21 Room Divider Ideas To Help You Define Your Space

Do you have an open floor plan that feels a little bit too open? Are you decorating a small room? Room dividers are an easy and stylish way to create privacy in an open space, divide and define certain areas of your home, and even add another layer of style to a room — while maintaining flexibility you don’t get from standard walls and doors. No matter your budget or decor, these room divider ideas are sure to inspire the way you partition your space.

1. A Visual Divide

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You can define your spaces but still leave them feeling open and airy by carefully placing bookshelves and hanging plants in the room. Both the shelving and the plant help visually divide a room but still allow you to move freely from one space to the other.

2. Wood Never Looked So Good

room divider ideas modern triangle

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This striking 6-foot-tall wooden room divider will beautifully partition your space when you need to create a cozy nook. Then you can easily tuck it away when you want to make more room. If you’re good with tools, this room divider is surprisingly easy to build.

3. Defining Spaces

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When considering your bedroom decor, remember that a simple piece of furniture, placed thoughtfully, can help divide and define a room. A dresser table breaks up space visually and provides much-needed storage.

4. Put The Fun In Multifunctional

This fun room divider pulls double-duty — one side is a pretty upholstered folding screen that will help partition your living space. Flip it around, though, and you’ve got a convenient chalkboard to jot down important notes.

5. Chicken Wire Style

room divider ideas chicken wire

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Here’s a room divider idea that will work with today’s popular country farmhouse design aesthetic. Chicken wire is texturally interesting, inexpensive and flexible — and can be used in surprising ways.

6. Sleek Sliding Doors

room divider ideas rolling bedrood

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Would you believe this sliding room divider isn’t a built-in wall? Believe it or not, this sleek sliding glass divider was built using frosted glass and aluminum sliding cabinet doors. An attractive addition to your bedroom decor, this partition wall is a chic way to add space and privacy to your home.

7. High Gloss High Style

With just a few supplies, you can transform a set of inexpensive bi-fold closet doors into a glamorous rolling room divider. Use shiny-as-glass high gloss paint to give your doors a more polished finish.

8. Roll With It

room divider ideas fabric divider

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For fans of DIY decor, a rolling clothes rack can easily (and inexpensively) transform into a stylish room divider with an eclectic, industrial style. Choose a textile that matches your home and then hang it from a pipe clothes rack. Swap the fabric out to keep the design interesting and updated.

9. Go Green

Plants are home decor accessories that never go out of style. This vertical wall plant system is a perfect way to show off your green thumb while dividing your living space. Fill the spaces between plants with your favorite artwork or items to create a statement.

10. Wall Of Books

room divider ideas bedroom bookshelves

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Create a partition in your open floor plan with strategically placed bookshelves. Serving both form and function, they will display all of your treasured books and decor and also perfectly serve as temporary walls to define a space.

11. Separate But Together

This apartment was designed without conventional walls or doors. Instead, the rooms are compartmentalized by walls of glass and steel, giving clear order to the space, but allowing light to flood in everywhere.

12. Repurposed With Purpose

room divider ideas bathroom

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Playing off the vintage rustic design of this bathroom, a pair of antique arched louvered doors is a perfect way to separate the bath from the rest of the room. Left in raw, unfinished wood and still stained with the rust of days gone by, they fit the room’s aesthetic flawlessly.

13. Extendable Table

If your home has one space with many different uses, you may consider using an extendable table. It folds away when not in use, but can be extended to give you a multifunctional and massive workspace.

14. The Practical Pallet

These days, you can repurpose an old wooden pallet into just about anything you can imagine. In this case, four pallets have been fashioned into a useful room divider that also serves as a great place to showcase all of your favorite art and photos.

15. DIY Divider On A Budget

If there’s a corner of your small room you’d like to hide, the easiest way is to use a room divider. With a few things you probably already have in your home along with some fabric you like, you can fashion a quick and easy DIY room divider on a budget.

16. Decorative Partition

These unique and beautiful hanging partitions are both semi-transparent and lightweight, visually separating a room but not blocking sight lines and important light. Hang them from the ceiling to create separate spaces in an open floor plan.

17. Sheer Curtains

Curtains aren’t just for windows anymore. These sheer curtains — hung from the ceiling all the way to the floor — are a brilliant way to create a closet in your small bedroom without compromising light.

18. Well-Equipped Walls

This clever system allows you to configure your space any number of ways by moving bookshelves around to create partitions and openings. There’s no better way to divide a space than to use a room divider that also provides storage.

19. Windows As Walls

A huge antique window hung by chains from the ceiling serves as an effective rustic, industrial room divider. Separating the space between a living area and a media room, it creates a beautiful, primitive centerpiece in an otherwise modern space.

20. String It Up

Here’s a creative and low-cost way to define spaces in your home or office. Since solid walls make a space feel darker and smaller, consider creating partitions made from vertically strung ropes. The natural rope also brings a sense of warmth to a cold space.

21. DIY Foldaway Divider

There are unlimited ways to customize and style a room divider to fit your needs, your budget and your home’s decor. This three-panel room divider does exactly what it’s intended for and can quickly be folded up and stashed away when you don’t need it.

Whether you are designing for an open space that needs more privacy or a small room that needs storage and defined spaces, you’re sure to find a room divider idea that will work for your home.