How to Capture Your Staycation & Weekend Getaways

Capture your favorite moments from your staycation and weekend getaways with these fantastic personalized photo books and custom gifts.

Plan fun and relaxing staycations and weekend getaways with these tips and tricks for the best use of your time off. Take some time to immerse yourself in the activities you planned for your vacation and capture the special moments with pictures and videos that let you relive the wonderful memories. Embrace your staycation and weekend getaway memories in a personalized photo book so you can reminisce anytime you are in need of a getaway. Learn more tips for planning the perfect trip or time off at home as well as more ideas for using your photos creatively.

What Is A Staycation?

A staycation is a vacation that is spent at home rather than going to a new city, state, or country. You can spend a staycation in your home city or home state by sightseeing all the local attractions that you never got to experience before. You can also choose to stay in your own home during a staycation or make things a little fancier by booking a hotel room for you to enjoy a mini vacation. Depending on where you choose to go for your staycation, there are many benefits and unforgettable experiences that will create lasting memories.

little kids in fort at home for a staycation

Benefits of Staycations

  • Cost-Effective: Staycations are a cost-effective way to have a fun and exciting vacations that won’t break the bank in budget costs. 
  • Low Transportation Costs: With staycations, transportation expenses are fairly low, consisting of gas for the car, rental car – if needed, and domestic airplane tickets. 
  • Helping Local Economy: Choosing a staycation will expose you to local shops, restaurants, and small B&B hotels that can increase the local revenue and economy of your town. 
  • Limited Time Off Work: Staycations can be as long or as short as you’d like, and some can even be done over the weekend if travel is minimal. 
  • Easy To Plan: Since staycations don’t require obtaining visas or travel documents, planning a staycation will give you less stress and more time to explore all the places you want to see. Since most people plan staycations around the area they live in, they know all the places they want to visit and have a general idea of their staycation plans already. 
  • More Vacation Time: Oftentimes, vacation time is taken up by the long travel times to get to the ending destination. During staycations, travel time is typically short which leaves more time to have fun exploring and less time in the car or plane.

Staycation Ideas

Convinced a staycation is the perfect getaway for you? Here are some great staycation ideas that are perfect for solo travelers or families of all sizes. These staycation ideas are creative and give you an opportunity to explore places you’ve never been to before.

Staycation in nature with family taking a hike together

Tour Your Own City

Be a tourist in your own city and explore all your city has to offer. Most people can agree they haven’t been around their city as much as they thought when friends visit and ask them what are the best places to visit. Take this time to explore the tourist attractions that you’ve always suggested to your friends but never took the time to see yourself. Capture the beauty of the city you live in with beautiful canvas pictures of local landmarks to decorate around your home or office. 

San francisco golden gate bridge in a hanging canvas print for staycation

Spend Time In Nature

Take a breath of fresh air at a local park or take a hike to fully relax during your staycation. After all the stress of our normal lives, a fantastic way to destress is to surround yourself with an environment that doesn’t have any computers, cell phones, or emails. Consider taking a trip to a national park in your state or a lake you’ve never been to before and fully immerse yourself in the wonderful nature you’re surrounded by. Capture your beautiful surroundings by writing in a personalized notebook to remember the amazing staycation you’re having. 

Spa Day At Home

Want the spa experience but not the spa prices? Consider having an at-home spa day to fully pamper yourself and give you the best staycation experience ever. Give yourself and the people you’re doing your staycation with fun facials and relaxing massages to fully embrace the spa experience. Sip lemon and cucumber-infused water from customized drinkware and relax to soothing spa music while you enjoy your spa staycation. 

Glassware in mason jar, beer can coolers, beer pints and steam less wine glasses

Backyard Camping

Do something you’ve never done before and have a full-on camping experience right in your back yard. Pitch a tent, roast marshmallows on an open fire, and drink hot chocolate from custom ceramic mugs while you stare up at the stars. Backyard camping gives you the experience of camping but with all the amenities and resources of your home, which is perfect for any camping novice. 

