Custom Greeting Cards for Every Occasion

Shutterfly greeting cards are a great way to spread joy and good wishes to family and friends throughout the year. Whether you need something thoughtful for somebody’s birthday, a festive card for the Christmas season, or even a thinking of you card to remind someone special in your life that they are on your mind, Shutterfly has many greeting cards ideas to suit any person, occasion, or event. If you are looking for custom greeting cards that are personal to you, you have come to the right place.

Personalized Greeting Card Ideas

Personalize versatile, stunning greeting cards that match your personality, so the recipient knows it’s from you straight away. With our custom card options, you can show off your style and ensure everybody knows you are thinking about them on their birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays. Whether you are looking for Christmas cards, Valentine’s Day cards, or something more specific for your loved ones, Shutterfly has plenty of customization opportunities and design templates to help you get started. With our help, you can send thoughtful messages to your family and friends in a stylish manner that is easy to create. All you need to do is create an account and get started.

Assorted Greeting Cards for Special Occasions

As the world becomes more and more digital, people receive fewer greeting cards in the mail than they would have done in the past, it’s nice to send and receive cards from your closest friends and family. As such, Shutterfly greeting cards can take on an extra special meaning. We’ll even send those cards out for you, straight to the recipient, in time for their birthday or a specific holiday. In addition, we have personalized greeting card options for any occasion, including birthday cards (and birthday party invitations), Christmas cards, Valentine’s Day cards, wedding invitations (including premium wedding cards), Thanksgiving cards, Halloween cards, graduation announcements, and many more. Choose Shutterfly for greeting cards that make important events even more unique, then personalize them to show off your individuality and let everybody know how much you care. Whatever the occasion, we’ve got you covered.

Birthday party invitations with different styles and templates and designs

Birthday Cards

We have plenty of birthday cards and, as well, birthday invitations, all of which can be customized to suit the recipient. We have designs available for boys and girls or in neutral designs if you are buying in bulk for several friends. Speaking of which, you can order up to 1000 cards from Shutterfly at a discount price. If you order one birthday card, we can send it directly to the recipient, ready in time for their birthday. Choose whether you want folded cardstock or pearl shimmer cardstock, and select your preferred trim for added individuality. Whoever is turning one year older, make their birthday one to remember with a one-of-a-kind birthday card.

Wedding Congratulations Cards

A wedding is one of the most memorable days in somebody’s life; why not make it even more memorable with a personalized wedding congratulations card. First, choose whether you want a flat or folded design, then select your preferred cardstock. Next, customize your personalized wedding card with numerous photos from your My Photos page. We have many classic, modern, and vintage templates to help you get started. Simply choose a layout and go crazy with the customization process. Add custom text and a heartfelt message for the lucky couple, then make sure you dress to impress and help your loved-up friends enjoy their day in style.

Holiday Cards

When December approaches, you want to be prepared with a selection of holiday cards. We have many seasonal designs to choose from for people of all faiths and denominations. Choose between numerous formats, including flat, gatefold, tri-fold, and folded. Our holiday cards are available in four different sizes depending on the design you choose. If you want to get really creative, upload your own design and order in bulk to show off to your friends. So whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or just the holiday period in general, be prepared with one of our unique greeting card designs.

Thanksgiving Cards

When you see your family this Thanksgiving, make sure you have some personalized Thanksgiving cards to start the day off right. We have five Thanksgiving card sizes available, either in classic or contemporary design. Customize your card with various colors from our Custom Color Palette and a special message of thanks for your loved ones. You can order one or many cards, depending on the number of your family and circle of friends, but if you don’t give them all out, you can save some for next year. Then, choose your trim to put the final touches on your unique Thanksgiving greeting card design.

Easter Cards

If you are celebrating Easter with your family, you may want to mark the occasion with one of our personalized Easter cards. There are plenty of design options (whimsy, rustic, contemporary, and more) and even personalized foil card options if you are looking for an extra special way to celebrate this Easter. Choose between three different cardstocks depending on your personal preference and order as many Easter cards as you need. Personalize your cards with photos, text, or anything else you’d like to include in a custom Easter card for your loved ones.

Three happy Easter cards for an Easter Sunday party with baskets and Easter eggs

Mother’s Day Cards and Father’s Day Cards

When Mother’s Day and Father’s Day rolls around, you’ll need to make sure you head to Shutterfly to purchase a custom Mother’s Day card or Father’s Day card (including funny Father’s Day cards). When you put extra thought into a card, you let your parents know just how much they mean to you. We have plenty of designs available that’ll suit any mom or dad, regardless of their taste. However, if your parents are particularly difficult to buy for, you could always create your own design from scratch. Select your trim, style, and add a thoughtful message that lets your parents know they rock.

