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45 Tree Skirt Ideas To Brighten Your Christmas Decor

The right tree skirt can really bring a Christmas tree theme together. Whether you change up your tree design each year or stick to the same traditional ornaments, finding the right tree skirt or making your own will start a great new tradition to add to the season.

Tree skirt projects truly reflect crafters and design fans of all levels. Show off your family quilting skills, bring the kids together to design a skirt of their own or even repurpose household items into a classic Christmas accessory. You can even shop together as a family to find something you all love. Once you’ve got the tree skirt set, you can coordinate it with the rest of your holiday decor and ornaments. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of unique ideas for a truly personal tree skirt.

1. Repurposed Basket

Feet on tip toes next to tree in basket.
Flip a large woven wicker basket upside down and remove the bottom so you can wrap the full piece around the tree. This is especially helpful if you want to fully cover the base of the tree if you have toddlers or kids around. Leave a hole in the top to water your tree each week.

2. Country Spirit

If you live on a farm, arrange bunches of cotton plants into a circle to bring a natural look into your home. This accents the vibrant reds, greens and browns that stand out in rustic home design. Weave accents of the design into your Christmas tree decorations to tie the country home decor together.

3. Quilted Skirt

If you’re a passionate quilter, why not try out your skills with a pattern that wraps around the base of your tree each year? You can also transform an old quilt in need of a new life into a circular pattern. A hand-quilted tree skirt also makes an excellent DIY Christmas present for a family member. Wrap it up with some homemade ornaments and a personalized note.

4. Knit Sweater

Emulate the look of a cozy cable-knit sweater by knitting your own tree skirt with thick yarn and large braided patterns. You can transform an oversized cable-knit blanket, sweater or if you’re crafty, knit one from scratch. Add oversized wooden buttons for a special touch to secure around the tree.

5. Craft Paper

Christmas tree with presents on white paper skirt.
If you need a quick a simple Christmas tree skirt, turn to large reams of brown craft paper. The unique texture crinkles easily into a ring at the base of the tree stand to give it a unique and rustic look. Wrap the base up several times and fill it with things like pinecones, ornaments and string lights.

6. Arts And Crafts

Get the kids involved in your tree skirt project by cutting out a large circle of red felt and asking them to attach their felt shapes around the skirt with white glue—it doesn’t have to be complicated to look great. Afterward, gather around the table to make these classic salt dough ornaments for a personalized DIY Christmas decor look.

7. Snowy Village

Choose a tree skirt that sets a snowy scene for your vintage Christmas village. White faux fur, felt, or silk will stand out against your train set or Christmas scene. You can even add a bit of spray-on snow once you put your village in place.

8. Personalized Skirt

Embroider the edge of your Christmas tree skirt with your family name, monogram, or a personalized message to remember each holiday season. Play with color combinations as well. Add gold writing to a bright red knitted tree skirt or deep green script to a pearl-white satin.

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9. Light Linens

White linen or muslin are great fabric options for a rustic, minimalist Christmas tree theme. The fabric is also easy to wrap and mold around the tree with minimal sewing or crafting. Add a hint of color or texture with a fabric border of a different holiday hue.

10. Glitz And Glam

Couple laying on floor next to brightly lit Christmas tree.
Reflect the lights from your tree by adding sequins, luminescent fabric and glitter to your Christmas tree skirt. Alternate between gold and silver sequins for a festive look. Be sure to fill the rest of your home with twinkle lights or a gorgeous Christmas light scene to balance the look.

11. Fantastic Fringe

A plain Christmas tree skirt with a border of fringe is sure to be a showstopper this holiday season. Perfect for a theatrical household, choose a bold contrast—like red and black—to bring in some glam and drama of the stage.

12. Cookies And Sweets

Add a playful touch to a handsewn tree skirt by cutting out felt designs in the shapes of gingerbread men, candy canes, and other holiday treats. Bring the kids to help with their placement for a one-of-a-kind design. Cover your tree in the same “sweet” theme.

13. Go Vintage

Christmas tree with gold wrapped presents.
Nothing spreads holiday cheer like decorating with the style of a classic bygone era. Head to the thrift store or ask your family for any vintage tree skirts in the attic. If you can’t find one, an arrangement of vintage wooden crates brings a rustic look. Weave this look throughout the rest of your home decor with an old-fashioned Christmas village and wicker baskets.

