on the plate of cookies and milk or with the presents for your child to find on Christmas morning.

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Resources Related to Santa Letters

We hope this guide on how to write a Santa letter adds a little Christmas magic to your family’s holidays. And if you’re looking for other fun Christmas activities, we have you covered. Check out our Santa Key craft, Christmas coloring pages, Christmas party games, or our Christmas crafts for kids.