20+ New Baby Gift Ideas Perfect for Any Newborn

Welcoming a little one into the world is easily one of the most precious events in life. Therefore, it’s important to celebrate their arrival as best as you can. And picking out the perfect baby gift is a tried and true way to do that. Whether you plan on passing down a family heirloom, finding something on their registry, or gifting them something unique, we want to help. That’s why we’ve made a list of our top picks for new baby gifts. Pick a section below to get started.

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Cute Newborn Baby Gift Ideas

Finding the right baby gifts largely depends on what the parents need or want. If they have a registry, it’s best to stick with that. But if they don’t or if you want to get them something extra, the following ideas are just for you:

1. DIY Baby Shower Gift Basket

Baby shower gift basket ideas with toys and card

This DIY baby gift basket is full of cute gifts and thoughtful baby supplies that both Mom and Baby will love. From stuffed animals, to handmade gift tags, to an ultrasound mug and tea kit for the new mom, it has everything. Check out our resource on DIY baby shower gift basket ideas for a full guide on how to put together this adorable basket. 

2. Personalized Story Book

A stack of personalized story books on a shelf.

Personalized story books are one of the most thoughtful and creative new baby gifts you can give. Craft a storybook that features the little one in the middle of the storyline. Then make sure to include a sweet message on the title page to remind the baby how much they’re loved. 

3. Custom Baby Blanket

A cute pink baby blanket with photos.

Baby blankets are a classic new baby gift for a reason. They’re soft, warm, and represent all the comfort you want to give the little one. And these baby blankets can be customized with the baby’s name, photos, or special designs.

4. Night Light

A set of baby night lights.

Worried that the little one may need a little light to keep bad dreams at bay? If so, these custom night lights can be personalized with the baby’s name along with a cute design. They’re guaranteed to help keep baby feeling safe and secure all night long.

5. Personalized Teddy Bear

A teddy bear with a custom T-shirt for a cute gift idea.

Everyone loves teddy bears, which makes them a popular new baby gift. Make your gift stand apart from the rest with these personalized teddy bears. Customize the bear’s shirt with the baby’s name or a sweet message for a lifelong friend they’ll love to snuggle.

6. Diapers

A set of new diapers for a newborn.

Struggling to find the perfect baby gift? Don’t worry, there’s one gift that we can promise the new mom will thank you for. No matter what, Mom can never have enough diapers. Pre-purchase a set of her choice brand and tie them together with a decorative ribbon.

7. Fox Name Plaque

Two different kids name plaques.

A personalized name plaque helps turn the nursery room into a special place for Baby. Customize these one-of-a-kind plaques with the little one’s name along with photos or a cute nursery design. Mom will love this decorative addition. 

Newborn Baby Boy Gift Ideas

Looking for something to celebrate the arrival of a beautiful baby boy? These blue focused newborn gift ideas will do just the trick. Pick your favorite from the baby gifts for boys below or use them to inspire an idea all your own.

8. Blue Booties

Homemade knitted baby blue booties, pacifier and present.

Booties are one of the most classic baby symbols out there. And since babies outgrow their clothes so quickly, Mom can never have enough shoe options for the little one. Pick out a pair or two of your favorite blue booties for an adorable new baby gift.

9. Kids Framed Art Print

New Baby Art Prints

These framed art prints are as cute as can be. Choose from a variety of wall ready frames and designs to match the nursery’s theme. Whether you personalize the art print with a unique design, photos, or messages, this lasting print will help make the baby feel right at home. 

10. Boys Custom Placemat 

A Baby's Placemat with art.

If babies aren’t one thing, it’s clean. Help Mom out by providing a mess friendly placemat. It’ll make clean up time after every meal so much easier, plus you can choose from a wide variety of designs and themes.

11. Blue Baby Box

Gift Layette for babies.

This baby box is full of a few key baby supplies to help your loved one with her introduction to motherhood. With diapers, baby powder, blue wash clothes, and diapers, this box lets the growing family know how much you care for and support them.

12. Baby Boy Clothing

Pile of green and blue baby clothes, pacifier and toy.

Just like the booties, babies will quickly grow out of baby clothing. To help the new parents avoid having to buy a whole new wardrobe every few months, it’s a great idea to supply a few different baby boy outfits in different sizes. That that he doesn’t fit into yet, he’ll eventually grow into.

New Baby Girl Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a specific selection of baby gifts for girls? If so, we have you covered with the gift list below. Pick anything from a pink baby clothing to a decorative step stool for a memorable present that both Mom and baby will love. 

13. Pink Bib

Cute baby girl sleeping, milk bottle near her face with a pink bib.

What’s better than providing the new baby with a cute pink bib? Giving her an extra pair or two. That way while one or more is in the wash, you know she’ll have an extra to use during meal times. Just make sure the mom takes plenty of pictures while she’s wearing it.

14. Personalized Frames

A cute personalized frame for a newborn baby.

Few things, if any, are cuter than a newborn baby. And those precious photos derve a special frame to preserve them. Give the gift of a personalized frame to help highlight this important chapter of life with our selection of designs and sizes.

15. Decorative Step Stool

A step stool for a cute gift.

Even if the baby can’t use it for a few years to come, step stools make great decor staples for a nursery room. Personalize your step stool with the baby’s name and a cute design for something the mom will love to add to the nursery. 

16. Baby Girl Clothing

A set of clothing for a baby girl.

A few gifted dresses, pajamas, and rompers will help keep the little one dressed in her best, even as she starts to grow. Pick out the cutest designs (or ask the mom for her preference) and wrap them in a pink gift basket with ribbon.

17. Pink Booties

Young happy future parents hands holding woolen knitted newborn baby booties.

These pink baby booties are picture-perfect. Whether you decide to knit them yourself, order a custom pair, or pass down a pair that belongs to your family, Mom is sure to appreciate this baby gift. 

Grandparent Gift Ideas For New Baby

If you’re the lucky grandparent of the newborn, you’re probably feeling a little torn on what gifts to give them. You can’t wait to spoil them and want to make sure their first gift from you is extra special. We’re here to help. Check out the adorable gift ideas below.

18. Baby Photo Book

A baby photo book on a bed.

If you’re like most grandparents in the age of smartphones, you’ve probably already taken dozens (if not hundreds) of photos of the little one. Some of them might even include pregnancy photos before they were born. Showcase these in a meaningful way by creating a baby photo book. For specific ideas and advice make sure to visit our resource on baby photo book ideas.

19. Photo Cube

Photo cubes for a new baby gift.

Photo cubes make for adorable baby room decorations. Create one or two with your favorite photos of the little one, along with their loving family members. Not only will this be a forever keepsake but it’ll look great in their nursery. 

20. Knit or Crochet Toys

Three soft toy bears and a white hare made of crochet.

If you’re a grandparent who’s known for being a whizz with the knitting needles, now is your time to shine. Knit or crochet a special toy, booties, or cap for the new baby. Even if they quickly grow out of whatever you make them, the family will be sure to hang onto this special gift for generations to come.  

21. Baby Canvas Print

Two babies on two canvas prints.

Canvas prints are the best way to show off those beautiful newborn photos. These hand-stretched, gallery-wrapped edges look great for hanging with or without a frame. Just make sure that the photo you order is high enough quality for these stand out prints, and the parents will absolutely love it. 

22. Supplies Gift Card

Printed greeting card with cutest sleeping newborn baby on the knitted background with gift card.

When in doubt of what to gift your new grandchild, it’s always best to support the new parents. Giving them a gift card to a baby supplies store or online shop may help them feel a little less financially stressed as they start to settle in. They’ll be sure to thank you later.

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