45 Personalized Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Even if it’s December 24th, you can still gift something truly heartfelt and personal to your friends and family. The best Christmas gifts don’t have to be big and flashy, but merely show off that you put love and effort into tailoring your present to your loved one. If you’ve come down to the final moments before the big day, don’t fret.

We’ve collected 45 customizable and homemade Christmas gifts that won’t be forgotten. Head to the thrift store and transform items into modern home accents, add a favorite photo to countless accessories or get creative with the gift of an experience. In the end, it’s the thought that counts, not how early you came up with the idea.

1. A Day Of Baking

Woman and daughter baking in kitchen.

Need a cheap Christmas gift idea that will make a huge impression? Bring over all the ingredients to spend an afternoon baking cookies with your favorite family members.

2. Beaded Fruit Earrings

Need to throw together a stylish gift in a hurry? Thread miniature beads with a sewing needle and attach them to small, fruit-shaped pieces of felt. Add earring back with a touch of super glue.

3. Family Recipe Cards

Handwritten recipe cards.

Source: Club Crafted

Need a gift for the person who loves to cook? Gift them a place to store all their homemade recipes to pass down through the family.

4. Card Holders

Monogrammed metal business card case.

Source: Shutterfly

Congratulate a recent graduate with a last-minute Christmas gift that makes them feel professional and ready for the real world. Add their name or initials to the outside of this timeless business card holder.

5. Ballerina Ornament

Do you have a young dancer in the family? Print out a photograph of them taking to the stage onto a white swatch of fabric. Add a tutu, bows and sequins for a 3D accessory.

6. Cosmetics Subscription

The beauty lover in your life will love the opportunity to find some new favorite products. A monthly cosmetics subscription will deliver sample sizes of new and different products to their door every month. If they find a new favorite, purchase the full size for them when their birthday comes around.

7. Wine Tasting

If you live in wine country, a wine tasting is the perfect way to round out the end of the year and celebrate with your loved one. Schedule a visit so you can try the latest blends together. When you’re done tasting, buy their favorite bottle to send them home with.

8. Surprise Visit

Do you live far away from someone you love? Plan a surprise trip to visit for the holidays. The gift of your presence will outdo anything else you could give them.

9. Flower Pot Candles

Nestle a small tea candle inside a repurposed planter for an easy rustic home design idea. Add a small bit of twine, a coat of dry-brushed paint and a small wooden star from the craft store.

10. Sunflower Pin Cushion

Every sewing enthusiast needs a handy pincushion to stay organized. Connect five pieces of felt, fill with stuffing and add a flower at the top for a decorative touch.

11. Throw Pillow

Stack of throw pillows.

Source: Shutterfly

A throw pillow is a cozy and comforting last-minute gift for the holidays. Showcase their style in their favorite colors or patterns to complement their space.

12. Springtime Journal

Floral patterned journal next to vase of flowers.Source: Shutterfly
Need a last-minute gift for the introspective soul? People who love to journal can never have enough personalized books for keeping all their thoughts, ideas and memories.

13. Go Fly A Kite

Remember flying a kite as a kid? Give the little ones in your life the gift of that fun. They’re also great for adults—a larger kite is a fun addition to an afternoon picnic or for your super outdoorsy friend.

14. Dog Toys

Dogs deserve love too! If your friend or family member loves their fur baby more than anything, a new collection of dog toys will keep their best friend entertained all year long. It’s a great way to keep them both active and enjoying life.

15. Reading Nook

If your resident reader, whether young or old, needs a spot to settle in with a good book, a reading nook is one of the best gifts they could ever receive. A cozy chair with a lamp and size table will set them up for reading success. A bookshelf is a great gift to add later on, like for their birthday.

16. Rainbow Planters

This gift set is perfect for every plant lover and is easy to put together at the last minute. Paint a selection of glass, plastic or porcelain candlesticks and attach to a matching cup or bowl. Fill with soil and a selection of succulents. This is a great way to use those random finds from the antique shop.

17. Tree Decor

Orb ornament with red ribbon.

Source: Shutterfly

Looking for a small gift? A glittery ornament showcasing a special day for a friend or family member is a great way to decorate their tree for years to come.

18. Repurposed Candle Holders

Add a combination of bright pastels to wooden candle holders to bring an old set back to life. Wrap up your stylish gift with new candlesticks for a wedding, housewarming party or birthday.

19. Gift Card

When it doubt, a gift card is a great gift, especially for someone in your life that’s hard to shop for. That way, they can get what they want or need on their own time.

20. Ping Pong

Ping pong is one of the most fun activities to play with a group, so why not take it anywhere? A portable net with a set of balls and paddles will keep the fun alive wherever you go. They’re easy to pack in a suitcase for a guys’ trip as well.

21. Instant Camera

Nothing’s more classic than an instant camera. Tap into their nostalgia with a handheld camera they can use to snap pictures throughout their Christmas celebration. Perfect for both the photographers and Instagrammers in your life.

22. Denim Roses

Create a jean bouquet as a great gift for teens that love to add a little artistic flair to their rooms. Choose a pair of old jeans, wooden skewers and garden wire to create the look.