14. Lovely Lace

Layer white lace on top of a red, green, or pearl-colored circle of fabric to create a timeless and elegant look to the base of your tree. This works well with a wide range of home designs, from classic and cozy to simple and minimalistic. Include the same color of lace throughout the rest of your living room to match the skirt.

15. Pom-Pom Project

Looking for a great way to get the kids involved in tree skirt construction? Glue pom-poms along the edges of a circle of fabric in alternating colors. See if they can stick to a set pattern as they make their way around the circle, or let them run free with their creativity.

16. Seaside Christmas

Christmas tree next to fireplace decorated with shells.
Celebrating the holidays by the beach? Include seaside accessories, such as turquoise and white seaweed shapes, shells, and coral. Wrap a separate ring of beechwood around the base for a special touch and include seaside symbols throughout your ornaments and decor. Perfect for anyone who loves the beach!

17. Favorite Photographs

If you or a family member love to snap pictures, showcase some of your favorite prints in your tree skirt. You can attach them to a simple piece of fabric or tie them together so the photographs themselves construct the skirt.

18. Gold Stars

Looking for a nice and simple tree skirt idea you can make at home? Cut out a circle of gray, red or deep green fabric and add stick-on gold stars in the pattern of your choice. Create lines coming out from the trunk of the tree, scatter them like stars in the sky or even craft constellations.

19. Festive Poinsettia

Large poinsettia bloom in front of tree.
Represent the famous flower of the season with a handmade tree skirt of red and white. Cut out red petals from fabric or felt and layer on a large white circle around the tree. You can also tuck live poinsettias beneath your tree to match your crafty imitations.

20. Cricut Patterns

Use your crafting printer to cut out intricate shapes to add to your tree skirt. Create a Christmas village, a Christmas message or a variety of smaller shapes to spread throughout the skirt. Personalize your design if you’re planning to gift the tree skirt to a loved one on Christmas morning.

21. Photo Blanket

Sometimes special household items can double as a stylish tree skirt. Add a family photo to a woven blanket and wrap the cozy cover around the base of the tree. Include other photo-adorned items in your decor, from ornaments to mantelpiece decorations.

22. Winter Wonder

Bring fresh reminders of the winter world into your home on your tree skirt. Attach pinecones, holly branches and green evergreen sprigs around a burlap tree skirt. Tie them all together with red ribbons and place sporadically around the skirt. If you don’t have access to these natural materials, embroider them on a classic round tree skirt to bring the outside in.

23. Knitted Plaid

Dog on plaid blanket holding Santa hat.
A plaid blanket or Christmas tree skirt is the perfect way to bring in the cozy feelings of the season. Be sure to use it as a backdrop for all your holiday photos with your fur baby!

24. Reversible Tree Skirt

Layer together two different colors of fabric so you can flip the tree skirt over for a new look each year! Attach the two layers of thick fabric or felt with fabric glue and add a unique design to each side. This is an excellent solution if you like to change up your Christmas decor theme every year.

25. Colorful Tassels

Threaded tassels are a modern and playful way to add some fun to the base of your tree. Sew small tassels of alternating colors all over the circle of fabric. Be sure to choose a neutral color for the main piece of fabric. This allows you to play a bit more with the colorful assortment of tassels on the outside.

26. Arm-Knitted Skirt

The art of arm knitting uses a simplified knitting “stitch” with giant yarn and your own hands as the needles. Create this quick and easy circle with cozy, oversized yarn. Choose a skein that mixes two colors, such as red and white, to create that festive look.

27. Family Handprints

Child holding piece of paper with green painted handprint.
Mark each new Christmas season by tracing all your children’s handprints on different colors of fabric. Cut them out and sew or glue to a white tree skirt. Include your own handprint next to theirs and be sure to include the year. If you aren’t savvy with sewing, printing them on construction paper or fabric with paint is a great route as well. Repeat the tradition every season to see their hands grow.

28. Festive Chevron

Add a chevron pattern to a circular piece of red fabric with gold, white, or green washi table. Begin by measuring out even lines from the center of the circle and adding concentric circles from the inside out. For a washable design, swap out washi table for fabric strips. This is a great option for those who love a bold and modern style.

29. Christmas Animals

Fill your Christmas tree skirt with a menagerie of festive animals like cardinals, camels, donkeys or reindeer. Advanced embroiderers can add their cross-stitch patterns while novice crafters can purchase patches and fabric cutouts of their Christmas creatures. You can even build a full manger of animals to set right at the center of your skirt.

