20+ Custom Graduation Card Box Ideas

From choosing your theme to the date of your grad celebration, there are several details to put in place. Planning a party that allows you to enjoy time with loved ones is what matters most, and we’re here to help.

Next to your photo board or on your dessert table, have a place for guests to put their graduation cards and well wishes. We’ve collected 24 graduation card box ideas you can recreate for your own party. Review the gallery to find the one that matches your style best.

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1. Photo and Card Display

graduation card box ideas gold floral ring

Source: Shutterfly

Have your party guests clip their cards and notes to a cute DIY photo display. If your friends bring their senior portraits, they can add them right into the display.

2. Cardboard Graduation Hat

Build a card box that represents a graduation hat. Decorate it with inspiring quotes or graduation songs.

3. Graduation Cap with Tassel

Transform a shipping box into a graduation cap by wrapping fabric around each side. Add a tassel and the graduate’s name for a personalized box.

4. Antique Cage

Repurpose a metal birdcage as a box for your graduation cards. Pair this vintage item with flower vases and small indoor plants like succulents.

5. Painted Box

Choose a pattern like stripes or zig zags for your card box. Paint the surface with metallic tones for a chic, classic look.

6. Personalized Card Box

Looking for DIY card box ideas? Repurpose a shoe box or shipping container into a card box for your graduation party. Add your name and colorful decor to make it festive.

7. Photo Board

graduation card box ideas photo wall

Source: Shutterfly

Rather than a traditional card box, create a space for guests to place their cards on a photo board. They can pin their cards in a heart design or another shape like a star.

8. Metallic and Glass

A stunning glass box adds beauty to any graduation spread. Have your guests place their cards, photos and graduation gifts inside.

9. DIY Graduation Cap Box

Choose your school colors when creating your card box. Have it resemble a graduation cap by placing a square board on a circular base. Loop together string to form a tassel.

10. Floral and Metallic

In the market for beautiful graduation card box ideas? Find a floral box or paint the design yourself. After the party, reuse your bin to store items like stationery and craft supplies.

11. Stacked Cake

Place round boxes on top of each other to resemble a layered cake. Paint your boxes in fun colors, then tie the display together with a patterned ribbon.

12. Upcycled Storage Box

graduation card box ideas paint wood leather

Source: Oh Oh Deco

Paint an empty cardboard box and adhere wood trim to the edges. Your final result will be a stylish storage bin that can be reused after your celebration.

13. Wire Mail Basket

For a simple look, have your guests place their cards in a wire mail basket. Consider placing signs with graduation quotes and sayings nearby for inspiration.

14. Classic Lantern

If you’re planning a rustic or vintage soirée, consider using a lantern as your card box. Incorporate lanterns into your other decor, like your graduation centerpieces, for a cohesive ambiance.

15. Memory Box

Create a fun graduation activity for your party guests. Have them write down a favorite memory and place it in your card box. You’ll cherish their notes for years to come.

16. Cap Card Box

Opt for simple with a card box that mimics a graduation cap. Secure a piece of cardboard to the top and make sure your opening is large enough for all card sizes.

17. Playful Owl

Decorate a cereal box with foam pieces, like the feathers on this owl. Make your crafty card box into a bird, flower or school mascot — any of which are bound to get plenty of attention.

18. Photo Frame Box

Turn the sides of your card box into a display of memories. Place matching frames on each side, then insert graduation photos and other favorite snapshots from the year.

19. Vintage Suitcase

An antique suitcase makes for a gorgeous graduation card box. Decorate with lace and florals for a complete ensemble.

20. Patterned Box

Select a pattern — or multiple patterns — to decorate your card box. Consider designs like florals, stripes and polka dots.

21. DIY Fabric Box

Personalize your graduation card box with fabric and faux flowers. Match the colors of your box to your other party decor, like your centerpieces and tablecloths.

22. Picnic Basket

Will your graduation party be outside? Consider using a wicker picnic basket as your card box. Display photos on the inside lid to show special moments with family and friend.

23. Wood Crate

Instead of creating a box, use a wooden crate for your graduation cards. You can reuse the box in your home later as a photo book storage.

24. Hot Air Balloon

The sky’s the limit with this card box idea. Attach a balloon to your box for a hot air balloon look that’s bound to blow your guests away.

Whatever card box you choose, remember to appreciate the people supporting you. After your celebration, express gratitude by sending graduation thank you cards.