The 20 Best Mom Hacks for Organizing Life

Being a mom is like being a professional driver, activity liaison, educator, entertainer, chef, scheduling coordinator, and superhero all at the same time. Unfortunately, none of it comes with an instruction manual. So if you’re looking for a few new tricks to save time (and headaches), we have some great ideas just for you. Check out our top mom hacks below to help you be the best Supermom you can.

Top Mom Hacks

From mommy calling cards to a mobile “mess-up” kit, we’ve compiled all of our top mom hacks for you below.

1. School Gear Organization

School gear organization with a wall hook organizer.

Struggling to get the kids out the door in the morning? Make sure everything is lined up and ready to go with a custom wall hook organizer once you’ve herded the kids to the front door. It’s strong enough to hold backpacks, coats, and other supplies and helps make school mornings just a little bit easier.

2. Store Home Videos Safely

Close up of a young woman using a laptop at home to watch videos.

Since the popularization of smartphones, capturing home videos has never been easier. But we often don’t think about storing those videos somewhere safe where they won’t be lost or forgotten. Make sure your videos are preserved for years to come by uploading them to your Shutterfly account. We promise they’ll never be deleted. Check out our Upload Video page to get started.

3. Mommy Calling Cards

Mommy calling card examples.

Smoothly coordinate playdates with the use of mommy calling cards. These business cards for moms hold all your contact information to help you plan playdates, carpools, and more with other parents. You can also keep a few in your child’s backpack for emergencies.

4. Keep Track of School Milestones

a woman reading her free photo book

Make sure you keep track of your child’s most important milestones by regularly printing those special photos for safekeeping. By creating a free photo book a month, you can be sure that none of those memories will be lost and forgotten. Plus, we’ll send you push notifications to remind you when it’s time to make another book. And if you don’t have enough new photos or simply don’t need another book, you can skip the deal until you’re ready for a new one!

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5. Buy an Extra Teddy

Cute teddy bear from Shutterfly with t-Shirt.

Avoid the heartbreak of a lost stuffed animal by ordering multiple of the same teddy bear. Simply store the extra somewhere safe, ready to replace the original in case it gets misplaced or chewed up by the family dog.

6. Allergy Tag

Allergy Luggage Tag from Shutterfly.

If your child has severe allergies to food or medication, consider turning a personalized luggage tag into a medical alert. List any major allergies on the tag along with their photo, name, emergency instruction, and your contact information. Then simply attach the tag to their backpack.

7. Writing Supplies Storage

Using a mug as a pencil holder.

Keep your child’s space more organized by customizing a photo mug as a designated pencil/pen holder. Not only will it keep any writing utensils from rolling off the table, but it also contributes to the decor for your child’s room.

8. Chore Reminders

Mom hand holding adhesive note with Monday text.

Need help reminding the kids about chores or new routines? Use customized sticky notes in the bathroom, bedroom, and playroom to remind them what needs to get done. Whether it’s to get in the habit of personal hygiene or remind them how to put away certain toys, sticky notes can help provide instructions when you’re not there.

9. Clean/Dirty Magnets

Chore Reminder Magnets

Do the kids need help figuring out when to load and unload the dishwasher? Take the headache away from dirty dishes by introducing a magnet system. Simply customize a set of magnets with labels or directions to let the kids know exactly when the dishwasher is full of clean or dirty dishes.

10. Turn Kids Artwork into Gifts

Kids artwork example turned into a Mom Hack.

Is your kids’ artwork is piling up and taking up too much space, but you’d feel terrible getting rid of it? Just upload the art to your Shutterfly account and reprint it on photo books or other personalized gifts. Turning your kids’ artwork into gifts is a great way to save space without getting rid of their hard work.

11. Use Aprons for Craft Time

Cute little Girl's apron.

Every mom knows just how messy crafting can get. Paint is a danger to the house, and you swear glitter is your worst enemy. But by keeping a set of kids aprons just for craft time can help make sure that their outfits stay clean.

12. Photo Organization

Mom Organizes family photos.

One of the hazards of being a modern mom is having hundreds or thousands of digital photos on your computer and phone. Organizing those photos might seem like a daunting task. But by uploading photos to Shutterfly, you can easily organize, store, and print them. The best part? You get unlimited storage and we promise to never delete them.

13. Kids Case in Purse


Custom pencil case with #Essentials.

Are you constantly digging around your purse for kids’ supplies such as snacks, tissues, markers, and more? If so, you may feel like your favorite purses have become over-cluttered and disorganized. So here’s a simple life hack for moms: include designated pencil case or pouch for just the kids’ stuff.

14. School Lunch Prep

Cute lunch box ideas for back to school.

Making a school lunch every day can feel repetitive and time-consuming. But with these out of the box school lunch ideas, you can make sure that your kid is always excited to open their lunch box. Additionally, planning helps you cut down on food prep time.

15. Buy Gifts in Advance

Mother and son embracing and receiving gifts.

Buying gifts in advance of holidays and birthdays help ensure that you’re not scrambling at the last minute for a present. And if you buy the gifts during promotions or sales, you’re saving money in the long run. Check out our special offers for gift ideas that won’t break the bank.

16. Keep a Written Schedule

Mom Hacks with keeping a written schedule on notepads.

Written schedule help keep your day and the kids’ routines on track. Maintaining that schedule is proven to help cut down on frustration and planning headaches. For help organizing your schedule, consider buying a personalized notepad with space or appointments, notes, and a grocery list.

17. Creating a Calm First Day of School

A calm morning before school.

If your child is prone to separation anxiety or if the first day of school is often a struggle you may be looking for ways to help ease them into the school routine. Our mom hack? Create a positive first day of school experience by starting the morning on a relaxing note. Before getting out of bed to start the day, read them a personalized story book and walk them through what to expect and what to be excited about at school.

18. Mobile Mess-up Kit

Mobile Mess up kit with overnight bag.

For all those “oops” moments, have a mess-up kit ready in your car. Fill an overnight bag with stain remover, a change of clothes, snacks, water, disinfectant wipes, flashlights, and disposable trash bags. Then store the bag in the back of your car so you’ll be ready for anything life (or your kid) throws at you.

19. Use Stickers to Label Meals

Leftovers in a refrigerator with blank tape for copy.

If you often find yourself unsure of expiration dates of groceries or pre-made meals, use stickers to mark the purchase or prepared date. This is also a great idea for meal prep throughout the week, especially if you do most of your bulk cooking in one day.

20. Don’t Forget Your Coffee!

A coffee to go for a mom.

And for what might be our most important mom hack: stay caffeinated! Get ready to take on the day by having your favorite tea or coffee as ready to go as you are. Our custom travel mugs are well insulated and personalized with all your favorite photos.

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