50 Adorable Baby Gifts For Boys

Whether you’re preparing for the baby shower or getting ready to meet the little guy, a gift to celebrate the new life will be cherished and appreciated. Even a small gift goes a long way to show support for the growing family. Whether you are shopping for the best baby shower gifts or gifts for after the baby boy is born, these adorable baby gifts for boys are perfect for any time.

There are many options for personalized gifts for baby boys, from a DIY baby shower gift basket to quilted blankets and nursery decor. To help you welcome the new little one into the world, we’ve put together 50 baby gifts for boys—and they’re not all blue. No matter the season or style, there’s something here for everyone.

1. Name Plaque

baby gifts boys name plaque

Source: Shutterfly

Looking for newborn gift ideas? Personalize the nursery with a one-of-a-kind name plaque. The parents can hang it above the crib, changing table or dresser for a special touch they’ll enjoy seeing every day.

2. Baby Bow Tie

baby gifts boys baby bow tie

Source: Lacey Placey

Get the new baby ready for fancy outings and events with a no-sew DIY bow tie. The parents can clip the tie to any shirt to make baby boy look extra spiffy.

3. Personalized Bean Bag

baby gifts boys personalized beanie

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Even though baby won’t be sitting up for a few months, a custom bean bag makes for a great addition to the nursery. The parents can lounge sitting on the bean bag chair while they play with baby on the floor, and the little one can sit in it for photos.

4. Baby Cardigan

Knit a warm, soft cardigan out of monochromatic tones, like blues and grays. Accent the design with buttons and cabling. The parents will love keeping baby cozy in this classic get-up.

5. Personalized Towel

baby gifts boys personalized towel

Source: Shutterfly

Make bath time more fun with a personalized towel. Include a design that matches their nursery theme, like woodland animals or butterflies. Print their name on the towel for a truly special touch.

6. Handmade Bib

Make bibs for the babe out of quilting cotton or laminated fabric. Add style with appliqué pieces in the design of a bear, deer or raccoon. With the number of bibs that babies go through, parents always appreciate having these in stock.

7. Custom Step Stool

baby gifts boys step stool

Source: Shutterfly

Whether they’re reaching for the cereal or to brush their teeth, a step stool can help them learn and interact with the world. Customize a special one for the little guy with their name and an inspiring design like a mountain or bicycle.

8. Crochet Mittens

Keep the little one’s hands warm in the cooler months with crocheted mittens. Add a row of a second color for a stylish accent to these classic yarn cuties.

9. Art Print

baby gifts boys adventure awaits

Source: Shutterfly

When the home is filled with beautiful, personal decor, the heart is happier. Create a timeless piece for the growing family by framing a photo. You can even add an inspirational phrase like “Adventure awaits” or “Home is Family.”

10. Nautical Washcloth

baby gifts boys nautical knit washcloth

Source: Leelee Knits

Choose nautical designs, like anchors and starfishes, to crochet into washcloths. Opt for beach-like colors, such as sandy yellow and pale blue, to represent the water’s edge. These handy washcloths can be used for bath time and cleaning spit up.

11. Christmas Ornament

baby gifts boys christmas ornament

Source: Shutterfly

Make that first Christmas even more special with a custom ornament. Find a baby photo, then select an ornament design. As baby grows, he’ll love hanging this on the tree year after year.

12. Framed Art Print

baby gifts boys adventure wall print

Source: Fox + Hazel

Looking for unique gifts for baby boys? Consider a framed print with an inspiring word or phrase, like “adventure” or “be curious.” The artwork can be hung in the nursery above their crib or changing table.

13. Unique Plate

baby gifts boys letter plate

Source: Shutterfly

Personalize a plate with favorite photos and words. This dishwasher-safe plate can double as nursery decor before the baby is eating solids. Once baby is enjoying solid foods, the plate can offer a practical way to get the little one to eat more.

14. Durable Baby Washcloth

Adhere cute patterned fabric to a cotton knit sweater for a sturdy, super-absorbent washcloth. Rather than being worn out after a few uses, these washcloths will stand the test of time.

