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Yellow Stickers

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What customers have to say about our Stickers

February 4, 2018

Good Quality, Good Looking

"I love these Christmas gift tags!"

February 3, 2018

Special Stickers!

"I just adore the stickers! Great Quality! Such Fun!"

February 2, 2018

Hey, it's Grandma and Pop-Pop!

"I love sending cards, and the kids love getting them. Instead of writing our names in the cards, a sticker says it all! A picture is worth a thousand words..."

February 1, 2018

perfect little stickers

"I made these as "Happy Valentine's Day" stickers with my sons picture on it. I had my son put them on all the candy heart boxes we gave to all his teachers. Great quality stickers, perfect for little hands too. I love how it takes a simple gift and makes it personal, and with his picture on the sticker everyone knows who its from without having to put his name on it. I've used other stickers from shutterfly for xmas and other holidays to attach on gifts."

January 29, 2018


"I started use it for thanks card on my birthday party!"

Create Bright, Colorful Yellow Stickers

When you’re sending out cards, invitations, and letters to family and friends, you might feel as if you want to add a little something “extra.” How do you pick something with just the right touch of elegance, fun or whimsy? Shutterfly has the perfect solution with customizable yellow stickers. They’re easy to personalize, arrive at your home within days and impart a detail to your outgoing mail that represents your personality.

Simple Designing With Stunning Templates

Have you ever looked at a personalized invitation, custom wall print or unique sticker and wondered how it was made or thought there was no way you could create something that professional-looking and beautiful? The good news is that when you choose custom products from Shutterfly, the design and personalization process is easy. Add photos, change colors or modify fonts in just a few easy steps. Upload pics of your own treasured memories with our straightforward interface, or pick photos from thousands of unique and varied images from our art library. Once you’re done, you have a collection of yellow stickers ready for any project you tackle.

Fun Ideas for Your Custom Stickers

Although green, red, blue and white are traditional holiday colors, the right shade of yellow recalls the gold trimming on Christmas trees and the customary gold gifts given by the Magi in the Christmas story. Take your holiday party invitations to the next level by adding a rich yellow sticker to the back of the envelope, or include one on your outer packaging when readying your Christmas cookie gifts. If you send out Thanksgiving cards, use the traditional autumn color palette as inspiration to make your own cards and decorative stickers.

The holidays call for all kinds of creative bonus elements when it comes to gifts, cards, decorations, and parties. For every season of the year or special project you’re working on, we have millions of customizable items for a look and feel that’s all yours.

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Sealed with a smile. These stickers are a great way to add a personalized touch to your greetings.
Sealed with a smile. These stickers are a great way to add a personalized touch to your greetings.
Sealed with a smile. These stickers are a great way to add a personalized touch to your greetings.