52 Long-Distance Relationship Gifts For Boyfriend

Because you can’t be together every day, a gift for your long-distance boyfriend should be personal, thoughtful and sentimental. So, whether you’re celebrating a birthday across the country, wishing him a happy anniversary from afar or looking for the perfect Christmas gift for him while you spend your holiday apart, consider gifts that remind him of you and the love you share.

From do-it-yourself gifts that show you care to products that are personalized to his unique style and interests, browse 52 long-distance relationship gifts for boyfriends that can all be customized especially for him. These gifts prove that while the miles may separate you, your hearts will always be together.

1. DIY Skyline Lantern

Using a mason jar, some black vinyl foil and a little creativity, you can make this clever little lantern to light up your long-distance boyfriend’s space and put a smile on his face. Use your own skyline, his cityscape or the outline of a place you visited together.

2. Modern Love Frame

Frame decorated with palm leaves.

Source: Shutterfly

This sentimental gift is completely customizable. The frame can be custom printed and personalized with the names of the happy couple. Design it in a pattern that matches his decor for a cohesive look.

3. Star Chart

Your love was written in the stars, so honor it as such. Order a star chart to signify the day and location you met. Order a pair so you can each have one and be reminded of your love each time you look at it.

4. Homemade Recipes

Do you have a dish you make that he loves? Send him the recipe so he can make it whenever he wants and think of you. It’s a great way to have a little piece of home.

5. Keeping Time

If you live in different time zones, a clock with two faces will keep you both reminded of each other. Set one to your time zone and the other to his. Buy a pair so you can each have one and always know what time it is for the other.

6. A Loving Note

You talk nearly every day and get together as often as possible. Still, long-distance relationships can be tough. To create a meaningful way to always be there in spirit, fill a jar with small notes of encouragement, expressions of love and inspirational quotes. He can pull one out and read it whenever he’s feeling blue.

7. Where The Heart Is

As the saying goes, home is where the heart is. If your heart is miles away with your long-distance love, a sweet and simple framed map makes a great gift for a boyfriend. On a map of his region, turn his city or town marker into a cute little heart and, either handwritten or using stickers, let him know your heart and home will always be with him.

8. Seeds Of Love

Send him a packet of seeds with a love note written on the site. Pair with a bag of soil and a pot so he can tend to them. He doesn’t have to have a green thumb to tend to an easy indoor plant and your love.

9. Blue Light Glasses

Traveling for work can be busy and stressful. Help alleviate any headaches with blue light filtering glasses. He’ll appreciate being able to work for longer stretches without wearing out his eyes.

10. Time Capsule

If your long distance status is temporary, create a time capsule to open when you’re reunited. It’s a great way to capture memories and reflect on how far you’ve both come.

11. Custom Socks

Custom socks.

Source: Shutterfly

It may sound simple, but custom socks with a fun image or saying on them is a great way to remind him of you, your pet or a fun time you’ve had together. Print an inside joke or quote to keep him cozy and laughing.

12. Every Day Of The Year

Wall calendar next to plant.

Source: Shutterfly

If you want your long-distance love to know you’re thinking of him every day of the year, create a custom calendar that’s printed with treasured photos, special sentiments and important dates or special events. Completely customizable and useful all year long, calendars make excellent Christmas gifts for a long-distance boyfriend.

13. Guys’ Night

His guy friends are an important part of his life. Coordinate with his friends to book a night of fun, either out at a restaurant or on the town. He’ll have lots of fun but wish you were there.

14. Cozy Pajamas

If he can’t cuddle with you, a pair of comfortable pajamas will have to do. Flannel is great for a colder climate and is a classic look for any man. Make a gift basket by pairing the pajamas with cozy slippers or moccasins.

15. The Big Game

Do you have a favorite team as a couple? If they’re coming to his city, be sure to get him tickets so he can experience the fun firsthand. If the game is broadcast, be sure to watch from home and keep an eye out for him in the crowd.

16. Insta-Collage Wall Art

Framed photo collage.

