53 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

We rounded up the best Christmas gift ideas for any woman in your life.

Whether you’re celebrating your first Christmas together or your thirtieth, DIY Christmas gifts and personalized presents always steal the spotlight. You don’t even have to be super crafty to wow the lady in your life with something unique and meaningful this holiday. Add a personalized touch with a photo, a quote or your family initials to create a gift that will live in your home forever. Most importantly, each of these Christmas gifts can play a special role in your home to remind her of your love long after the holiday season has passed.

DIY Christmas Gifts for Her

The following gifts are perfect for the women of your life with ideas for individuals of all interests. Plus, they pair great with a cute holiday card from the Shutterfly holiday shop. Pick your favorite from those below or use the Christmas gift ideas to inspire a present all your own.

1. Let Creativity Bloom

christmas gifts for her let creativity bloom

Source: Shutterfly

Provide a place for her to write down all her best ideas and stories in a floral notebook. The motivational message on the cover will always remind her to spend some time each day focusing on herself.

2. Traveler’s Charms

christmas gifts for her travelers charms

Source: Shutterfly

What better way to commemorate the past year’s adventures with gold or silver charm bracelet? Start the tradition by purchasing a delicate chain or add on to her current collection with photos, birthstones or travel-themed charms.

3. Silver And Gold

christmas gifts for her silver and gold

Source: Shutterfly

There’s no going wrong with a sleek piece of engraved jewelry. Choose a delicate cuff or a necklace with a bar charm with a loving message to show your love.

4. Cocktail Tray

christmas gifts for her cocktail tray

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Ideal for an afternoon with the girls, choose a sun-filled photo of your favorite travel spot and frame it within an elegant serving tray. Whether it displays palm trees or mountaintops, this nature-themed tray carries cocktails with class and adds some charm to your bar cart.

5. Champagne Set

christmas gifts for her champagne set

Source: Shutterfly

With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, this personalized champagne flute set will kick the year off with a toast. Include your wife’s initials, your anniversary or a festive phrase on the front of each glass.

6. Close To My Heart

christmas gifts for her close to my heart

Source: Shutterfly

This Christmas set a beautiful image of the lady in your life in a charm enclosed in gold. Choose a delicate gold-plated chain so she can keep her family close to her heart throughout the day.

7. Mason Jar Herb Garden

christmas gifts for her mason jar herb garden

Source: Shutterfly

Fill the kitchen with the smell of fresh herbs growing all year in a set of etched mason jars. Fill the base of each jar with small stones and pack with soil and herbs. Group together with winter recipes to keep the kitchen warm and cozy all season.

8. Oversized Hot Chocolate Mug

christmas gifts for her oversized hot chocolate mug

Source: Shutterfly

Cozy up for the winter months ahead with a wide-mouthed mug adorned with family photos. The oversized shape is ideal for filling with a bag of homemade hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, and the perfect hot cocoa recipe. You can also choose a gift that celebrates her passions or favorite ways to wind down such as a trivet for tea time or a cozy hot chocolate mug covered in family photos. If you’re looking to find a food gift for Christmas, pair your recipe, treat or specialty food items with one of the many custom kitchen gifts on our list.

9. Book Of Cats

christmas gifts for her book of cats

Source: Shutterfly

She’ll adore this homage to her favorite furry friend filled with stories and images from over the years. Compile a photo book with collages on each page with quotes about cats, important dates and all their best images.

10. Glimmering Glasses Case

christmas gifts for her glimmering glasses case

Source: Lia Griffith

Hand make this metallic glasses and makeup case fit for a night out as a unique Christmas gift. Choose champagne or gold-toned felt and secure with hot glue and a simple stitch around the edges.

11. Desk Photo Displays

christmas gifts for her desk photo displays

Source: Shutterfly

Looking for a unique way to display all your favorite images? Mount them on a unique easel with a beautiful background of your choosing. Create a collage for her home office that displays the entire family.

