27 Wedding Ideas For Navy Blue And Burgundy Decor

Burgundy plays a big role in today’s modern wedding designs, adding rich, romantic energy to any wedding color combinations. When matched with classic navy blue, a wedding can take on a bohemian style fit for the heart of any season. Explore balancing these two hues throughout your wedding furniture, your floral arrangements and in your wedding stationery. Both burgundy and navy blue make lovely options for the groom’s suit and bridesmaids’ gowns. Show off your trendy sense of style by weaving these two moody colors into your wedding decorations.

1. Monogrammed Decor

navy blue and burgundy wedding ideas monogrammed decor

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Personalize all your wedding accessories and save them for your home after the big day is over. Add your new monogram to vases, decanters, and glasses.

2. Autumnal Style

Navy blue bridesmaid gowns complement the warm earth tones of fall, especially when the maids carry bouquets filled with rich burgundy, purple and pink.

3. Nature’s Blues

navy blue and burgundy wedding ideas nature’s blues

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Looking for unique ways to reflect your navy blue wedding color scheme throughout your design? Work with blues already present in the space, like in water elements and architectural accents.

4. Winter Spectrum

This winter wedding bouquet ranges from dark navy blues to pale pinks, including reds, burgundy and even natural gold throughout its design.

5. Striking Seating

Break free from the traditional wedding seating options and invite your guests to dine on colorful cushions beneath bushels of brightly colored floral arrangements.

6. Show Your Style

Grooms don’t have to stick to the usual black and white suit. Incorporate a navy blue and burgundy color scheme into both the groom’s wardrobe and the bride’s flowers and accessories.

7. In The Fields

If you’re planning a ceremony in the heart of nature, place a piece of accent furniture before an eye-catching landscape to frame your pre-ceremony images.

8. Pops Of Pink

navy blue and burgundy wedding ideas pops of pink

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Burgundy balances out a pale pink wedding bouquet through common favorites like wax flowers and roses. Pair the flowers with a navy blue and white wedding theme.

9. Industrial Style

In the heart of the winter, urban spaces and unique architecture shine when paired with soft elements like centerpieces filled with burgundy winter berries and plush navy blue furniture.

10. Brightly Blue

When choosing bridesmaid dresses, encourage your ladies to find a vibrant outfit in blue that fits their personal style. Accent the look with bright burgundy and pink bouquets.

11. Lush Lowlights

When you’re designing a pale blue and copper-colored wedding, balance out the vibrant hues with darker burgundy and navy accents in the bouquet, tablescape and dining room furniture.

12. Playfully Natural

navy blue and burgundy wedding ideas playfully natural

Source: The Nichols

Show off your retro style in a natural wedding style by choosing stylish, knee-length blue dresses and filling your wedding with whimsical wildflowers.

13. The Best Men

Show off your color scheme in sheer style with a burgundy groom’s suit and navy blue groomsmen wardrobe. Accent with black and white accessories to tie the look together.

14. Wild For Flowers

navy blue and burgundy wedding ideas wild for flowers

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Arrange your own wedding bouquets by bringing together a smattering of wildflower hues, including autumnal shades like burgundy, coral and deep blues.

15. Formal Festivities

Garden weddings take on an air of upscale elegance when you add a touch of silver or gold to a blue and red wedding color scheme.

16. Chapel Ceremony

Burgundy and navy blue weddings pop against a simple church wedding backdrop, especially when the architecture uses pale, natural wood and a white altar space.

17. Designed In The Desert

navy blue and burgundy wedding ideas designed in the desert

Source: Cami Parker

When marrying in a landscape filled with lush earth tones, reflect the surrounding shades with gold accents against a blue and burgundy color scheme.

18. Richly Romantic

Deep navy blue and striking burgundy create a classically romantic warmth for weddings in any season. Pair blue stationery and table linens with burgundy flowers, table runners and accessories.

19. Bold And Beautiful

navy blue and burgundy wedding ideas bold and beautiful


If you’re celebrating your nuptials with a farm or barn wedding, bring in all the vibrant hues of the landscape around you with gold, pink, rich burgundy, and breathtaking blues.

20. Boho Chic

The laid-back energy of this bohemian celebration surrounds its guests in backyard garden decor, colorful centerpieces and vibrant accents of pink and blue.

21. Suave Style

This groom’s three-piece suit shows off the richly navy blue hue and accent of burgundy found in both his bow tie and the floral centerpieces.

22. Time For Spring

This “Doctor Who” inspired wedding paired subtle accents of time throughout their ceremony decorations and incorporated the natural colors of spring into their floral arrangements.

23. Burgundy Blooms

navy blue and burgundy wedding ideas burgundy blooms

Source: Unsplash

Where can you find rich red burgundy hues in nature? Tulips and a range of trumpet flowers pull in this unique hue and stand out on their own or paired with complementary pinks.

24. DIY Design

If you have an eye for contemporary design, hand-dye a wedding dress to the color of your choosing and pair with a festive wildflower bouquet, a colorful groom wardrobe, and unique photo props.

25. Soft And Whimsical

navy blue and burgundy wedding ideas soft and whimsical

Source: Paper Antler

Tone down your color scheme with soft pale pinks, dusty blues, and pale grays. Match your floral colors to your traditional attire, hair accents, and wedding accessories.

26. Classic Equestrian

Incorporate the antique colors of a garden party into an equestrian-themed wedding. Hang blue horseshoes to display your place cards and surround with burgundy, pink and navy blue wedding accents.

27. Patriotic Pastels

Marrying at the peak of summer? Show off your Fourth of July wedding style with a range of blues, reds, and white by bringing in burgundy and navy blue to balance the softer pastels.

How can you plan a wedding ceremony and reception to highlight your unique style? Choose wedding colors that allow plenty of versatility in your flower choices, wardrobe options and everything in between.