20+ Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Your Holiday Party

Christmas party games are a fun and anticipated part of any holiday celebration. And chances are, you’ll be a part of a Secret Santa at least once during the holiday season. Between the anonymous gift-giving and guessing game at the end, this party game gained plenty of popularity through the years. But in order to enjoy the game, you need to be confident you’ve found the right secret Santa gift. We’re here to help. Check out the great Secret Santa gift ideas below to get started. 

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What To Get For Secret Santa Gifts?

So, what should you get for a Secret Santa gift? The best Secret Santa gifts accomplish at least one, if not more, of the following:

  • They’re personalized and meaningful to the recipient.
  • The gift is fun or funny, without being too cheap.
  • They show thought and care has been put into the gift.

It’s also important to note that the gift needs to be appropriate and friendly, as it will be opened in a group setting. Additionally, look out for a price limit, as going too far under or over this limit can make others uncomfortable. Need additional help in choosing the right gift? Once you’ve checked out all the ideas on this list visit our gift finder or personalized Christmas gifts.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Coworkers

If your work is hosting a Secret Santa, it’s extra important to spend time to find the right coworker gift idea. Making sure your gift is appropriate and fun is key to making sure everyone has a fun time at the office Holiday party. To find the perfect gift idea, check out the options below:

1. Business Card Holder

Business card holder options.

A business card holder is the perfect mix of personalized and work-friendly. Customize it with the recipient’s name and consider including a gift card inside if there’s some budget to spare. Your coworker is sure to love unwrapping this gift.

2. Personalized Notepad

Personalized Notepad options.

Looking for a gift that’s useful year-round? Consider gifting a personalized notepad, customized with your coworker’s name. Not only does this gift show care has gone into it, but it’s also something they’ll be able to use right away.

3. Custom Clipboard

Custom Clipboard options from Shutterfly.

If your coworker is always on the move, a customized clipboard might make the perfect Secret Santa idea. And for an added special touch, include a letter from ”Santa” on the clipboard itself, congratulating them on a year of hard work. 

4. Lunch Gift Certificate

A gift card on a table with dried lavender.

Does your coworker have a favorite local lunch spot? If so, gifting them a gift card to that location is sure to bring a smile to their face. For a cute presentation idea, consider wrapping the gift in a lunch bag.

5. Desk Name Plate

A cute desk name plate.

These personalized desk name plates are a creative addition to top anyone’s desk. Just pick a funny or kind design and add their name. Your coworker is sure to put it on display the moment they open it.

6. Personalized Notebook

Personalized notebooks with names.

If meetings are a big part of your life, you know that someone can never have too many notebooks. Turn this everyday necessity into something your coworker will love by personalizing a notebook with their name.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Friends

Finding the perfect Christmas gifts for friends isn’t always easy. But when in doubt, personalizing a special gift is sure to make them smile. For inspiration, look to the examples below.

7. Photo Water Bottle

Photo water bottles with custom designs.

Customize a stainless steel water bottle with all your favorite photos of the two of you. That way, they’ll carry you with them, wherever they go. Check out our photo water bottle designs to get started. 

8. Engraved Jewelry

A blessed bar necklace from Shutterfly.

If the recipient is known for their love of jewelry, consider gifting them something special. This engraved jewelry doesn’t just look great– it also shows your friend that plenty of thought and care was put into their gift. 

9. Personalized Pillows

A stack of personalized pillows for gifts.

These pillows look at great as they feel. Customize yours with a holiday sentiment and your favorite photos of the two of you. This is an especially great Christmas gift for a friend who has recently moved.

10. Custom Cutting Board

Personalized cutting board with appetizers on top.

If your friend is known for being a genius in the kitchen, consider gifting them a personalized kitchen tool. These personalized cutting boards make the perfect gift for the chef of every group. 

11. Goodie Filled Glass Jar

A glass jar with a funny phrase.

Personalize a glass jar with a cute holiday saying or the giftee’s name. Then, fill it with their favorite candy. This sweet surprise makes for a perfect fit for a friend with a sweet tooth.

12. Their Favorite Wine (or Whisky)

Wine bottles in basket on brick wall background.

