30 Newlywed Christmas Card Ideas

Christmas is right around the corner, and celebrating your first Christmas as a married couple is a thrill! Before thinking of all the fun Christmas gifts you must figure out how to upgrade from your previous Christmas cards to your very first newlywed holiday cards. Perhaps you’re using your engagement photos or a cute picture in front of your tree—but if you are still looking for some ideas, we have them here!

Whether you are sharing a cozy blanket or playing in the snow, the cold never looked so fun. You can include your kids or a pet—they love joining in on the fun and it’s the perfect family portrait! Sit back and browse some ideas from these Christmas newlywed photo ideas.

1. Steal A Kiss

Don’t be shy and steal a little kiss from your honey while hanging up your Christmas decor—even if the neighbors are watching!

2. Get Carried Away!

What better way to cozy up than in the arms of your new husband? Flash a smile while you are whisked away!

3. Christmas Lights

This moment of bliss is beautifully captured. Dress up and make it a date night after your shoot with dinner and a movie.

4. Christmas Tree Shopping

Searching for the perfect Christmas tree? Might as well bring your pet with you! Not only will they make the family picture complete but they may even find your next tree.

5. Be A Kid Again

Bundle up and run around in the snow. If this was something you enjoyed doing as a kid, you will certainly enjoy it more with your best friend by your side.

6. Picnic Time

Picnic in the fall? Yes, please! Cozy up to your sweetheart and your furry friends for a magical moment.

7. Share a Cup of Joe

Share a cup of joe with your dearly beloved. Little moments like this are always a great start to your day.

8. Make A Snow Angel

What better way to make a snow angel than with your angel on earth? The snowball fight can happen after, or you will ruin your hair and makeup!

9. Best Friends Forever

Glam it up! A sparkly holiday dress, a sharp suit and tie, and a furry companion makes everything picture perfect. Plus you’ll end up with some adorable pet Christmas cards.

10. Winter Wonderland

Escape to dreamland with your favorite dress and your favorite guy. Find a quiet spot in the woods or even your favorite outdoor place.

12. City Stroll

Walking in the city on a chilly winter day is loads of fun—sneak a moment to enjoy your husband’s company.

13. Shine On

The best thing about your partner in life is that they make you laugh no matter what. This simple background allows a genuine moment to shine through.

14. Mr. and Mrs

Oh the newly Mr. and Mrs! Dress up in your favorite holiday colors and whisper some jolly sweet nothings to your main squeeze.

15. Love and the City

Source: Gia Photos

Show your family members how swept away you are! The city background is always a romantic view.

16. Magical Sled

Down the snowy mountain, you go. Forget the fancy props and the glitzy wardrobe—sometimes everyday moments are the best ones to capture.

17. Send Snow

The best way to send Christmas wishes is to through snow! This playful shot is perfect for the camera-shy couple.

18. Your Own Movie Scene

There’s no place like your very own winter wonderland. Whether you had a winter wedding, or want to dress up in your fanciest attire, your friends and family will enjoy this magical scene.

19. Your First Christmas Tree

Your most special day, and your very first Christmas tree all wrapped up in one cozy card for your friends and family to display proudly.

20. Black and White

Black and white can be as beautiful and breathtaking as a color photo. Especially when love is in the air.

21. Dance Away

Grab your sweetie and dance around to your favorite holiday tunes. You won’t regret it!

22. First Kiss

Where did you first kiss your sweetheart? Take them back and recapture a moment. Your friends and family will now be able to piece together a beautiful story.

23. Winter Getaway

A beautiful winter getaway makes for a lot of photo opportunities. Send well wishes from your cozy vacation.

24. Love Angles

Love looks good no matter where you are. Try different angles. You’d be surprised at how cool the outcome can be.

25. Surrounded By Beauty

It doesn’t have to snow where you are to get this beautiful shot. It can look as beautiful surrounded by grass and flowers as well.

26. Rain or Shine

Rain or shine a photo opportunity should never be missed! Stroll along a rainy path and don’t forget your umbrella!

27. Silly Smiles

Show your loved ones the silly moments you have together. It will bring a smile to their face.

28. Picture Perfect

If you’ve recently had to dress up for a fancy party or dinner, then you’ve got the perfect excuse to wear your party outfits again. Any background will do for this type of photo, just make sure you smile!

29. Escape Reality

Get really creative and take your family on a fun adventure! Your friends and family will be wishing they joined you.

30. Dapper Up

Dapper up and take a stroll through your town. Not only will you have a great time posing for pics, but you’ll be turning heads as well.

Final Thoughts on Newlywed Christmas Card Ideas

As you can see, there are many ways to take your first Christmas photos together and still have a blast. All you need is your favorite place, your new beau and some warm clothes! Once you’ve taken care of the photoshoot, pick from a variety of love Christmas cards or beautiful Christmas photo cards and start mailing.