Cuddling Up A Home

Stay at home and designate time for yourself to fully relax on your staycation. Some at-home activities include snuggling up in a warm, fluffy personalized fleece blanket with a book you’ve been wanting to read, or have an at-home film festival with your favorite movies. In addition, you could throw an indoor picnic or a tea party at home for an experience you don’t get to do often. Staycations allow you to do different activities that you don’t get to do on a regular basis and make you feel more relaxed and comfortable during your staycation time. 

Fuzzy fleece blanket to snuggle up with during cold days

Visiting Your Local Farmers Market

Explore the local produce that is grown and sold at your local farmers’ market, and cook a delicious meal with all the foods you purchased. You can find some great finds at a farmer’s market, and the foods you cook will taste healthier and more nutritious than ever. Buy locally made cheeses and locally grown fruits and vegetables to make a charcuterie board with your personalized cutting board, and enjoy your staycation time with the delicious treats. 

How To Capture Your Staycation

Capture these staycation memories with a personalized photo book to reminisce over the wonderful moments spent on your staycation. Whether you take your staycation photos on your phone or on a camera, let your staycation photos see the light of day with different photobook layouts and designs that would look great. A memorable photo book is a perfect way to display all the photos you’ve taken on your staycation and relive all the great memories you made during your trip.

Photo books to start the year with different layouts and sizes

What is a Weekend Getaway?

A weekend getaway is best described as a short holiday somewhere after a long work week. Weekend getaways are great for people who have the weekend to spare and go somewhere relaxing to de-stress after a hectic work week. Typically, weekend getaways are two days and one night but some push their weekend getaways to be a little longer if time allows.

Weekend getaway ideas along the pool side watching the sun set between palm trees

Weekend Getaway Ideas

Need some ideas on where to go during your weekend getaway? Here are some great ideas that will make perfect weekend getaway trips. Relax and unwind after a stressful work week with these weekend getaway ideas.

Weekend Camping Trip

Go on a weekend camping trip with your loved ones and create memories that will last a lifetime. Consider booking a private camping site or a luxurious glamping site that will enhance your camping experience. Be sure to warm your toes during your camping trip with custom picture socks to commemorate your camping trip and keep as a reminder of your weekend getaway. 

Short Road Trip

Pick a destination perfect for a short road trip and stay the night to best utilize your weekend getaway. Pick a place that you’ve been wanting to visit and find a small bed and breakfast inn or fancy hotel to stay the night and wake up rejuvenated to start the day exploring. You can choose from different cities and towns within your state, from small quaint towns to large cities. Pick out the best weekend that works for your short road trip and note all your plans down on your personalized calendar so you have enough time to do all the things you want to do during this weekend getaway. 

Custom wall calendars personalized with photos

Book A Vacation Home

Book yourself and your getaway members a private vacation home to fully get the getaway experience. Consider booking a vacation home with amenities you don’t have in your own home, such as a pool, theater room, large backyard space, game room and more. The time you’ve spent during your getaway adventure will be stress free and relaxing. Remember to capture all the memories you make on the vacation with photos and videos so you can look back on the amazing times. Take your photos and create custom pillows to give your home a vacation feel once you return.

Winter Escapes 

Walk through a winter wonderland for your weekend getaway and embrace the fresh snow, hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows in your winter escape. Your weekend getaway can include fun and exciting activities such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding and other winter sports. In addition, you can take this time to take amazing pictures for any holiday, Christmas, or season’s greetings cards you may want to send out that year. The natural winter theme in the background of your photos will look great on any holiday card you choose to send out to your loved ones.

Christmas cards for businesses with different variety and sizes to choose from

Capturing Your Weekend Getaway

Weekend getaways can be short on time, but creating lasting memories just takes a few minutes. Capture your weekend getaway by utilizing Shutterfly’s quick and easy instant books to remind yourself of the amazing time you had during your weekend getaway. These easy instant books are fantastic to individually capture different weekend getaway trips you’ve had with a 6X6 hard cover book. Use these instant books to capture any memories that make your family unique and any special moment that you’ll want to remember with a beautiful instant book.

Instant photo books for the seasons and holidays

Wrapping Up

Take an escape from your busy hectic life to take a rejuvenating staycation or weekend getaway. Use these moments to capture all the magic and memories you’ve created to make personalized photo books, customized wall art and home decor and personalized gifts for you and your loved ones to treasure.

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