15. Teddy Bear

baby gifts boys teddy bear

Source: Shutterfly

Add a comfy friend to baby’s nursery with a personalized teddy bear. Imprint an inspiring phrase, photo or custom message on the bear’s shirt. This treasured gift is bound to get plenty of snuggles.

16. Play Gym

For the first year of life, playing on the ground is key to motor and sensory development. Build a play gym out of wood, beads and spray paint. Aim for a neutral color scheme, like brown, white and black, to blend in with most home decor.

17. Photo Book

baby gifts boys photo book

Source: Shutterfly

Fill the pages of a photo book with important memories. From candids with grandparents to professional portraits, the love in this gift will touch their hearts. Design your own pages, or use the Make My Book service.

18. Quilted Play Mat

Perfect for the nursery or living room, this quilted play mat gives baby space to roam and practice tummy time. Find a fabric with a cheerful pattern, like cactuses or zebras, then add cotton batting between the layers of fabric for extra comfort.

19. Fun Placemat

baby gifts boys photo placemat

Source: Shutterfly

Design a fun, personalized space for baby to sample his first foods. Embed family photos onto a placemat that can be used with a high chair or at the table. The parents will love how easy a placemat is to clean up!

20. DIY Play Tent

Build a simple tent out of wood and fabric. Great for playing or tummy time, this tent will be enjoyed for years to come. Baby can lounge while being protected from the sun.

21. Baby Blanket

baby gifts boys personalized baby blanket

Source: Shutterfly

Customize a blanket to match the little one’s personality or nursery. Choose a photo, like one of their newborn shots, to embed on the fabric. With this gift, they can cuddle, play and have fun with their parents.

22. DIY Stamped Sweatshirt

baby gifts boys stamped sweater

Source: Maiden Mag

Turn a solid-colored sweatshirt into a favorite piece of clothing. Choose a stamp, like one of a raccoon or fox, and print it all over the shirt. Create a couple of shirts as gifts for twin baby boys.

23. Personalized Storybook

baby gifts boys cstom storybook

Source: Shutterfly

Engage the little one by making them the main character. Design a personalized book with their name and photo. Not only is this a gift they’ll enjoy, it’ll become a true keepsake.

24. Hand-Selected Decor

If you’re in the market for personalized gifts for baby boys, look no further. This wood pallet wall display can be customized based on the nursery theme. Include pieces like binoculars, deer mounts and name boards for decor that’s bound to be a conversation starter.

25. Photo Night Light

baby gifts boys photo night light

Source: Shutterfly

Make bedtime easier for the parents. A customized night light, like one with a photo, will illuminate enough of the room without waking baby.

26. Lion Nursery Decor

For a zoo or animal-themed nursery, add a roaring roommate. Sew a lion face to a wicker placemat, complete with ears. The lion can hang on the wall or rest on a shelf.

27. Custom Pillow

baby gifts boys custom pillow

Source: Shutterfly

Complement the nursery or playroom with a personalized pillow for the little one. Choose favorite photos, names or quotes to embed on the front. This comfy addition gives any space a loving touch.

28. Knitted Baby Socks

baby gifts boys knitted baby socks

Source: Mohu

Keep baby’s toes warm and cozy with knitted booties. Create a few in various colors, so he has a pair for every outfit. Great for a baby born in the cooler months, these will become well-loved items.

29. Painted Wood Decor

Transform a wood slice into a custom piece that baby can use for monthly photos and nursery decor. Paint their name on the front in a fun color like blue or green. Parents with a rustic or outdoorsy style will appreciate this special memento.

30. DIY Baby Shirt

The best newborn baby gift ideas are often simple yet adorable. Iron a vinyl star or heart onto a t-shirt or onesie for a cute graphic outfit that will see plenty of use.

31. Crochet Toy

baby gifts boys crochet toy sheep

Source: Yarnhild

Soft and snuggly toys are a baby’s best friends. Follow a crochet pattern to create ragdoll animals, like a lamb or puppy. This simple crochet pattern is quick to make with single crochet and bobble stitch techniques.

32. Button Artwork

Here’s a novel way to repurpose the random buttons you may have collected over the years. Gather together similar-colored buttons, then arrange them in a shape like an elephant or bunny. Sew the buttons to canvas then frame the artwork for cute nursery wall decor.