12. Elegant Paper Art

christmas gifts for her elegant paper art

Source: Lia Griffith

Layered paper art makes for a lovely homemade Christmas gift. Follow the guide to print and cut out this delicate image of a fox in the woods and set inside a white wooden frame.

13. Matching Desk Set

christmas gifts for her matching desk set

Source: Unsplash

Set her up for success with a color-coordinated gift set filled with everything she needs for her morning of work. Choose a personalized mug and a notebook or planner of the same color. They’ll be a great addition to her office decor.

14. Family Board Book

Create a photo book fit for the whole family to look back on your favorite trips, celebrations and milestones. After ordering a set of prints, glue them into a small clipboard book and spruce up the cover with paint and glitter.

15. Mom’s Garden

christmas gifts for her moms garden

Source: Shutterfly

After years of planting and pruning, this personalized garden stone recognizes all of mom’s amazing work on your home garden. Pair with a set of her favorite seeds for prepping for the next planting season in just a few months.

16. PSL Soap

Does your wife love pumpkin spiced lattes the moment fall rolls around? Combine four natural spices and essential oils in a DIY soap recipe as a unique holiday gift for her.

17. Monogrammed Table Runner

christmas gifts for her monogrammed table runner

Source: Shutterfly

Dress the table for Christmas dinner with a table runner that can be passed through the generations. Include your family name, photos and a range of festive designs.

18. Locket Of Lip Balm

She’ll never lose her lip balm again when it’s right around her neck in an antique locket. Melt together beeswax, coconut oil and her favorite essential oil and pour into the locket to set.

19. DIY Photo Board

christmas gifts for her diy photo board

Source: Shutterfly

Looking for an easy and elegant way to display all your favorite photos of your wife? Surprise her this Christmas by attaching twine to the inside of a natural wood frame and paint mini clothespins to display your best prints in this fun photo board display.

20. Perennial Poppies

christmas gifts for her perennial poppies

Source: Lia Griffith

Though fresh flowers are beautiful, these DIY felt poppies will last forever and add a pop of color to any room. Give them with a new vase or add creative gift wrapping in lieu of a bow.

21. Tea Time Tray

christmas gifts for her tea time tray

Source: Shutterfly

This photo tray doubles as a serving tool and beautiful home decor in between tea times. Choose an image of the two of you together and pair with a personalized tea set. This is the perfect addition to your favorite tea lover’s collection.

22. Confetti Photos

Fill your home’s fridge with your favorite photos surrounded by glitter and confetti. Surround the print in a vinyl sheet, trim to match its shape and fill with your choice of glitter color beforehand sewing to close.

23. Versatile Decanter Vase

christmas gifts for her versatile decanter vase

Source: Shutterfly

If you and your wife love to try a bottle of new wine, personalize an elegant glass decanter to elevate your set. When not being used for wine tasting, fill with water and a few beautiful flowers.

24. DIY Marker Mug

christmas gifts for her diy marker mug

Source: Shutterfly

Show off your own artistic style by following this DIY mug design tutorial. Use an oil-based permanent marker to include a personalized message with the use of a paper stencil. Bake your mug upside down at 350 degrees for 30 minutes to set the design.

25. Incense Arch

Create a terrazzo pattern on a homemade incense holder with two colors of easy-dry clay. Flatten out the base clay before adding pieces of a complementary color in a geometric design. Trim, bend and punch a hole for the stick of incense before drying.

26. Wedding Day Tray

christmas gifts for her wedding day tray

Source: Shutterfly

This versatile photo piece acts as a meal-serving tray and an elegant table centerpiece. Create a collage of wedding photos to set inside the tray and serve a spread of elegant appetizers or catch the eye of guests as a piece of home decor.

27. Cheers To Her!

christmas gifts for her cheers to her

Source: Shutterfly

Propose a toast to your wife with a set of personalized stemless wine glasses. Include an assortment of glass etchings and buy a full set of six for the perfect wine tasting gathering at home.

