Top 10 Unique Gifts for Kids

Looking for some great presents for your kids? Look no further than this excellent list of presents that will surely put a smile on any child’s face.

Show your children they were on the good list this year with these fantastic personalized gifts that will make any child happy. These gifts are kid friendly and will encourage bonding time with the whole family, all the while reducing screen time from the TV and computer. These unique kid’s gifts are great for any child who is a  budding artist, passionate baker or cook, and aspiring writer.

From fun games to every day personalized items, this list of unique gifts will make any kid jump for joy when they open their Christmas or holiday gifts this year.

1. Kid’s Jigsaw Puzzles

While most kids are glued to their electronic devices, working on jigsaw puzzles is a great way to reduce screen time from watching too much TV or working on the computer too much. Working on puzzles has a great impact on the brain. They can help improve memory, lower stress, and help improve problem solving skills, which is beneficial for both children and adults of all ages. Make working on puzzles a family bonding time by creating a custom jigsaw puzzle with pictures of your children or even artwork that they’ve drawn or painted, making them more interested in seeing the final complete jigsaw puzzle. Let kids learn how to utilize their problem solving skills and help them stay focused while having fun with this excellent gift. 

Personalized puzzle perfect for kids gifts this holiday season

2. Personalized Fleece Blankets

Enjoy some hot chocolate while cuddling up with your kids in a warm fleece blanket fully customizable with their picture, name, and favorite designs. Your kids will love to use these fleece blankets every night when they go to sleep and will be a great item for them to store as a memory for years to come. These blankets come in different varieties – fleece, plush fleece, and sherpa – making them perfect for any kid’s personality. In addition, our newly launched personalized baby blankets are perfect for any newborn or baby shower gift and will complement any style of baby nursery. 

mom holding up blanket

3. Personalized Notebook Journals

These unique journals are perfect for kids who love to write, kids who are learning to write, and kids who just want to document their daily thoughts in an easy to store journal notebook. Allowing your kids to get into writing in notebooks is a great and convenient way for them to write down any stress that has accumulated over time, track moods, create a goals list,  and track all the good things that happen, all the while organizing thoughts. As kids continue to write in their journal, it will allow them to self reflect on the journal entries they’ve written and boost their memory for the future. Get your kids motivated with journaling by getting them a personalized notebook journal that is one-of-a-kind just for them. It can feature their picture, favorite characters, and quotes, which will make it more welcoming for them to write in.

Notebook in different styles as sympathy gifts

4. Custom Art Kits

Inspire your child’s art skills with a personalized art kit that they will use for all their great art projects. This 131-piece art set comes with markers, crayons, colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolor cakes, paint tubes, palettes, paint brushes, pencil, pencil sharpener, stapler, eraser, ruler, and scissors, sure to stimulate any budding artist’s minds and assist them in creating one-of-a-kind art pieces. This personalized art kit comes in a portable wooden carrying case equipped with metal hinges and wooden handle. Customize the top cover of this art kit with your child’s name, picture, colorful designs and more to make this art set uniquely theirs. Once all the art supplies are finished, the beautiful case will make a great storage space for all the art work that’s been created with the art supplies.

Everyday watercolor art kit with 141 pieces and personalized picture

6. Custom Kids Aprons

Give the passionate kid baker in your life a well deserved kitchen outfit with a personalized kids apron that will make them feel like a professional head baker. Make these kid friendly aprons extra special by adding their pictures, names, and quotes such as “Junior Baker” and “Peace, love, and cupcakes” to make their apron a one-of-a-kind gift. These kids aprons are equipped with a safety break-away clasp at the neck and ties at the waist for easy comfort. All customized kids aprons are machine washable, perfect for any time they are in the baking mood.

Kids apron for little bakers or cooks

7. Personalized Story Books

Give a gift that your child can cherish for years to come with a personalized story book that features your child’s name and picture within the story. Make your child the main character in their very own  custom story book and let their imagination run wild. Choose from a range of story lines that your child will connect to, from aspiring astronauts, superheroes, ballerinas, and more. The options are endless. These unique story books make perfect gifts for kids of all ages. From baby’s first birthday gifts to Christmas and holiday gifts, they will be a gift that will be well appreciated. These personalized story books will also be a memorable sentiment that your kids will cherish and pass down to their own children.

Personalized story book for a baby gift

8. Active Memory Games

Get your kid’s brain actively working with these brain-stimulating memory games that will not only improve attention and concentration, but make the perfect gift for any child. These memory games are perfect for both kids and adults to play together and are fully customizable to include any pictures of your kids. These heavy duty cards come in sets of 24 and come in a ready to give gift box for any perfect kids presents.

Kids memory game with custom background and pictures

9. Customized Ornaments

Get your kids in the Christmas spirit with a personalized Christmas ornament that will feature their picture to put on top of your Christmas tree. These festive Christmas ornaments make the perfect gift and will be a treasured sentiment that will act as a memory of the years past. Start a tradition with your kids and get them a customized Christmas ornament each year and see how they’ve grown from their first Christmas as a newborn to when they’re adults. These will make perfect gifts to pass down and reminisce for each year’s festive Christmas traditions.

Personalized Christmas ornament for baby's first Christmas

10. Photo Water Bottles

Keep your kids hydrated with a personalized photo water bottle made just for them. These photo water bottles are great for kids who need the reminder to drink their water when they’re staying active. Personalized water bottles come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and are fully customizable to include pictures, names, and quotes, perfect for any kids gifts. Designed to prevent leaks, water bottles come with a straw top for easy access for kids and come in the perfect 18 oz bottle.

Personalized water bottles with different sizes and varieties

Wrapping Up

Show your kids how much they mean to you this holiday season with these personalized Christmas and holiday gifts. These gifts are great for kids of all ages and will be the talk of the town when they show off their gifts to their friends. This year get your kids a present they will cherish and treasure for years and years to come.

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