Source: Shutterfly

Gift your long-distance love with a gorgeous work of art to decorate his walls and remind him of you each time he admires it. This poster-sized collage is custom printed with your favorite Instagram-worthy square photographs to form a one-of-a-kind poster he’ll love to display.

17. 52 Things

Deck of cards with notes.

Source: Visual Heart

Here’s a sweet and romantic Valentine’s Day gift idea for a long-distance boyfriend. This do-it-yourself ring-bound booklet cleverly lists 52 things you love about your significant other on pages made from playing cards. He can easily flip to any page for a reminder that he’s loved.

18. Taste Of Home

Send him something special from his favorite bakery back home. Ship it overnight so that everything stays fresh and tasty.

19. LED Lamp Pair

A pair of LED lamps that sync up can make you feel much less far apart. Coordinate them to turn on for the other person when one of you touches it.

20. Movie Night

For your cinema-loving companion, buy him a ticket to a new movie at his favorite local theater. A giftcard so he can buy popcorn and classic candy will be appreciated as well.

21. Piece Of My Heart

Photo puzzle of happy couple and dog.

Source: Shutterfly

Craft a custom jigsaw puzzle with a picture of the two of you. To make it all the more meaningful, send him a piece at a time with a love note attached. See if he can figure out what the picture is before he gets all the pieces.

22. Love Faux-Ever

Love you metal letters.

Source: Craft Cuts

Vintage signage and upcycled antique letters are a popular trend in home decor, but finding the right message—at an affordable price—can sometimes be difficult. Luckily, it’s easy to say “I love you” with these DIY faux antique metal letters made with inexpensive wood cutouts, spray paint and a little elbow grease.

23. Meet In The Middle

If you’re missing each other a lot, plan a weekend to meet in the middle for a getaway visit. Plan out everything from travel and hotels to activities to optimize your time together. He’ll only need to think about enjoying time with you.

24. Little Something

If he mentions something he’s been wanting to get on your daily call, surprise him by having it shipped to him. It doesn’t have to be huge—a small gesture speaks volumes.

25. Fitness Challenge

Just because you’re not in the same place doesn’t mean you can’t be active together. Set a mutual fitness challenge or goal to keep you both moving. Working toward something together even when you’re far apart will keep you connected.

26. DIY Clay Cufflinks

Every man has at least one shirt that needs cufflinks. With that in mind, these super easy and fun to make polymer clay cufflinks make a great little accessory gift that will remind him of you each time he uses them.

27. Dinner Date

Date night takes a little creativity when you live far apart. Order his favorite takeout for him, as well as yours, and set a time to video chat. You can “eat dinner together” and catch up.

28. Pet Picture

He’s likely missing his dog or cat if he’s away for a long time. If you’re taking care of the fur baby while he’s away, make sure he has a picture to remind him of what’s waiting for him at home.

29. Love Notes

Show your long-distance love the many ways you care with a series of love notes tucked into the pages of an adorable handmade photo album. Celebrating your first anniversary? Write a sweet note for each of the 12 months you’ve been together. Then bundle them together with fun fabrics and photos stitched together to form an album.

30. Love Will Keep Us Together

The perfect gift for long-distance lovers within the same state, connect your cities with a thread on a wooden cutout of your state. It will help you feel like you’re not so far away from each other after all.

31. Reclaimed Wood Lamp

Geometric lamp.

Source: Doodlecraft

Clever and cool, this hip and rustic wood lamp is actually handmade using reclaimed wood and plastic coffee stirring straws wired together and spray painted gold. Do-it-yourself projects like this prove that great gifts don’t have to break the bank to be meaningful or functional—creativity and craftiness go a long way.

32. Morning Coffee

Everyone can use a boost in the morning. Be sure he’s ready for a productive day with a bag of his favorite beans, a French press and a mug.

33. T-shirt Quilt

Did the two of you go to college together? Take that collection of memorable t-shirts you have and sew them into a quilt. He’ll love to think back on the memories and feel like he has a piece of you with him at all times.

34. Letter Writing

It may be old fashioned, but writing letters is a sentimental and thoughtful way to show your love. Send him a letter for his birthday, your anniversary, an important work milestone or just because. Set a goal to write a certain number per year.

