How To Choose Unique Company Christmas Cards For Your Team

The holidays are a time to spread gratitude and support to all those that bring joy and success to your life. Use this opportunity to focus your appreciation on your employees and coworkers. Custom Christmas cards and photo holiday cards for your team are personalized ways to show your appreciation for the unique talents that help your company grow and thrive.

Think back over the past year to recognize what everyone’s work meant to the company. For extra personalization, consider designing a company holiday card. Did you take a group image together during a holiday party or company picnic over the summer? Holiday photo cards represent the spirit of the community you hope to foster in the office. You can also pick a company Christmas card design that reflects your brand’s specific style and personality. We’ll explore all the ways to write unique Christmas cards that celebrate your team members at work and inspire them to focus their enthusiasm into the year ahead.

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1. What Makes A Company Christmas Card Idea Meaningful?

Black, white, red and green christmas card hanging on gold garland.
Personalization is the key to connecting with your coworkers, even if you have a large team. You may not have the time or manpower to write out individual Christmas greeting cards, but there are still plenty of ways to spread season’s greetings in a way that recognizes the individual contributions of your team members.

So how do you personalize photo holiday cards so each team member feels recognized and supported going into the new year? Begin by considering the words and phrases that come to mind when you think of your team. Think about:

  • Dedication
  • Efforts
  • Success
  • Loyalty
  • Drive
  • Continued support
  • Enthusiasm
  • Innovation

These words look beyond the basic day-to-day tasks and recognize that each employee made a larger impact on the company and your work.

Reference Your Past Year

Begin by looking back on the year your business just completed. What major milestones or transitions stand out? Make a note of events you want to celebrate and overcome hurdles worth applauding. You can even sort through each department to make note of key successes in each area.

Determine Your Tone

Next, consider what kind of message you hope to send your teammates into the holidays with this time of year. With a transition on the horizon, it’s important to focus on the festive and celebratory energy that encourages rest and inspiration going into the New Year. This is a time to be uplifting and supportive without the formality of a business email.

Pick A Card Design

The design of your holiday greeting card says just as much as what you choose to write. Do you have a photograph of the whole company that is new to the team? If not, stick to a warm and welcoming custom holiday card that your coworkers will be proud to hang on their desk or work area.

To sum up, begin by:

  • Finding small ways to personalize your business Christmas cards so the team feels it’s coming directly from you.
  • Looking back on the past year for your company to set the tone for your greeting card.
  • Choosing a festive and supportive tone for your seasonal holiday card.
  • Considering a photograph or design on your Christmas stationery that speaks to your company’s culture.

2. What To Say In A Company Christmas Card

White christmas card with red text next to wrapped gift.
Balancing your personalized appreciation and a professional tone can feel a bit tricky in a company card. How do you make your team feel like you’re writing from the heart while maintaining that managerial persona? When you first sit down to write your company greeting card, take a moment to think about what you would say in person before a group of colleagues. Finding a natural sentiment in your writing often comes down to finding your natural tone of speaking.

List Your Favorite Phrases

Collect a series of phrases that feel right for you and your team. You can look back on your list of keywords you wrote earlier to help you piece together phrases. Perhaps your phrases are focused on the successful year behind you with something like, “I am so grateful for your contributions to our office over this momentous year of company growth.” You can also skip referencing your business entirely. Instead, focus more on their work with a message such as, “Your dedication and creativity to our team never goes unnoticed. Wishing you a relaxing holiday and a successful year ahead.”

Company Christmas greeting cards can also encourage checking out from work for a few days to focus on time with your loved ones. As a supervisor or director, this sets the tone for the holiday break. Messages that wish them a relaxing week away to take in the joy of the season places focus on the holiday opposed to work itself. Even in these short corporate holiday card messages, consider adding a quick note of gratitude for what they bring to the company to tie in your professional sentiment.

Consider Your Format

Person writing Christmas card on wooden table next to wrapped gifts and garland.
How do you format a note in a professional card? If you’re handwriting each note, be sure to begin with a formal introduction, such as “Dear Lisa,” and end with your full name printed and signed at the base of the card. If you have a less formal office, just your handwritten name will do. The body of the card can range from one to three sentences depending on how much you hope to personalize the note. The larger the audience, the more you should feel free to keep the note short and sweet to include sentiments that fit the whole team.

Combine Printed and Handwritten Notes

You can also add a short handwritten note to custom holiday cards with a generic printed message. Design your card with a short, personalized note printed on each card. This could be something as simple as “Wishing you a warm holiday season,” or “Happy Holidays from {company name}.” If your folded note card includes extra blank space, include a personalized note for each team or team member in writing. This shows that you took the time to think of something extra to say to each employee. It starts up a conversation when you see your colleagues and personalizes their experience.

10 company Christmas card ideas to get you started:

  • From our family here at {business name} to yours, happy holidays. We hope it is restful, rejuvenating, and filled with love.
  • The successes of the past year are a result of your dedication and hard work. Thank you and have a very merry holiday.
  • In the season of gratitude, we wanted to let you know how much you mean to this company.
  • Happy holidays from the whole team! Thank you for always spreading cheer and support throughout the office.
  • We could not be the company we are without your loyalty and dedication. Happy holidays to you and yours.
  • Wishing you all the success in the coming year. Thank you for being part of our team.
  • As the year comes to a close, we encourage you to look back with a sense of pride for all you’ve accomplished with our company this year. A very happy and restful holiday to you.
  • We wouldn’t be the team we are without your brilliance and creativity. Kick back and enjoy your holiday break!
  • Wishing you and yours the loveliest of holiday seasons. Thank you for everything you do.
  • We are honored to have you as a part of our team here at {company name}. This holiday season, we wanted to let you know how much you’re appreciated.

3. When To Give Corporate Christmas Cards

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Distribute your company Christmas cards based on your own office schedule. Typically, Christmas greeting cards go out the day or week before the group disperses for holiday break. This can be tricky if employees are hitting the road for vacation early this year, so be sure to catch everyone before they’re gone until the new year. Depending on the size of your team, consider placing the cards on everyone’s desks, in their mailboxes, or delivering them by hand.

You can also determine your company card timing around your office Christmas party or a Secret Santa, or even incorporate it into your end-of-year celebration invitation (don’t forget the RSVP cards and address labels, too!). Overall, choose an event that marks the switch into the holiday season before you spend some time away. This allows everyone to settle into the holiday energy around the same time. For example, if you’re writing specific cards for your department or team, hand them out during your last meeting before the holiday break.

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Not sure where to get started? Choose custom high-quality holiday cards that show off your company’s style. Your coworkers will keep the card on their desk for the months ahead to remind them of your kind and supportive thoughts. Whether you want to thank them for all their hard work or wish them a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or a happy New Year with a holiday gift, they’ll appreciate the warm wishes you share. Just don’t forget to include a personalized gift!