33. Quilted Burp Cloth

Parents can never have too many burp cloths! Add to their collection by quilting fabric and terry toweling together. These burp cloths will become a favorite, as they’re super-absorbent and cute.

34. Bunny Onesie

Looking for baby shower gifts that will get some oohs and aahs? Attach a pom-pom to a onesie to represent a fluffy bunny tail. Great for a springtime baby, this onesie will get everyone hopping.

35. Clever Onesies

Turn a simple onesie into an adorable outfit by transferring a vinyl design onto the fabric. Choose a catchy phrase like “Lookin’ sharp” or “Taco ’bout cute” with a matching image.

36. DIY Crib Mobile

Build a mobile for the nursery using a wood slice as the base. Secure twine to the base with hooks, then add any decals you want, like fish, foxes or bears.

37. Stenciled Outfit

Imprint a design, like flamingos near the water, on a white t-shirt or onesie. These personalized designs will make for fun outfits that the parents know you took time to create special for their little one.

38. Handmade Baby Blankets

A patterned fleece blanket makes for a super comfortable place for baby to roam, play and lounge. Choose designs for a baby boy that are fun and uplifting, like hot air balloons or animals. Parents can never have too many blankets for home, travel and days at the park.

39. Nursery Sign

Baby shower gifts can be new mom gifts, too. This nursery sign, with a fun phrase about mamas, will warm her heart and bring extra personality to the home.

40. Stuffed Dinosaur

Looking for DIY gifts that are easy to make? Sew a stuffed dinosaur with ruffles down its back. This comfy friend is the right size for babies, and is super cute, too.

41. Book Ledges

Create sleek, modern book ledges for the baby’s nursery. Glue together wooden boards before painting them in a solid color like white or blue. Complete the gift by offering to install the shelves, or share your favorite storybooks.

42. Crochet Baby Hat

The best baby gifts for boys have a personal touch, like the ones that are handmade. Follow a crochet pattern to create a warm, cozy hat. Choose neutral colors of yarn, like white and tan, to complement multiple outfits. Every time the parents put this on, they’ll think of you.

43. Pom-Pom Hat

Crochet a hat for the new baby out of acrylic yarn. Add a pom-pom to the top for style and personality. The new parents will appreciate slipping on this cute accessory during the cooler months.

44. Woodland Crib Mobile

baby gifts boys wooden crib mobile

Source: Ceci Bean

Construct a mobile out of an embroidery hoop, bead cord and wood cutouts. Choose woodland animals, like deer and foxes, that will soothe and entertain the little one.

45. Pacifier Strap

Repurpose an old t-shirt into a handy pacifier strap. Rather than letting the pacifier hit the floor, this cord attaches one end to the baby’s clothing. Create a few of these little game-changers so the parents never have to go without.

46. Personalized Pillow

Add a personal touch to the nursery with a custom pillow. Cut letters out of felt, then sew the baby’s first or last name onto a pillow cover. The best part: the new guy can enjoy this gift for many years to come.

47. Octopus Wall Art

Great for crafting beginners, this easy DIY wall art is cute and fun for a nautical nursery. Draw an octopus outline onto a canvas, then fill it with paint. Decorate with buttons for the eyes and tentacles for a playful piece that’s bound to become a favorite.

48. Inspirational Sign

Make a wooden sign out of a fence picket to hang above the little boy’s door. Pencil on the lettering of an uplifting quote or phrase before painting over it. Add stars, moons or hearts to complete the design.

49. Feather Mobile

This DIY project only costs a couple of dollars and takes a few minutes to make. Tie together colored feathers and attach them to wooden dowels for a crib mobile. Keep the feathers the same color or create a rainbow effect.

50. Stenciled Canvas Art

baby gifts boys stencil canvases

Source: Vikal Pah

Simple canvas art can brighten a nursery or playroom. Paint blank canvases in background colors like orange and yellow, then stencil on designs like airplanes and boats for decor that looks professional, even if it’s made by an amateur artist.

By celebrating the new addition to someone’s family, you’re showing your love and support. And with a personalized gift, like a canvas print or night light, the extra thoughtfulness will certainly touch their hearts.