Unique Personalized Gifts for Your Office and Desk

Sometimes finding the perfect gift for your office or desk isn’t easy. We want to help. Whether you’re gifting to celebrate a friend’s new job, redecorating your desk space, or looking for a coworker’s Christmas gift, the following unique gift ideas will do just the trick. From stocking stuffers to special keepsakes, everyone loves these desk accessories. Ready to start finding the perfect gift? Browse the ideas below or jump to our personalized office gifts.

Personalized Office Gifts Everyone Will Love

The following list includes ideas for office accessoriescoworkers gifts, and even corporate gifts. So if you’re struggling for unique ideas and want to avoid sending another gift card, we have you covered. Get started below.

1. Homemade Snack Bars

Homemade Granola Bars with Peanuts and Cranberries (selective focus) as detailed close-up shot.

You can never have too many snacks, and that’s especially true in your office space. Homemade snacks or protein bars are a healthy gift idea that always shows care and effort. All you need to make a simple protein bar or snack is peanut butter, oats, honey, protein powder, chocolate chips, and coconut oil.

2. Vacation Photo Book

Beach pictures in photo book.

Photo books make excellent coffee table books and conversation starters. If you or a family member have recently been on vacation, consider making a vacation photo book to have at work. That way, when you’re stressed during a deadline, you can simply open up your photo book as a reminder of more relaxing times.

3. Customized Desk Calendar

Desk calendar.

Desk calendars make excellent desk accessories and it’s a great way to display some of your favorite memories. It’s especially perfect if you already have too many picture frames cluttering your desk because it fits plenty of photos. You can easily create a desk calendar on Shutterfly and have it displayed in no time.

4. Bouquet of Flowers

Woman doing flower arrangement.

Everyone loves flowers, and they’re one of the best ways to brighten up your desk space. Not to mention they help the whole office smell nice. Pick up a bouquet from your local florist and a vase to keep them in. Don’t forget to cut the stems and provide fresh water to ensure they last as long as possible.

5. Personalized Mouse Pad

One of the best ways to liven up space around your computer is to update your mouse pad. With these personalized mouse pads, you can keep your special memories near you all day long. Plus, the stain-resistant, high-density foam makes the mouse pad easy to keep clean.

6. Business Cards

A set of custom business cards.

Business cards are a staple for most professionals, but they often require updating with each new job. This makes them the perfect gift idea for a new coworker or friend. And as an added bonus, include a personalized business card holder with their name. They’re sure to love it.

7. Monthly Planner

Calendar and planner.

Monthly planners are the best way to keep things organized on a daily basis. And these monthly planners have plenty of personalization options, so you can make it your own. Include your name, photos, or a favorite design to show off when you take it from meeting to meeting.

8. Tabletop Canvas Prints

easel back canvas for sweet 16 gift ideas

Don’t have space for wall art but still want to display your favorite photos? Consider ordering a tabletop canvas print as an office gift. Not only does the professional quality look great in your office, but it also fits well on most desk sizes.

9. Bottle of Wine

Wine bottles in basket on brick wall background.

Sometimes the best business gifts don’t have anything to do with business. If you know that a coworker or manager is a wine lover, consider gifting them a bottle of their favorite label. This gift idea also goes great with a personalized wine glass or wine tote.

10. Customizable Mouse

Black and white photo computer mouse.

These customizable mouses are pure click-bait. Looking for a wireless mouse that won’t get accidentally stolen? These can be customized with your photo, name, or favorite memories. Plus they’re the perfect way to brighten up your desk space.

11. Fleece Photo Blanket

paid fleece blanket with monogram initials

If you often find the office a little too cold for comfort, try keeping a fleece photo blanket at your desk. These photo blankets can be customized with images, text, and unique designs, making the blankets extra cozy. They also double as a great holiday gift idea for an office Secret Santa party.

12. Mini Basketball Hoop

Two basketball hoops for comparison of design.

Nothing helps your creativity more than having something to bounce ideas off of. Introduce this fun game to your office space for a great way to let off steam by checking out our selection of custom mini basketball hoops. Coworkers will love it!

13. Luxury Hand Lotion

White beauty cream/hand lotion on wooden background.

