20 Creative Family Tree Ideas + Printable Templates

Our family means everything to us. Whether it’s made up of relatives, friends, or both, proudly showing them around your home is a great way to keep your family close. To help you brainstorm some creative ways to display your family in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom wall, we put together a list of 20 fun family tree ideas.

From a traditional family tree to unique displays like a colorful lotus flower, you’re sure to find the right design for your home. Ask for the help of your kiddos or spouse to make it into a wholesome family activity.

Check out our printables below to easily put together your family tree. Paste them on a canvas or frame them for a beautiful wall art hanging.

1. Bird Family Tree

Frame with birds and different family names on a bedroom shelf.

Bird silhouettes on wallpaper or hanging wall art make for a beautiful accent to any room. For a quick and easy option, buy a piece of canvas art with various bird shapes and add your family names to each silhouette.

2. Chalkboard Family Tree

If your home has a rustic or country-style decor, a chalkboard family tree can make a great addition. Cover a wall with chalkboard paint to draw your tree or buy a small chalkboard to use as a wall hanging.

3. Heart Family Tree

The family is where the heart is––so why not show that with a heart-shaped family tree? For this, create the shape of a tree and use heart shapes as your leaves. Be sure to label each heart with your family’s names.

4. Gallery Wall Family Tree

For a modern family tree, collect various photos of your family members and place them in frames to create a gallery wall. For a unique look, use frames in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Place your frames in a shape that fits the style of your room.

5. Lotus Flower Family Tree

Canvas with a lotus flower and family names on the petals.

In various cultures, the lotus flower represents rebirth and self-regeneration, which makes it the perfect shape for a family tree. To make your own, cut lotus petals in different sizes and colors. Label each petal after a member of your family and start building your flower.

Download lotus flower printable.

6. Vinyl Record Family Tree

For the music-loving family, a vinyl record family tree makes a fun and eye-catching design in any living space. Have each member of your family pick their favorite record and sign it with their name. Create a tree shape using the records or any other shape where you can place each record chronologically.

7. Puzzle Family Tree

Personalized puzzle with family photos.

Make your tree a part of family game night by printing it on a puzzle. Design your puzzle with photos and shapes that represent your family. Whether your little one loves ballet, soccer or singing, make sure everyone is represented in your puzzle.

8. Pillow Collage Family Tree

For a cozier option, create a personalized pillow with your family tree on it. Design a traditional tree or use a collage of photos to create something unique to decorate your couch with.

9. Split Canvas Family Tree

Another modern twist to the family tree can be made with a large split canvas. Start with three or four vertical canvases to add a chic look to a bedroom or living room wall.

10. Cherry Blossom Family Tree

Canvas on a bedroom shelf with a cherry blossom family tree.

For a room with a softer color scheme, a cherry blossom tree is the way to go. Paint the tree on a wall or a framed canvas and add the names of your family members to each branch or flower. Whether it’s life-size or in a small frame, it’s sure to make a stunning piece.

Download cherry blossom printable.

11. Collage Fleece Blanket Family Tree

If you’re looking for a gift for mom, a plush collage fleece blanket with her favorite family photos makes the perfect gift. Customize it to her room’s color scheme and pair with a comfy pillow to complete your present.

12. Handprint Family Tree

The best kind of projects are the messy ones. On a wall or canvas, paint the shape of a tree and branches. Once dry, have your little ones dip their hands on a few different shades of paint and place them all over the branches. Finally, use a fine tip brush to add in the names of your family members.

13. Potted Plant Family Tree

Art print with hanging planter and family names.

Hanging potted plants can make a lively family tree. Paint a few of your favorite plants on canvas, along with the names of your family members. You can also make real hanging planters to represent each of your loved ones in your household.

14. Peacock Family Tree

Show off your family with some colorful peacock feathers. This is a great design for a room that needs a pop of color and texture. To create, use peacock feather stencils to paint them directly on a wall or canvas and label each feather with the names of your family members.

15. Cactus Family Tree

cactus printables with family names.

Play around with various plant families to create one that fits your home’s style. A cactus family tree makes an adorable and prickly design that is perfect for your little one’s desert-themed nursery or playroom.

Download cactus printable.

16. Name Plaque Family Tree

Ceramic tiles and plaques can help you put together a picturesque family tree. Buy personalized plaques or create your own by using blank tiles and acrylic paint. Use them as coasters, wall decor, or add them as a part of your kitchen’s backsplash for a more permanent design.

17. Family Tree Wreath

To incorporate your family tree into your holiday decor, go for a wreath. Collect a few photos of your family members and paste them around a festive wreath to decorate your front door.

18. Balloon Family Tree

Balloon canvas in a nursery.

Add your family tree to your kid’s room or nursery with a cute balloon design. Simply paint a few balloon strings on a blank wall or canvas and use balloon-shaped printables to build your balloon bunch with the names of your family members.

Download balloon printable.

19. Subway Art Family Tree

For a contemporary family tree, personalize a canvas or wall art with a subway art design. Feel free to add names, special locations, and dates to create a fun look to go in your office, bedroom or living room.

20. Shadow Box Family Tree

For a 3D family tree, create a shadow box. Draw a tree and use leaves, hearts, or flowers to represent each of your family members. Don’t forget to label each shape with their names.

Now that you’ve gone through a few creative family tree ideas, you’re ready to put together one of your own. For an easy design, download our printables below to get started. Place them on a frame, a shadow box, or paste them on canvas for a 3D look.