When you’re not sure of what to give a friend or acquaintance, a bottle of wine is always a safe bet. But make sure that friend wouldn’t prefer a bottle of whiskey, tequila, or even just a box of their favorite tea. 

Funny Secret Santa Gift Ideas

For a Christmas party with friends, you may feel the pressure to find a gift that makes the recipient laugh. We made a list of our top humor-filled Christmas gift picks. Just pick your favorite from those below or use them to inspire your own idea.

13. Personalized Story Book

A My Night Before Christmas story book.

Create a personalized storybook with your friend inserted into the story. It’s guaranteed to spread a little Christmas cheer when reading it out loud. To begin building the story, check out our My Night Before Christmas Personalized Story Book

14. Friendship Puzzle

A personalized puzzle of friends.

Turn your favorite funny photo of your friend (or the two of you) into a personalized puzzle. Not only will they love opening up this unique gift, but they’ll probably want to put it together before the party is over. 

15. A Box of Glitter

Golden and pink confetti pouring out of white envelope.

A box or card full of glitter is a funny surprise no one sees coming. Just use some caution when picking this gift: your recipient will have to have a great sense of humor. After all, they’ll be washing off glitter for days. Additionally, make sure they don’t open the gift in a bad place, such as the white carpet of a friend’s home.

16. Photo Ornament

DIY photo Ornament options.

Create the perfect (and funniest) Christmas ornament so the recipient will have a reminder of you hanging on their tree all season long. Customize the ornament with funny photos, an inside joke, or anything else you’d like.

17. Stocking Full of Coal

Stocking overflowing with Christmas gifts

This unique gift is equal parts funny and personalized. Customize a Christmas stocking with a meaningful message or photos. Then fill that personalized stocking with a stack of stocking stuffers. But here’s the catch– Wrap the stocking stuffers in crumpled balls of newspaper, painted to look like coal.

18. Photo Book of Christmas Past

Make a photo book out of all the old Holiday photos you and your friend. It might give away the surprise once the open it, but they’re sure to appreciate the effort put into it. And they’ll definitely love the silly photos you’ve included.

Creative Secret Santa Ideas

Looking for an idea that’s a little more unique? If so, check out the create Secret Santa gift ideas below. From color-changing mugs to handmade soap, there’s plenty of DIY Christmas gifts to match the recipient. 

19. Christmas Cookie Apron

An apron that says "Whisk it Good."

Does the giftee love to bake or cook? Are they well known for their Christmas cookies? If so, consider creating a custom apron, just for them. Then fill the apron pocket with a set of small kitchen tools like a whisk, sprinkles, or cookie cutter shapes. 

20. Handmade Soap

Lavender soap pile and flower blossoms on white wooden background.

Using a few simple ingredients, this DIY project is easy enough to make, but sure to impress the recipient. Just pick their favorite holiday scent to add to a base of coconut oil, olive oil, water, and Lye. Then find something pretty to wrap it all up.

21. Christmas Cocktail Coasters

cheers glass coaster on display

Create a set of stylish Christmas cocktail coasters for a gift they’ll want to display for the rest of the party. Include their favorite holiday phrase or design, their name, or a cute photo of the two of you. Then pack it with a bottle of their favorite wine. 

22. Goodie Filled Food Container

A cute food container option.

Customize a food container with the recipient’s name. Then fill the container with plenty of baked goods, Holiday treats, or anything else you know they’d enjoy. Alternatively, wrap a gift card in various layers of wrapping and tape and place that inside the container. Then watch as the recipient takes extra time to get the gift open. 

23. Color Changing Mugs

A stack of cute mugs.

These color-changing mugs are as unique as they are fun to create. Simply add all your favorite photos of the recipient and a sweet holiday message. Then fill the mug with a hot chocolate kit and wrap it for the party.

24. Gift Card and Phone Card Holder

A phone card holder for a gift idea.

Customize a unique phone card holder for the gift recipient. Then, slip a gift card to a store you know they love. Not only is it an unexpected gift combination, but it’s one the giftee is guaranteed to appreciate and use. 

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