12 Memorial Gift Ideas That Honor Their Life

When a loved one is grieving, a gift that offers condolences and keeps someone’s memory alive can provide healing to those left behind. But, choosing what to give can sometimes be difficult. To let them know you’re thinking of them in their time of sorrow, your memorial gift should be thoughtfully given in remembrance of the person loved and lost.

Whether you’re looking for an expression of sympathy that’s unique and personal, a customizable keepsake in memory of the deceased or sympathy gifts that brings comfort during tough times, like a photo book, you’ll find inspiration among these 20 memorial gift ideas that will honor their life.

1. Personalized Photo Framein loving memory personalized picture frame

Give a gift that sends your condolences while honoring their loved one’s memory. This personalized photo frame holds a favorite photograph and celebrates precious memories with a personalized sentiment, words of encouragement or meaningful message.

2. Memorial Garden

garden stones with decoration and personalized message

A memory garden can provide peace, comfort and healing to those experiencing the grief of losing a loved one. A living tribute with flowers or herbs that will continue to grow in their memory. This is particularly appropriate when honoring a lost loved one who loved nature. Personalized garden stones with a special message for them are a perfect way to honor your loved one.

3. Memorial Ornament

memorial christmas ornament for a dog that passed away

The holidays are often the hardest time of year for someone grieving a loss. An memorial ornament that honors their memory can hang lovingly on the tree or in a window to catch the light for years to come.

4. Memorable Jewelry

Metal bracelets.

An engraved piece of personalized jewelry with an important date, coordinates or location will help you keep their memory alive. Whether you traveled somewhere special together or want to showcase your anniversary, it will be as if you have a piece of them with you every time you wear it.

5. Memorial Photo Book

A memorial photo book is a beautiful way to preserve cherished memories. Shutterfly’s photo books allow you to curate a collection of photos, add captions, and choose from various layouts and themes. You can include images of your loved one, family gatherings, and special moments shared together. This personalized keepsake or in memory of gift will serve as a lasting tribute to their life.

6. Canvas Print

Transform a favorite photo of your loved one into a stunning canvas print. Our high-quality canvas prints can be customized with a photo and personalized text. Hang it on a wall or display it on a tabletop to keep their memory alive in your home.

7. Keepsake Box

Mom you are amazing personalized keepsake box featuring a gold watch inside

A memorial keepsake box provides a safe place to store treasured mementos and keepsakes. These meaningful gifts are perfect to hold onto memories of your loved one.

8. Custom Memorial Candle

Lighting a memorial candle can bring a sense of peace and remembrance. Shutterfly offers personalized candles that can be customized with an image and a heartfelt message.

9. Photo Blanket

Wrap yourself in the warmth of memories with a memorial photo blanket. Shutterfly’s personalized blankets can be adorned with a photo collage, name, or meaningful quote. This cozy and comforting gift allows you to feel the presence of your loved one whenever you need it.

10. Custom iPhone Case

Carry the memory of your loved one or beloved pet with you wherever you go with a personalized memorial phone case. Our collection of custom iPhone cases can be customized with pictures of your loved one, creating a unique and meaningful tribute that you can see every day.

11. Personalized Wall Calendar

photo wall calendar hanging

A memorial wall calendar can serve as a daily reminder of the special moments shared with your loved one. Photo calendars allow you to add photos, captions, and important dates. Each month, you can reflect on cherished memories and celebrate their life.

12. Memorial Plaque

A memorial photo plaque can be a beautiful addition to any home or garden. This lasting tribute can be displayed in a special place to honor and remember your loved one.

When choosing what to send when someone dies, consider memorial gift ideas that can be personalized, customized or handmade. Those extra thoughtful touches will provide comfort during a tough time while a meaningful gift that honors a life well-lived will be a treasured keepsake for years to come.