Make Father’s Day Gifts With Kids’ Artwork

Finding the perfect present for Dad is never easy, so why not just make the best Father’s Day gift? For an extra memorable celebration, turn kids’ artwork into gifts with easy crafts and DIY ideas. Show him that he’s the best dad and deserves more than the traditional tie with a unique and adorable Father’s Day gift idea: something special from our Father’s Day gift guide or homemade gifts that he’ll treasure forever

Dad will adore anything his children give him, because no matter what they create, their effort says “I love you” more than any object ever could. He’s your superhero, your number one fan forever, so this Father’s Day, get the best Father’s Day gifts for Dad in the form of personalized gifts for dad made from kids’ arts and crafts.

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Browse our collection of personalized gifts for dad to find homemade crafts and recipes, helpful DIY tips, and inventive ways to stay connected to the people and things that matter most.

Personalized Father’s Day Gifts

Create a present that’s special on a whole new level by scanning and uploading kids’ DIY artwork to any personalized Father’s Day gifts for a one-of-a-kind, functional statement of love. This homemade gift will give the kids something fun to create, and make for the perfect gifts for a dad who loves them more than anything.

1. Artsy Photo Books

Put together a sweet custom photo books for Dad filled with his kids’ art. Compile all their best pieces, from infant years to preschooler times to more sophisticated elementary school paintings. Then, upload all those scanned pieces into a photo book that Dad can look at when the kids have grown up and stopped creating art all the time. Give him a touching reminder of his little ones in their younger years for a great gift.

2. Sweet Framed Prints

Framed picture of dog.

For a simple and easy Father’s Day present, use a photo frame to create framed prints of your kids’ artwork. Choose the best picture your child has drawn—whether it’s a painting of your family as stick figures, a landscape with a cute flower, or her rendition of her father, and upload the scanned image into a picture frame to create a timeless piece of decor for your bedroom or living room.

3. Adorable Canvas Prints

If you’re looking for rustic yet heartfelt wall decor, look no further than canvas prints that feature kids’ artwork. Scan their drawing of Dad’s favorite animal in all his favorite colors, and upload it to print on canvas. Their art will look more professional and textured on canvas, yet maintain their youthful style and choice of colors that Dad finds so adorable.

4. Custom Phone Cases

You can’t go wrong with custom iPhone cases for Dad. Use her little hand dipped in safe non-toxic paint to make a handprint craft. Then scan the image and upload it to a personalized iPhone case for the perfect Father’s Day gift from his daughter. Now, he’ll have a sweet reminder of his little one wherever he is.

5. Desktop Plaques

Gift Dad something he can place on his work desk to remind him of his little ones when he’s not home. Use the kids’ drawings of the family next to your home and upload them to a personalized desk plaque. Give him something that puts a smile on his face because it’s art his child created and put effort into. Dad will be showing off this adorable office decor to all his coworkers.

6. Personalized Travel Mugs

Coffee mug with children's drawings on it.

Get Dad a personalized travel mugs he will bring with him everywhere featuring the kids’ sweet message to him, or one of their unique pieces of art. If they’re old enough, have the children write out why they love their dad so much, and scan that to place onto the mug in their cute handwriting. If they’re a bit young to write a full sentence, have them draw a picture, and add that to the travel mug to make it truly creative and a wonderful gift.

7. Father’s Day Aprons

For the family chef who loves to cook for his kids and try new recipes to satiate their endless appetites,  customized Father’s Day aprons with cute drawings on it is the perfect gift. Use the kids’ artwork of Dad cooking their favorite meal, or a fun phrase like “Chef Dad” in their handwriting. He’ll wear this sweet apron every time he turns on the stove.

8. Cozy Customized Hoodies

Help Dad stay cozy with a custom hoodies that features a hand-drawn picture or message for an adorable and functional Father’s Day present. Upload the kids’ best abstract watercolor artwork for an artsy hoodie, or have them write “Best Dad Ever” for a sweet article of clothing he’ll cherish for years to come. Or, decorate the hoodie with the kids’ drawings of hearts or another symbol they like for a fun and unique sweatshirt.

9. Helpful Monthly Planners

Keep Dad organized and on top of his game with the kids’ appointments and activities by giving him a personalized monthly planners. Adorn the cover with the kids’ hand-drawn picture of themselves for a sweet Father’s Day present to start off the new school year in a few months.

10. Personalized Keychains

Keychain with drawing of child.

For a low-key Father’s Day gift that he’ll adore, create a personalized key ring using the kids’ art. Choose the best depiction of the family together or a small self-portrait your child drew, and upload it to be added to a small key ring Dad will always have with him. He’ll never take this key ring off his keychain and will treasure this simple present forever.

11. Artsy Mouse Pads

For the techie dad who loves his electronics, a mouse pads is a must-have for his work or home office. Use the kids’ abstract artwork and most colorful pieces to craft a creative mouse pad that looks cool and reminds Dad of his little ones’ talents. Make sure to scan the artwork and upload it into the personalization section for the custom mouse pad you want to get your unique finished product.

12. “Dad Rocks” Paperweights

Help Dad keep his documents in check with a custom paperweight from his kids. Include a small picture the kids drew of him and a supportive message they wrote out such as “Dad rocks!” He’ll love a useful gift for his work desk that reminds him how much the kids love him.

DIY Father’s Day Ideas

Although Dad will love any present he gets, especially a personalized one, the kids will enjoy getting extra creative and making a completely DIY Father’s Day gift. So get creative with these Father’s Day crafts for kids that’ll blow every other gift out of the water.

Heart made of legos perfect for fathers day

  • Tie-Shaped Bookmarks: Help the kids cut out a tie shape out of Dad’s favorite color cardstock. Then have them draw or write all over it, or cut out shapes from other colored paper for a collage effect. This sweet gift will encourage Dad to read more, or will help an avid reader keep track of his location in all the books he’s currently reading.
  • Mason Jar Decors: Decorate personalized mason jars with stickers, paint, or tissue paper for a unique look unlike any other. Dad will love to use his mason jar for his iced coffee or tea in the mornings. Make his rustic jar extra special with Father’s Day crafts that show how much the kids love him.
  • Lego Hearts: Create heart art with Legos that any little boy or girl would have fun constructing. Use Dad’s favorite colors to build this cute keepsake for a handmade gift he’ll always treasure.
  • Prints With Fun Backgrounds: For a fun craft idea, cut out the kids and Dad in family photo prints. Then, paste the pictures of each person onto colored construction paper that the kids have drawn fun patterns or scenery on. Bonus points if you frame these to give Dad a cool homemade Father’s Day gift to hang on his home office wall.

Father’s Day Card Ideas

Homemade Father's Day card.

The perfect gift for Dad is important, but the right Father’s Day card is the true meaning of this holiday. Celebrate Dad by not only showing the kids’ affection for him, but also by putting into words in a heartfelt card the kids can design themselves. Make sure to customize it with their artwork on the cover, and then write a sweet Father’s Day message on the inside.

The more creative they want to get with the cover or the inside, the better. A card will make Dad feel truly appreciated and loved, and this is something he’ll be delighted to look back at over the years. Make sure the card says “Happy Father’s Day” in the best and most original way—with his kids’ art and their own words.

Final Thoughts

Father’s Day is a special time to honor the man who’s there for the kids always and supports and cheers them on no matter what. Whoever fills the role of Dad in their lives deserves the best Father’s Day, complete with the perfect gift and card that shows and tells him how loved he is.

Make him feel cherished with a unique DIY or personalized gifts made from kids’ artwork that reminds him of his little ones’ talents and art abilities. Get creative and get crafting for the best homemade Father’s Day gift.

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