24 Cat-Approved Room Ideas For Your Kitty-Themed Home

Your feline family member is more than just a pet. A cat’s sass and personality fill your home with love and support year round. Whether burrowing into that new cardboard box or laying across your laptop, they’re a constant source of sweet entertainment. So why not dedicate a room to how much you love your kitty? Everything from DIY cat beds and pillows to catnip planters make your apartment or house just a little more cat-friendly. Transform an extra space into a cat playroom or deck out your favorite room with cat-themed decor.

Peruse our collection of cat bedroom ideas, play spaces and plenty of spots to include sweet cat quotes to honor your favorite creature. Every item also makes excellent DIY bedroom decor for your own personal design as well.

1. Napping Cat Cross Stitch

Follow this beginner-friendly pattern to depict a snuggly kitty rolled up for a nap. Hang as DIY bedroom wall decor or as an eye-catching accent in your cat playroom.

2. Geometric Cat Faces

cat room ideas geometric faces

Source: Amber Oliver

This simple DIY cat room decor works perfectly on a bookshelf or across your dresser. Attach asymmetrical triangles of scrap wood and add a painted or stick-on kitty face.

3. Book of Kitty Memories

cat room ideas cat photo book

Source: Shutterfly

Show off your favorite cat photo sessions with the kids, cuddling up in a sunny spot or being completely ridiculous in your own cat album. Create your own layouts and tell a story about your favorite furry friend from cover to cover.

4. Tri-Colored Cat-Scratch Post

Your kitties can get out all their scratches on this DIY cat-scratch post. Wrap a 4×4 wooden post with 150 feet of nylon rope. Dye two sections of the rope to create a color-blocked pattern.

5. Rope Bed Basket

cat room ideas rope cat basket

Source: Lia Griffith

Coil clothesline with the help of a sewing machine into a cat-shaped kitty bed. Add rope ears and an embroidered face and fill with their favorite cushion or pillow for a snuggly place to sleep.

6. Snuggly Cat Friend

cat room ideas diy cat toy

Source: My Poppet

Looking for a gift for your favorite cat-loving kid? This hand-sewn stuffed cat pattern includes a fabric layout for the body, legs and tail and specific instructions for embroidering your own kitty face.

7. Rampin’ Up The Scratches

Looking for a simple cat playroom item that is bound to be a crowd pleaser? Attach the ends of two planks of wood — one short and one long — with wood glue and wrap the longer side in sisal rope. The slight incline will help your kitties sink their claws in for a good scratch.

8. Sweet Kitty Pom Pom Pillow

Perfect for those learning to sew, this DIY throw pillow is a bright and playful addition to your cat room bed or living couch. Fill a circle of yellow fabric with polyfill and add felt cat facial features with a trim of white pom poms.

9. Luxe Kitty Bed

cat room ideas copper bed

Source: A Crafty Mix

Looking for a way to repurpose an old fluffy sweater? Secure it around small copper pipes attached to create a small bed frame for a comfy kitty resting spot. The suspended sweater gives a hammock effect that cats love.

10. Two-Tiered Cat Hammock

Need ideas for repurposing your recent cardboard delivery box? Remove squares from the outside walls of the box and add a cozy piece of fleece both to the base of the bed and halfway up the box. Your kitties can choose to snooze in the hammock or on the bed below.

11. Spruced-Up Scooper

Why not add a little fancy charm to your litter box setup? Wrap the handle of a sturdy cat box scooper with leather or suede rope and secure with super glue.

12. Cat And Kitten Pattern

cat room ideas cat stuffed animal

Source: Fluffmonger

Gift a handmade stuffed kitty pair by following these step-by-step instructions. The only materials required are fleece, embroidery floss, stuffing and strong thread.

13. Addicted To Catnip Planter

If your kitties love trying to nibble on your houseplants, give them one that’s safe and all their own. Plant cat grass in a handmade planter that’s decked out with a cat face and sturdy enough not to knock over when they come to nibble.

14. Oversized Cat Throw Pillow

Transform a cat bath mat into the focal point of your living room or cat play space. After sewing two identical mats together, fill with a separate case of Polyfil and cotton fabric. Add the padding just before sewing up the base of the mats.

15. Happy Cat Planter

cat room ideas painted cat planter

Source: Maje Zmaife

Cover a plain ceramic planter with white acrylic paint and add a smiling cat face with a simple nose, mouth and two big eyes. Pink cheeks add a little touch of color as well. Fill with a tall, pet-safe plant to add some greenery to your cat playroom.

16. Rainbow Scratch Post

Cats love to groom themselves against the scratchiness of thick sisal rope. Trace and cut a rainbow shape from half-inch wood and wrap the rope around the entire arch. Attach to a thick piece of plywood with two hand-painted clouds at the base of each side.

17. Rope Coil Cat Basket

cat room ideas cat basket

Source: Hello Glow

Use a sewing machine to coil together a traditional rope basket, fit a kitty face on the front and a playful tail on the back. Personalize it to look like your kitty and fill with DIY cat toys!

18. Kitty Coin Purse

cat room ideas coin purse

Source: Bubanana

Carry all your change or daily odds and ends in your cat-themed DIY coin purse. By sewing a simple cat face to the inside of the pouch, the purse takes on a kitty look when opened.

19. Water Bowl Garden of Greens

Up your water bowl game by placing a small glass bowl within a larger planter packed with cat-friendly grass to nibble. To make things even easier, the cat ends up watering the soil as their drip around the bowl!

20. Vintage Kitty Camper

Create your own mobile cat bedroom out of two cardboard boxes, tape and a collection of your favorite vintage-inspired paint colors. Add a window awning, an easy-to-open door and of course, plenty of padding inside to stay comfy. Paint a sweet cat saying on the outside for a unique touch.

21. Paw Print Ornament

For a great craft activity with your kids, cut a few pieces of sticky paper into the shape of a paw print and attach to a small square of scrap wood. Add their name and decorate as you or your kids like.

22. Cat-Stamped Photo Tea Towels

Every room of your home deserves some DIY cat decor. Turn a cat photo into an engraved stamp online or use your favorite cat-themed shape to create a patterned tea towel. These towels also make great housewarming gifts for your cat-loving friend.

23. Balloon Animal Collar Charm

Shrink plastic is a trusty material for turning detailed art into tiny charms and collar tags. Print the image of a cat onto shrink material and bake each piece according to the package’s instructions. Attach to your cat’s collar for a personalized touch.

24. Wooden Cat Mirror

cat room ideas cat shaped mirror

Source: Oh Oh Deco

Curating items for an interesting room theme is all about the details. Use a jigsaw to cut a simple cat head shape from 6mm plywood. Glue a simple round mirror from your craft store to the center of the wood and add a small triangle for easy display.

Keep your cat cozy and comfortable by creating items just for them and their one-of-a-kind personality. Do you have multiple cats? Double up on your crafting to create different areas of your home into personalized cat spaces for these territorial creatures.