Santa’s Magic Key Craft and Santa Key Poem

With so much magic in the air in the holiday season, there’s plenty of ways to make Christmas extra special for your child. From writing letters to Santa Claus to leaving out cookies and milk on Christmas Eve, children love activities with the jolly old fellow himself. And if you live in a less than easily accessible home or apartment, they may ask how Santa is going to get there for the big day. If that’s the case, consider crafting a Santa key. Santa’s Magic keys make perfect no-mess, Christmas spirit-filled activities for the holidays. Find the directions below for how to make your very own.

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What is Santa’s Magic Key?

A Santa Key is a “magic” key which lets Santa enter your home on Christmas Eve if you don’t have a traditional chimney for him to come through. If your child becomes concerned how Santa is supposed to leave their presents under the tree, helping them make Santa’s magic key can put their mind at ease. This craft also makes a great new family Christmas tradition. With just a small number of supplies needed, it’s easy to throw together during the holidays. Just make sure your child has their Christmas list ideas figured out before Santa comes!

Christmas decoration - Santa's Magic Key. Close-up on light blue wooden background

Santa’s Magic Key Craft

When you’re ready to start crafting a Santa Key, first make sure you decide on where the key “magic” will work. Is the magic Santa Key for the front door? Or will Santa use it to open the family room window next to the Christmas tree?

Note: Whichever you pick, make sure the key you choose to use won’t work for anyone else but Santa (i.e. use an old key to a desk drawer or make one from paper). When you’ve found your key, it’s time to start crafting!

Supplies for a Santa Key

  • Old Key. We recommend using an old key that won’t work on any important locks. Desk drawer keys or keys for locks that have since been replaced are perfect. If you don’t already have one of these keys, you can cut out a key shape from cardboard or construction paper.
  • Construction Paper or Holiday Stationary. This will be used for the Santa Key poem. Red, white, silver, and gold colors work best for this holiday craft.
  • Ribbon. Again, red, white, silver, and gold colors are recommended.
  • Scissors.
  • Printed Poem. Choose from the poems listed below or craft your own special Santa poem!
  • Pen. If you’re not printing out your Santa poem, you’ll need this to write your poem.
  • Tape.

  • Hole Punch.

  • Optional: Paint. If you want to paint your key to look more festive, we recommend choosing holiday colors. 
  • Optional: Holiday Keychain. Consider adding a personalized holiday keychain for your Santa key.

A santa key being held up by Santa.

How to Make a Magic Key For Santa Claus

When you’ve gathered all your supplies, follow the step by step instructions below:

  1. Optional: Paint your Santa Key. Looking to give your Santa Key more of a “magical” look? Adding a layer of paint can help make your key stand out so there’s no way Santa can miss it. Just make sure you give the paint plenty of time to dry before attaching it to the rest of the craft. Also, make sure to paint in a well ventilated area.
  2. Print out or write down your Santa Poem. Whichever poem you choose, make sure that it can fit on your chosen stationary or construction paper.
  3. Decorate your Poem. Once printed or written down, cut out the poem with your scissors and tape (or glue) it to a construction paper backing. Decorate your poem however you like until it has just the right amount of Christmas magic.
  4. Tie on the Ribbon. Once the key is dry and the poem is ready, hole punch the top corner of your poem and string the ribbon through it and the hole of the key. If you’ve decided to add a special touch like a holiday keychain, bow, or other, you can add this now.
  5. Hide the Santa Key. If you’ve decided to hide your Santa Key for your child to find later, consider adding it to your Advent calendar or hiding it in the Christmas tree. Whichever way you choose, it’s sure to add a little Christmas magic to your child’s holidays!

Santa Key Poem Examples

The following poems are meant to be printed or drawn onto a notes attached to Santa’s magic key. Pick your favorite from those listed below or use them to inspire you to craft your own! And if you’re looking for holiday stationary to use for the note, consider our customized notepads or stationary sets.

1. Santa’s Magic Key Poem

With no chimney for dear Santa Claus,

We’ve had to find a way,

For sweet Santa Claus to get inside

With gifts from his sleigh.

So here we leave a Santa key,

Made of special Christmas magic,

So please– enter Santa, and leave the gifts,

And make our day fantastic!

2. Santa Key Poem for Child

Worry not, sweet little one

That Santa might not come

For there’s no reason yet to fret

–No reason to be glum!

For here is a magic key

That works one night a year,

It lets Santa Claus through the door

To leave your presents here!

3. Santa Key Poem for Santa Claus

You may have noticed, Santa Claus,

There’s not a chimney to go down.

But please don’t give up just yet,

For a solution, we have found!

This magic key will let you in,

So dear Santa, please come inside.

Eat the cookies, drink the milk,

Then leave the key (and gifts!) behind!

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