35. Handmade Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelet.

Source: Curly Made

Whether you’re looking for anniversary, birthday or Valentine’s gifts for him, a leather bracelet that’s been handmade by you makes a stylish gift he’ll be happy to wear. Use braided, flat or round leather cord to fashion a bracelet that will remind him of the one he loves every time he looks at his wrist.

36. Anatomical Heart Map

Showing how much he means to you from miles away can sometimes be difficult. But clever gifts, like this do-it-yourself heart map, speak volumes of sentiment without saying a word. Simply cut an anatomical heart shape out of a map of your boyfriend’s city and frame it for him. To make it even more special, frame the other section of the map for your own wall.

37. Vacation Reminder

Did you take a special trip together? Periodically send reminders, like a postcard you picked up or the receipt from your favorite meal on the trip. These sweet sentiments will have him looking forward to your next adventure together.

38. Mini Perfume

Do you have a signature scent that he loves? Send him a mini bottle of it so he can use his sense of smell to feel like you’re together even when you’re far apart.

39. Cookie Delivery

Work can be hard enough, but even harder when you’re away from the one you love. Send him a box of cookies at the office so he knows you’re thinking of him even on a regular workday.

40. Nightly Sports

For the boyfriend who loves to keep up with all the latest in sports, a subscription to a streaming service of his favorite networks will keep him in the loop. He’ll love coming home to watch the latest games.

41. DIY Pun Pie

Pumpkin pie.

Source: Studio DIY

Long-distance relationships are hardest when you can’t be together on special occasions. Add a little lighthearted fun to those holidays apart by sending your guy one of these funny, punny pies. He’ll appreciate the laughs just as much as the sweet treats.

42. Mason Jar Map Bank

Long-distance couples spend a lot of time planning and preparing for their next get together. A cute and clever way to save for future travel, a mason jar, a paper napkin map and decoupage come together to form a fun bank for saving coins.

43. Magazine Subscription

From food news to men’s lifestyle, a magazine subscription can keep him reading and keeping up with his favorite news stories. Set it on auto-renewal so he never goes without an issue.

44. Run It Out

Running is a great way to spend time together. If you’re running in separate cities, plan to run “together” by setting a time to hit the trail or pavement. You can touch base when you’re done to track your miles.

45. Housewarming

If he just moved to his new place, set him up with the essentials. A gift basket with basic cleaning supplies, snacks and a picture of the two of you will set his new home up for success.

46. A Piece Of Home

Hiking together is a great activity that can be missed when one of you lives far away. Hit your favorite trail and find a rock, leaf or bloom from along the path. Send it to him with a sweet note to remind him of what’s waiting for him.

47. Fresh Baked Beer Brownies

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, a batch of fresh-baked beer brownies will have him falling head over heels. Made with rich chocolate, creamy butter and dark coffee stout beer, these deliciously decadent brownies make a marvelous gift for guys that love beer. Ship packaged with dry ice so they’re perfectly ready to eat when they arrive.

48. Pallet Map Picture Frame

Here’s a clever photo frame that’s both fun to make and a perfect gift for your long-distance love. Using the end of an upcycled wood pallet and paper maps of both your cities, this frame makes a great anniversary gift for him when filled with photos of your fun times together.

49. Book Club

Reading is a great habit, and if you both love to crack open a good book, plan to read one “together.” Set page goals and plan to discuss weekly—even when you don’t share a bookshelf.

50. Work Backpack

Help him stay organized on his cross-country work trips with a new backpack. With compartments to hold his laptop, charging cords and other basics, he’ll be well-prepared for all of his business trips.

51. Concert Tickets

Do you have a favorite artist together? If they’re coming to his city, buy him a ticket so he can enjoy live music and think of your shared love.

52. Love Plant

If you have a plant in your home, cut a piece to replant so he can grow his own. It will make you feel closer together knowing that you’re tending to the same plant even when you’re far away.

Whatever gift you choose to give to your long-distance boyfriend, remember to make it meaningful and a reminder of the love you share. While distance may separate you, thoughtful small gifts that are personal and sentimental will always bring you closer together.