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Fancy Wedding Invitation Details: Sparkle, Texture, Trim and Paper

For couples who have never designed wedding invitations before (and that’s most of us!) the details can be overwhelming. You might be relieved that you’ve chosen a gorgeous theme and color palette, until you glance at all the extras and wonder: Should I add a unique trim? What’s the difference between pearl shimmer and signature cardstock? Do I want foil-stamped cards?

All great questions. Luckily there’s fun to be had in the details! Since wedding invitations are your guests’ first introduction to the tone of your wedding day, look to experts for advice on how to choose the perfect details for your stationery.

A selection of various wedding invitations.

Fun choices! Invitation design details such as foil accents, texture, trim, and paper can come together and help bring your wedding day vision to life.

Here, practical design tips for some of our favorite fancy wedding invitation details, including:

  • Foil-Stamped Accents
  • Trim
  • Texture
  • Paper

Foil-Stamped Luxury Wedding Invitations

“A wedding invitation sets the tone of formality, style, and overall design concept,” says Tessa Lyn Brand, owner and coordinator of Tessa Lyn Events.

Tip: Foil touches should match your wedding day vision.

Are you planning a formal wedding? Say yes to foil-stamped cards for formal and upscale weddings; the sparkling touches add luxury and elegance to your stationery.

green and gold wedding invitations

Wedding stationery debossed with real foil accents create a fancy and elegant look that’s perfect for upscale and sophisticated affairs.

For some couples, your theme might be another reason to add foil touches to create luxury wedding invitations. Create festive New Year’s Eve wedding invitations with sparkling silver foil-stamped designs or enhance your fairytale-inspired stationery with storybook gold or copper foil accents.

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Textured and Fun Wedding Invitations

Tip: Select a texture that is natural to your theme, the season, or the location of your wedding day.

Barn wood rustic wedding invitation.

Tree bark is a natural texture that adds a rustic, casual look to this contemporary wedding invitation.

Texture adds style and character to your wedding invitations, of course the type of texture you choose adds to your theme.

When designing rustic wedding invitations, for example, event planner Christine Zohrabians of Fancy That Events emphasizes bucolic charm by adding textures such as burlap, lace or barn wood.

If you’re planning a wedding by the ocean, consider nautical textures such as sailcloth, net or rope.

A winery-themed wedding invitation might feature a cork-textured background, while a traditional Egyptian wedding might be printed on paper that mimics an aged scroll.

Rosemary Hattenbach of Rosemary Events says natural textures are also ideal for seasonal weddings such as fall and winter weddings.

“I would focus on adding natural fibers that make sense for the time of year and wedding location,” she says.

For inspiration based on your wedding season, browse our favorite color pallets for summer, spring, winter and fall weddings.

Reasons to avoid texture altogether? If it takes away from your invitation theme or makes the text difficult to read.

While a texture such as barn wood looks stunning on a rustic invitation, it wouldn’t be appropriate for a traditional black tie affair.

Explore Shutterfly’s selection of wedding invitations featuring unique textures and patterns.

Wedding Invitation Trim Options

In the language of wedding invitations, trim refers to the border of invitation. You know about square and rounded wedding invitations, but what about bracket, ticket, and scallop? These are options, too. Wedding invitation trim can complement and even enhance the look you’re going for, so it’s important to be mindful of your overall design concept.

To create the perfect Art Deco wedding invitations, Tessa Brand recommends complementing an Art Deco invitation design with scalloped edges. Our Polished and Cherished design with scalloped trim and gold foil is the epitome of Art Deco opulence in a classy and fancy wedding invitation.

Art Deco wedding invitation with scallop trim.

The Polished and Cherished wedding invitation is given scalloped edges to enhance the unique Art Deco style.

For traditional, formal, and religious weddings, stick to square or rounded trims. These classic trim options are also ideal for invitations that feature busy or intricate designs.

Bracket is a great choice for casual and elegant weddings or to create unique and fun wedding invitations, while a ticket-shape complements most contemporary designs.

Tip: Not sure what trim fits your wedding day vision? Square invitation trim is a safe bet for nearly any wedding theme or style.

Wedding Invitation Paper for Fun and Fancy Wedding Invitations

Wedding planners are passionate about paper. Why? Because it can make or break your invitations.

Tip: Always see and touch invitation paper before making a final decision.

Even the best invitations designs can “look cheap,” when printed on low-quality paper, says Tessa Brand. To avoid this invitation design mishap, she encourages her clients to pay a little extra for thicker cardstock.

Premium wedding invitation set.

Wedding invitations printed on quality cardstock make a big impact and can add to the overall beauty of the design.

For Christine Zohrabians, paper is also everything. She recommends selecting paper based on the theme and the formality of your event.

If you’re planning a fairytale-themed wedding, for example, she suggests using pearl shimmer paper, while matte or signature card stock is best for a Halloween or masquerade-themed weddings. She’s all about adding layers of beautiful paper to an invitation along with envelope liners to complete the package of unique and fun wedding invitations.

Did you know? Shutterfly’s invitations are printed on our signature 120-pound, sustainably forested matte cardstock or pearl shimmer cardstock for a refined, textured feel.

You’re taking the time to customize your invitations with images, photos, text, plus all the lovely details mentioned above: trim and foil-stamped touches. Make sure your invitations are printed on premium stationery stock for a polished look.


Premium Wedding Invitations

Once you’ve selected the design, colors, trim and texture of your invitation, make sure you perfect your wording. Use our wedding invitation etiquette guide to craft your request of their presence. The right words paired with a beautiful design is just the ticket to excite and delight your guests for your upcoming big day.