23. Chalk Ice

If you’re seeing all the kids in your family this Christmas, gather together all the ingredients to make DIY sidewalk chalk ice. As soon as it’s warm enough to go outside, head outside to make some art.

24. Pink Skin Scrub

Just four easy ingredients make a massive batch of exfoliant skin scrub to whip up for your whole family. Package in jars with handmade labels and hand out as a party favor or group Christmas gift.

25. Audiobook Subscription

Keep the bookworm in your life engaged with the latest titles, even when they’re on the go. An audiobook subscription lets them keep listening while they’re commuting or traveling, plus they’ll get to explore some new genres or titles.

26. Flannel Pajamas

Nothing screams “holiday season” quite like flannel pajamas. They’re warm and cozy—perfect for the occasion. If your loved one lives in a colder climate, they’ll enjoy these well into the new year.

27. Game Of Strategy

If they love board and card games, find them a strategy game that they don’t have in their collection. Many stores have a huge stock of games around the holidays. Play it together as a family on Christmas day—the perfect gifting strategy!

28. Handcrafted Flower Vase

This DIY Christmas gift looks like it took days of sculpting but actually makes a great last-minute gift. Mold clay into a base, flower stand and ring to hold up a single fresh bloom in a vase, such as a tulip or a Gerber daisy.

29. Custom Socks

Custom patterned christmas socks.

Source: Shutterfly

Keep your loved ones warm and comfy around the house for the winter months. A pair of customized socks with a cohesive theme is a great gift for everyone to coordinate and have a little fun on Christmas day. Match with Christmas sweaters for the perfect holiday wardrobe!

30. Fall Room Sprays

Looking for a gift for the fall fanatic in your life? Combine distilled water, Epsom salts and a spicy blend of essential oils for autumnal sprays to reinvigorate their cozy home. They won’t be able to wait for next year to use them!

31. Bonfire Sticks

When the temperature drops and everyone gathers around the fire, you’ll be ready with these homemade gifts. Add a mix of clay to the end of metal skewers and pair with fresh s’mores ingredients.

32. New Restaurant

For the foodie in your life, a reservation at the newest restaurant in their town will surely be an experience to remember. They’ll enjoy dining out and trying new bites with their family.

33. Coloring Book

Young or old, a coloring book is a great gift. For kiddos, it lets them flex their artistic muscles and practice their motor skills. For the adults in your life, they can relieve stress and tap into their childlike creativity.

34. Wine Delivery

Don’t forget the basics! A monthly wine delivery will ensure your favorite wine lover’s fridge stays stocked with the classics and some new favorites. It’s a great way for them to try out different wines throughout the year.

35. Caned Candle Holders

Show off your sense of simplistic, mod-inspired style by adding a layer of caned rattan to the outside of a plain candle holder. Pop a scented candle into each to match the season.

36. Colorblocked Planters

Connect two bowls end to end and spray paint each an eye-catching color. Fill the top with soil and a bold indoor plant or flowers to liven up your loved one’s home.

37. Local Class

Many studios and specialty food shops host classes, from painting and pottery to cheese tasting and baking lessons. Schedule an evening of fun to spend time together and try something new.

38. Weekend Getaway

Struggling to find a last-minute gift for your partner? Book a weekend getaway to their favorite spot. It’s always great to have something to look forward to.

39. Holiday Gift Basket

A holiday gift basket is a great gift that keeps on giving. New treats and old favorites pair together for a delightful spread they’ll enjoy all season. Visit a local food store for ideas—they may even have their own gift basket to showcase their products.

40. Fruit Drink Stirrers

Liven up the cocktails at a holiday housewarming party by crafting a fruit medley of drink stirrers. Add a colorful felt ball to the end of a plastic stirrer and add leaves, stems and seeds by hand. Their home bar will be prepared for any celebration.

41. Knit Tablet Sleeve

Keep their reading tablet safe and sound in a handknit cover. Knit an easy pattern and pair with a new book file for their device.

42. Ink Paintings

Alcohol ink paintings create a customized work of art when you’re low on time. Get creative and craft a unique set of artwork for a new home. Be sure to frame to show off its beauty.

43. Sheet Music

For the resident pianist, guitarist or vocalist in your life, a book of sheet music can keep their musical inspiration alive. Visit your local music shop or stop into a vintage store for a one-of-a-kind find.

44. Local Jellies And Preserves

Perfect for those that live near orchards or farms, local jellies and preserves are truly a treat that can be enjoyed all season. Many places create seasonal recipes, so be sure to stock up while they’re around so you can give them to everyone you know, plus enjoy some yourself.

45. Customized Gift Tags

Handmade gift tags are a great way to add a personalized touch to a gift, even if you had to make it in a hurry. Print each tag and add a piece of decorative twine to attach to your wrapped gift box.

If you’re down to the final moments before Christmas, break out the crafting supplies or hit the local stores to find something perfect for everyone. Characterize each gift with unique wrapping paper for a special touch. Even if it’s something small and simple, the family will love the personalized touches added to each gift.