Valentine’s Day Cards

We have an enormous selection of Valentine’s Day card templates available to browse on our online site. Choose between six sizes to create the ultimate Valentine’s Day card for the person you love, or even purchase a card as part of a mix and match stationery set if you want to buy a few Shutterfly items for your partner this February. Add your own photos to your Valentine’s Day card to remind your partner of some of your most treasured memories, then leave them an adorable message that makes them feel like one of the luckiest people in the world. Whether you create your own design or use one of our templates, Shutterfly makes designing greeting cards easy and straightforward.

Halloween Cards

If you are one of those people who think Halloween is the best annual holiday, you’ll love our collection of custom Halloween cards. First, customize your card with one or several photos from your Shutterfly photo albums to create a chilling collage full of Halloween snaps from previous years, then customize your design further with a spooky yet good-natured message. We have plenty of designs and sizes to choose from, so don’t be afraid to get creative. You can also upload your own design if you have a terrifyingly good idea for your own Halloween card. Then, when October comes round, make sure you’ve picked up some Shutterfly Halloween cards to go with your fancy dress outfit.

St. Patrick’s Day Cards

Before you eat, drink, and sing your heart out this St. Patrick’s Day, make sure you head over to our St. Patrick’s Day card selection and design an awesome Paddy’s Day card for anybody coming to your get-together. You can also craft a St. Patrick’s Day party invitation. We have many Irish-themed designs, wishing good luck and good cheer to all your friends and family. Add photos of yourself, your family, the kids, or even the dog dressed as a leprechaun to get people excited for this year’s festivities—order as many cards as you require in the size that suits you best.

Cards for Everyday Occasions

Shutterfly has greeting cards and not just for annual holidays and seasonal greetings; you can also get cards for less common occasions or just to say something nice to somebody. We have cards that can be left blank so that you can customize them yourself for a less-common reason. We also have greeting cards to say thank you, offer sympathies, or let somebody know you are thinking about them.

Thank You Cards

You can buy thank you cards for any reason. If you are finishing school for the year and want to say something nice to your teacher; if somebody helps you move to a new house; if you spend time in the hospital and want to get something for the doctors and nurses who looked after you. Whatever your reason for saying thank you, do so with one of our custom thank you cards. Some cards are available with double-thick cardstock for additional quality, while others come complete with a curated design from our Art Library. Add photos and a personal message to make your thank you seem even more genuine.

Three Shutterfly wedding thank you cards with goid foil lettering and photos

Thinking of You Cards

If you simply want to let somebody know that you are thinking of them, pick up one of our custom thinking of you cards. If a friend or family member is going through a tough time or you just want to let them know they are near and dear to your heart, one of these designs should suit you down to the ground. We have thinking of you cards with square edges, round edges, and many design possibilities. You can customize your thinking of you card with photos to pick somebody up or a message to let them know they are in your thoughts. Check out our designs and create your perfect thinking of you card today.

Losing a loved one is a difficult time for anybody, but you can extend your sympathies in a touching and tasteful way with one of our personalized sympathy cards. These elegant designs are an excellent way to let somebody know that you are there for them at a sad time in their life. Choose from various trim and size options, then select whether you want a flat or folded card design. We have cards to offer condolences and Memoriam cards, both of which come in sensitive designs. Customize your card for the bereaved or the person who has passed, then include a photo or text to offer your genuine sympathies.

Create Your Own Greeting Cards

One of the biggest perks about shopping with Shutterfly is that you can create your own greeting cards from scratch. From holiday greetings to weddings, we can provide any greeting cards you require – even better, you can design them in whatever way you like. We have plenty of design options for you to check out, all of which can be customized with photos, text, and other embellishments. Alternatively, you can start from the ground up and make a greeting card entirely your own and completely one-of-a-kind. No matter how you choose to customize these cards, they’ll have your personal touch all over them.

How to Make Custom Greeting Cards

When creating a Shutterfly greeting card, the first thing you need to do is head over to our greeting card section. Start by browsing our wide selection of templates, themes, and layouts. Whatever the occasion or event, you’ll find a template on our listings to match. You can then add your own personal designs to create something unique to your loved ones and bound to make them feel special.

Our design tools let you create greeting cards with an individual flair. For one, you can make your greeting card look particularly different with our selection of finishes and trims. Once you’ve chosen a card design, add your own photos, personal text, and other embellishments. You can also customize the background and color with our Custom Color Palette to suit the recipient’s taste. In addition, if you are a creative talent, you may wish to upload a greeting card design that you’ve made yourself; a fantastic option if you want to create a truly thoughtful card. These cards are printed on top-quality photo cards that let your card shine even more.