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Everyday Photo Books

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Everyday Photo Books
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Design an Everyday Photo Book

Life moves by at the blink of an eye sometimes. One moment, it’s January 1 and you’re planning your resolutions for the year; the next, it’s the end of the school year and you’re making plans for the summer. Don’t let the memories float away – create an everyday photo book to capture the small moments that make for the best stories. We make it easy to take all the funny or adorable photos on your phone and turn them into physical items worth cherishing.

What kind of memories should you include in an everyday photo book? It’s up to you! Pool parties, cookouts, wine and cheese nights, and staycations are some types of events for which you could design a book. But the everyday photo book is great for remembering small moments, like your entire family huddled under blankets during the last snowstorm or a hilarious outfit your child put on for going to school.

Shutterfly’s custom photo books are excellent for people who are looking for not only professional, high-quality albums, but also something that is easy to produce. We offer a variety of scrapbooking layouts (without the mess of scrapbooking), elegant visuals, and the ability to customize text and rearrange photos. We provide the structure so you can share your story. Keep your favorite memories close with our personalized photo books.

If you’re looking for other ways to remember why every moment counts, you might like our custom photo mugs or decorative photo cubes as personalized décor. Explore the options and begin designing today.