30. Adorn With Ornaments

Father and daughter hanging ornaments on tree.
For an easy homemade tree skirt project, attach an assortment of small Christmas tree balls to the inside of the circle. Scatter in a random pattern or adorn the outer perimeter. Extra accessories like jingle bells and tree lights also tie the look together. Be sure to coordinate with your other tree ornaments for a cohesive look.

31. Caroling Lyrics

Do you have a favorite Christmas carol? Add the lyrics to a fabric tree skirt to wrap around the tree. Arrange the words around the base with the help of a Cricut machine, trimmed fabric, or even handwrite the lyrics.

32. Read My Mind

If your household is full of readers, arrange a circle of some of your favorite titles under the tree. Stack them in a fun pattern to add depth to your holiday decor and showcase your family’s favorite pastime. Wrap a string of lights around the books, so they shimmer with the tree.

33. Santa’s Reindeer

Cut out or purchase felt designs of Santa’s reindeer to wrap around the base of the tree. Glue each creature to a circular base of fabric and add their names beneath with fabric or handwritten letters. Go a step further by adding a small light-up nose for Rudolf.

34. Felt Festivity

Red tree skirt with white felt border under tree.
For an easy and classic look, red and white emulate Santa’s suit and are sure to go with practically any holiday decor. It’s easy to make and will look classic for years to come.

35. Go Bold

Cut sequin fabric into a circle for a truly glamorous tree skirt. Be sure to hem the edges of the fabric for a smooth look. Deck out your tree with white Christmas lights to reflect off the shimmering sequins and wrap with tinsel to accent the shine.

36. Christmas Bows

For an easy DIY project, attach large festive bows to the different sections of your tree skirt circle. In between each piece of fabric, cut small holes in the edge of the fabric and attach the seams with bows from the base to the outside edge. Alternate colors and fabrics for a rustic look.

37. Layers Of Ruffles

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, create a festive ruffled look by laying strips of fabric or ribbons from the inside out. Bunch the pieces in each section and secure with thread. Once you’ve created all concentric circles of fabric, attach each one together into your tree skirt. Alternate with colors and textures as you go.

38. Elegant White

Family around dinner table with tree in background.
Layer different textures of white fabric for a timeless look beneath the tree. Add a patterned, shimmering fabric atop white or cream silk. This makes an excellent Christmas gift for newlyweds or a young family. They can keep the handmade tree skirt in the family for all their holidays to come.

39. Layered Doilies

Do you have a collection of lace doilies or have a treasure trove you found at your local thrift store? Connect each with glue or a few stitches of thread in a circular pattern to go around the tree. Alternate lace patterns and textures for a truly unique design.

40. Abstract Shapes

No need to stick to a circle around the tree when you can play with triangle, floral shapes, and even Santa’s big beard. Build around the center of the circle with your choice of fabric or felt. If you end up with an asymmetrical shape, pass it off as a creative decision. Layer colors and textures until you get a festive skirt that shows off your artistic soul.

41. Layered Burlap

Family around small Christmas tree.
A burlap basket on a burlap rug creates a natural and cohesive look. It’s also great for bringing in a bit of the outdoors in a city apartment. Perfect for creating a warm and cozy space for the holidays.

42. Kid’s Art Showcase

Each year, cut a large circle of craft paper to cover with your children’s drawings, paintings, and craft designs. Spend an afternoon covering the paper circle in as much color as you can and then lay it under the tree together. Save your creations each year to look back on when they’re older.

43. Quilted Stripes

Play with unique shapes if you’re taking the quilted tree skirt route. Instead of traditional patches, create stripes of alternating fabric from the center of the circle to the edge. Add a solid rim of color around the outside of the tree skirt to bring the look together.

44. Stocking Spiral

Stockings are a classic symbol of the holiday season. If you don’t have a fireplace, arrange your stockings under the tree in a fun spiral. You’ll have a place to store them and also craft a unique tree skirt. It’s a win-win!

45. Keep It Classic

Wrapped presents piled under Christmas tree.
Nothing screams “Christmas” like a classic color scheme of red, green and white. A neutral white skirt will emulate snow and allow the rest of your decor to pop—down to every ornament on the tree and bow on the wrapped gifts.

Final Thoughts on Christmas Skirt Ideas

With each of these projects, always leave space to add and remove the tree skirt with ease. Include buttons, bows, or velcro to one edge to open up the circle. If you choose to buy one, there are plenty of options out there to coordinate your decor. Once it’s in place, you’ll be ready to fill the base of your tree with Christmas gifts for everyone in the family. And while you’re shopping make sure you order your Christmas cards on time!