26 DIY 30th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

There’s no question that reaching 30 years of marriage is worth quite the celebration. After three decades of building a life together, it’s important to find a gift that represents your one-of-a-kind relationship. So what is the traditional wedding anniversary gift for the 30-year milestone? For decades, pearls have been the gift of choice to mark the occasion, welcoming a range of DIY gift opportunities.

Pearls enhance countless gift ideas, such as earrings, bracelets and even clothing. The pearl theme could be seen from all kinds on angles including knitted gifts, pearl-toned presents or any range of gemstone favorite. As always, homemade anniversary gifts may also include home decor items, DIY bath and body sets or sentimental photo displays.

We’ve collected 26 ideas for personalizing 30th wedding anniversary gifts by hand.

1. Burlap Photo Candle

burlap photo candle anniversary gift

Source: Shutterfly

Add up to three family photos to the front of this glass pillar candle, with scents ranging from fireside spice to ocean breeze. Include a message of love with the couple’s name and wedding date to the beside the photo collage.

2. Beach Accessories Bag

If you’re heading off to the beach for your 30th wedding anniversary, gift this customizable beach accessory bag. Add a playful or loving message to the front personalized to your partner.

3. Crocheted Earrings

These bright and bold earrings follow a simple crocheted pattern around a simple wire earring hoop. Match to your partner’s favorite color and pair with other personalized jewelry ideas.

4. Hand-Stamped Tie Clip

Before heading out for your 30th wedding anniversary dinner, gift your partner with this hand-stamped golden tie bar. Find a plain tie clip at your craft store and stamp with a lettering kit and hammer in the letter of your choice.

5. Personalize Champagne Flutes

personalize champagne flutes

Source: Shutterfly

Every major anniversary deserves a new set of champagne toasting glasses. Add two intertwined hearts, the couple’s names and their wedding date to personalize. Pair with their favorite bottle of sparkling wine.

6. Diamond and Pearl Drop Earrings

Make a statement with this pair of DIY earrings for your pearl anniversary. Connect one large faux-diamond to a uniquely shaped pearl with studded jewelry hardware.

7. Cardholder Wreath

cardholder wreath

Source: Kreativ K

Need a way to display all the happy anniversary messages and cards flooding in? Attach sprigs of faux eucalyptus and baby roses to an embroidery hoop and use mini clothespins to secure your cards.

8. Arrows and Heart Flask

arrows and heart flask

Source: Shutterfly

Etch a personalized happy anniversary message onto a stainless steel flask for a playful gift idea. Between the heart and arrow accents, include your wedding date, monogram or partner’s name.

9. Anniversary Message Frame

anniversary message frame

Source: Shutterfly

Engraved with “Love is all you need,” as well as their wedding date and names, mount one of their favorite wedding photos in this wooden frame. For a truly memorable gift, consider pairing with one of these wedding album ideas with images from their past 30 years.

10. Scallop Shell Napkins

scallop shell napkins

Source: Kreativ K

Cover a natural shell with a thick layer of fabric or acrylic paint to create a shell-shaped stamp. On a set of white fabric napkins, imprint the shell in an alternating pattern. Switch up shell colors or stick to one color scheme.

11. Terrazzo Cheese Knives

Combine several colors of polymer clay to create a marbled, terrazzo look throughout a collection of cheese knife handles. Attach each to a unique knife and pair with a wooden personalized cheese board.

12. Welcome Home Box

welcome home box

Source: Oh Oh Deco

Spruce up the entryway of your home by constructing a front door organizer to hold keys, lists and other odds and ends. Paint a simple striped pattern on the front of the box to match the style of the home.

13. Monogrammed Growler

monogrammed growler

Source: Shutterfly

If the anniversary couple is a pair of craft beer lovers, imprint their names on a brass growler. They’ll use this personalized bottle over and over again at their local breweries, always reminded of their 30th anniversary.

14. Etched Cutting Board

Trace an anniversary message onto a new cutting board with the help of carbon transfer paper. Use a woodburning wand to permanently etch the loving phrase into the board for displaying on the kitchen and serving cheese boards.

15. Scalloped-Edge Tray

Customize any wooden, craft store tray with hand-designed paper liner. Match the paper design to a specific look or pattern in your loved one’s home for a personalized 30th anniversary idea.

16. DIY Pearl Dangle Earrings

Add a bit of fun to the traditional pearl earring by hanging two faux pearls at the end of thin gold chains. Attach each chain to an earring-backed stud and package in a decorative gift box.

17. Marbleized Jewelry Box

This DIY instructional shows how easy painting the marble effect on any surface can be. Add the design to the top of a small wooden box and fill with a homemade pearl jewelry set.

18. Pearl Powder Face Mask

pearl powder face mask

Source: Hello Glow

An age-old homemade beauty secret, pearl powder makes a perfect addition to a home-spa gift set. Add hints of rose or other light scents to customize to your recipient.

19. Orange Coconut Body Butter

orange coconut body butter

Source: Hello Glow

With just four ingredients, whip up this invigorating and all-natural body butter as a lovely anniversary gift. Package in a sealable glass jar and pair an assortment of DIY beauty treatments.

20. Personalized Candy Jar

personalized candy jar

Source: Shutterfly

A focal point of any kitchen counter, this monogrammed glass jar can hold candy, cookies or any kitchen staple. Fill with homemade goodies and package as an anniversary gift set.

21. Pearl-Embellished Tee

Spruce up a simple white t-shirt by sewing large pearl beads in a pattern of your choice. Pair with pearl earrings and bracelet for pearl-anniversary-themed gift set.

22. Heart Message Cookies

Cook up some sugar cookies with happy anniversary messages right on the front. Use fondant, food-friendly letter stamps and food coloring to write the message of your choice.

23. Pumpkin Bread Face Mask

pumpkin bread face mask anniversary gift

Source: Hello Glow

Celebrating your 30th wedding anniversary in the fall? This pumpkin face mask is good enough to eat and even better for your skin. Place in a decorative jar with handwritten instructions of how to use on the skin.

24. Crescent Moon Earrings

crescent moon earrings

Source: Lia Griffith

Shape your favorite color of clay into the shape of a crescent moon and nestle within a gold earring hoop. Add a personalized touch with metallic paint or pearls.

25. Ribbon-Wrapped Bracelet

Great for getting the kids involved your anniversary gift-giving, this delicate bracelet includes a decorative piece of silk ribbon, a hand-stamped charm and the most basic jewelry-making skills.

26. Boxed Roses

This classic flower presentation is a lovely addition to any rose-themed gift set. Set a wet floral foam block into any round gift box, trim the stems of pink roses and nestle each one into a romantic arrangement. Use as a centerpiece for dinner.

How much or how little you follow wedding anniversary traditions are always up to you. Weave the pearl-themed gifts into your celebration or create gift sets tailored to pampering or home decor. Either way, personalized gifts are always the most memorable. Include their wedding date, photos and personal style to make a true impact.