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7 Charming Examples of Country Wedding Invitation Inspiration

Wedding couple in countryside.

What could be more romantic than nuptials in the countryside?

You’re a country girl at heart. Along with your perfect wedding dress, you’ll be looking for the perfect cowboy boots to dance the night away in. Or maybe there won’t be cowboy boots — still you know that a country wedding under the stars surrounded by your nearest and dearest is the kind of magic you want on your special day.

“A country wedding is perfect for the bride or groom who enjoy spending time in nature and want to incorporate the natural beauty of the scenery into their big day,” says Virginia Edelson, founder and principal of the event planning firm Bluebird Productions.

Like the wide blue sky, or the golden plains, the country wedding theme has a big range. Depending on the couple’s tastes and vision, it might be set in a rustic or rural location, such as a farm, barnyard, ranch, or an outdoor garden. Or it might be held indoors at a sophisticated country club or lodge.

Country chic or country casual, you can start setting the mood for your big day with the perfect wedding invitation. Here are some examples of country wedding invitations from Shutterfly to inspire your personal selection.


Country Wedding Invitations

Horseshoe country wedding accessory.

Country-loving brides infuse their unique country wedding with personal details from invitations to party favors.

So exciting! Your wedding stationery is the first time your guests will get a glimpse of your unique country wedding theme.

Based in the scenic city of Aspen, Colorado, Virginia’s firm is experienced in planning and coordinating countless country-themed weddings. Her advice for brides and grooms is to “design invitations that are reflective of who are and the tone of your wedding: formal, casual, eclectic, or traditional.”

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“If you’re going for the informal vibe,” she adds, “unique nature-inspired illustrations and modern loose calligraphy are nice ways to make your wedding invitation reflect a more laid back feel.”

Whether you’re planning a laid-back farm wedding or a sophisticated country celebration, here are seven examples of Shutterfly wedding invitations bursting with bucolic charm.


Flowers and Foliage: Country Wedding Invitations in Bloom

Floral Perfection

Woodgrain wedding invitation with live flower look.

Your elegant country wedding theme can be expressed with an invitation that features a wood background and beautiful spring flowers and leaves.

An oak tree surrounded by spring flowers; the Floral Perfection wedding invitation features a light brown wood background and a lovely illustration of yellow flowers and greenery. Designed by Yours Truly, this rustic and elegant wedding stationery is the perfect way to invite your guests to your country-themed wedding.

Personalize the Floral Perfection wedding invitation with your wedding day details.



Romantic Leaves

A beige wedding invitation with two leaf wreaths.

The Romantic Leaves wedding invitation features a country wedding look with green leaf wreaths, brown script, and an earthy beige background.

A symbol of country charm, leaf wreaths border the modern script of this rustic and chic invitation set on a textured beige background. The Romantic Leaves wedding stationery designed by Yours Truly is ideal for casual and outdoor barnyard weddings and country weddings.

View the Romantic Leaves wedding invitation with your details.




Budding Romance

A chalkboard wedding invitation featuring stems of white flowers.

Freesias in bloom add a touch of country to this sophisticated wedding invitation featuring a chalkboard background and white romantic script.

Classy and contemporary, the Budding Romance wedding invitation features a chalkboard background with white romantic script and freesias in bloom. This country-inspired stationery design complements elegant country weddings and formal outdoor affairs. Designed by Yours Truly, it’s also available in a beige or purple background.

Invite friends and family to your wedding day with the Budding Romance wedding invitation.





 Flores De Amor

A walnut wood wedding invitation with white roses.

Bring the country to your friends and family with the Flores De Amor wedding invitation, featuring a walnut wood background, lovely white roses, and loose white calligraphy.

Dark walnut wood creates a dramatic and rustic background that’s softened with wedding-white roses and white romantic script. The Flores De Amor wedding stationery is elegant and classic, perfect for timeless country and western wedding themes.


Customize the Flores De Amor wedding invitation with details of your western or country wedding.



Romantic Country Wedding Invitations Featuring Photography

Nature-inspired illustrations of flowers and leaves create lovely country wedding invitations. You can also capture the beauty of the countryside with real photographs. Here are a few romantic country invitations featuring rural landscapes and photo shoots of couples in countryside settings.

Grid Gallery

Wedding invitation with photographs of countryside landscape.

A verdant and serene country landscape broken up in six photographs creates a classy wedding invitation for a country-themed event.

The Grid Gallery wedding invitation is a creative template designed by Yours Truly that features a beautiful countryside photograph broken up in six small images. Along with adding custom text and your own color scheme, the template allows you to upload your own image to create a country-themed invitation that’s truly unique. The final look is stunning and elegant, perfect for upscale country weddings.

Bring your country-themed wedding to life with the Grid Gallery wedding invitation.


Amor A Gritos

A wedding invitation featuring a photograph of a couple with a rural background.

With a pastoral background, a romantic photo of a couple in love is the perfect image for this country-themed wedding invitation.

Amor, or “Love,” is the appropriate title of this contemporary wedding invitation, featuring a romantic photograph of a couple in a pastoral setting. You can upload your own engagement photo or take a special photo shoot with your country theme in mind. Designed by Yours Truly, the Amor A Gritos wedding invitation is also available in black script.

Upload your rustic or country-themed engagement photos to create a unique Amor A Gritos wedding invitation.





Never Ending

A wedding invitation with a collage of photographs of a couple embracing and in love.

A couple uses a farmland landscape as a backdrop for romantic, rustic photographs that help create this farm-themed or country wedding invitation.

The Never Ending wedding invitation is a modern template featuring casual, elegant calligraphy that allows you to upload five different custom photographs. With farmland as a backdrop, photographs of a couple embracing, kissing, and holding hands create a romantic collage that reflects both a couple’s love and a country wedding theme.

Create your own Never Ending wedding invitations for your farm or barnyard wedding.






Personalized Country Wedding Invitations

It’s easy to design unique country wedding invitations with Shutterfly. For couples who want a western, barnyard or country wedding, Shutterfly has a variety of chic designs and templates you can customize with your choice of photographs, color palette, trim, and type of paper.

Five Free Wedding Invitation Samples

Be certain you’ve found the right invitations. Shutterfly will deliver five free wedding invitations featuring your details, so you can feel and see the stationery before making a commitment.