Cold, dry office environments and desk work can quickly lead to dry skin. Luckily, hand lotion can fix the problem immediately. A luxury or hand made lotion is the perfect gift for winter holiday parties or in especially dry weather.

14. Custom Photo Mug

A set of personalized mugs.

Every office worker deserves their own mug go help them make it through a coffee-fueled day. Customize these photo mugs with a coworkers name as a great gift or with your favorite photos for a cute desk pencil holder.

15. Personalized Key Chain

Cute keychain on coffee table.

Most everyone carries keys, whether it’s fo their car, home, bike, or locker. Personalize your keys with these unique personalized keychains. Choose from square 2.25×2.25 inch key chains or a rectangular 1.25×3 inch style. Then personalize the key chain with your favorite photos, designs, or your name to make it your own.

16. Cotton Tote Bag

Cute cotton tote bags.

Cotton tote bags are perfect for carrying around your laptop, notepad, pens, planner, and other office supplies. These tote bags can also be easily personalized to make great custom gifts for coworkers and friends.

17. Succulents

Sedum Morganianum succulent plant isolated on gray background.

Succulents make excellent office desk additions for several reasons. They’re easy to care for, can survive in an office environment, and they brighten up your desk space! Consider giving a bow-wrapped succulent to your coworker, boss, or friend for a gift they’ll love.

18. Travel Mug

Coffee mugs and to-go cups.

If you or the giftee are always on the go, consider gifting a personalized travel mug. These travel mugs can be customized with any of your favorite photos or artwork, and come in any color of your choice. Choose between four different sizes and styles to make this gift your own.

19. Customized Post-it Notes

Floral stack of post it notes.

If you’re constantly taking notes, consider upgrading your current Post-it note collection. These custom Post-its come in a wide variety of styles and personalization options. Pair them with a new set of office supplies for a new coworker’s welcome gift or corporate holiday present.

20. Personalized Notebooks

Notebook with dog lovers design.

Office workers everywhere often find themselves taking notes between meetings and then accidentally leaving their notebook behind in a conference room. To make sure you never lose your notebook again, consider ordering a personalized notebook.

21. Uniquely Designed Clipboards

Custom Clipboard options from Shutterfly.

Clipboards make unique but useful office gifts. If you have a manager’s birthday or office Secret Santa party coming up, these personalized clipboards are the perfect gift idea.  Just customize the design to the recipient’s preferences and attach a note to the board thanking them for all their contributions to the team.

22. Cookies!

Homemade oatmeal raisin cookies in a basket on a blue rustic table.

Who doesn’t love cookies? These sweet treats remain a fan favorite for gifting occasions everywhere. Just make sure to take the recipient’s dietary restrictions into account and try to stay away from common allergens if you’re planning on leaving them out in the office.

23. Custom Pencils

Pencils with customizable text.

If the recipient is a well-known note-taker, or you’ve heard them complain about constantly losing their writing utensils, consider gifting a set of custom pencils. These pencils feature the giftee’s name so they’ll never have to lose track of their pencil again.

24. Pen and Pencil Holder

Pencil holder with photo.

You have to keep your writing utensils somewhere, and these custom pen and pencil holders do just the trick. These personalized gifts help you keep your desk space organized while showcasing a favorite photo or two. If you plan on gifting it to someone else., customize the design with their name or favorite color for an extra special touch.

25. Personalized Name Plates

Mom boss desk name plate.

A name plate is a metal, rectangular plate that displays a person’s name and often their position in their workplace setting. Our personalized desk name plates are much more than that. You can customize them to fit the recipient’s personality as much as their role.

26. Money Clip

Open gift set with holder clip for money.

Money clips have been around for a long time, and for good reason. This gift is classic, reliable, and useful. Get one engraved or find a unique material or design that’s sure to impress your coworker.

27. Paperweight

Paper weight with a couples photo.

These paperweights aren’t just helpful desk organizers, they’re also great ways to display your favorite memories. Check out our variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to build the paperweight perfect for your professional style.

28. Photo Water Bottle

Personalized water bottles.

Hydration is key to staying healthy and energized during the workday. And one of the best ways to stay hydrated is to keep a water bottle at your desk at all times. These water bottles help you do that with style. Customize your chosen design for a photo water bottle you’ll love to show off.

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