28. Tasting Knives

Spruce up the handles of a set of specialized cheese knives in a stylish terrazzo pattern. Roll out small bits of colorful clay into a sheet of white and wrap around the handles of your knife set. Pair with a personalized cheese board as a Christmas gift.

29. Travel Photo Wall

christmas gifts for her travel photo wall

Source: Shutterfly

Transform a living room wall or home office by designing a beach and travel-themed photo wall. Show off your wife’s favorite beach spot or travel destination. Include custom prints and framed images full of color and varying shapes and sizes.

30. Makeup Brush Bag

christmas gifts for her makeup brush bag

Source: Shutterfly

Design a personalized makeup bag so she can carry all her essentials on the road or for a night out. Each set of initials and choice of icon is embroidered onto the front of the cloth pouch and accented in a metallic color block.

31. Mom’s Morning Mug

christmas gifts for her moms morning mug

Source: Shutterfly

Having your own trusty latte mug can kickstart any morning. Add her name in personalized design and give as a Christmas gift paired with other personalized dishes.

32. Marbleized Easel Calendar

christmas gifts for her marbleized easel calendar

Source: Shutterfly

This elegant desk calendar reflects a colorful marble design and includes a new photo each month. Add a cheerful message of your choice and gift to your mom, sister, wife or cousin to think of family all year round.

33. DIY Velvet Scrunchie

Wrap a length of non-stretch velvet around a quarter-inch elastic and secure with a quick run through the sewing machine. Afterward, add a small bow in the same fabric for a stylish accent.

34. Floral Wall Display

christmas gifts for her floral wall display

Source: Shutterfly

Show off dried flowers throughout the year by tucking the stems into a painted canvas. Hand paint the vase for a personalized touch and secure the faux or dried flowers on the back of the canvas with hot glue.

35. Charmed Memories

christmas gifts for her charmed memories

Source: Shutterfly

Compile three photos into a miniature collage charm to wear around her neck or wrist. Include photos of the kids or grandkids and pair it with an elegant necklace chain or bracelet that’s personalized to her style.

36. Cook Up Some Love

christmas gifts for her cook up some love

Source: Shutterfly

Does the lady in your life love to cook? The tea towel is an essential and versatile item no chef can go without. Choose a loving phrase to celebrate the love that’s in your home each day.

37. Succulent Planter

christmas gifts for her succulent planter

Source: Unsplash

Succulents are easy to care for and do well in any indoor decor. Hand paint a small ceramic pot and plant a succulent as a simple holiday gift and pair with watering instructions.

38. Family Photo Book

christmas gifts for her family photobook

Source: Shutterfly

Flip through all the memories from the past year in this personalized photo book. Include wedding images, photos from childhood or even images of Christmases over the years!

39. Timeless Cutting Board

christmas gifts for her timeless cutting board

Source: Shutterfly

Print your family crest or initials on a round or rectangular piece of natural bamboo, rubber tree wood or marble cutting board. Transfer the piece between the kitchen for cooking purposes to a mantlepiece as a work of art.

40. Repurposed Cake Stand

christmas gifts for her repurposed cake stand

Source: Unsplash

Update a plain white cake stand by painting it to match your existing kitchen color scheme. If your wife loves to bake, pair with family recipes or a cookbook from your favorite chef.

41. Plan a Picnic

christmas gifts for her plan a picnic

Source: Shutterfly

This personalized picnic blanket will host many a summer soiree once the warm weather returns. Include a quote, name, photo or design of your choosing and pair with plans for an al fresco afternoon.

42. Woven Photo Blanket

christmas gifts for her woven photo blanket

Source: Shutterfly

Snuggle up with your wife on Christmas afternoon in her new personalized throw blanket. Set a wedding image with your choice of woven frame and use it as a tapestry, picnic blanket or a wrap on a chilly evening at home.

43. Natural Perfume Rollers

Check out these three essential oil perfume combinations to personalize a scent for the lady in your life. Add vinyl sticker letters to create a custom label and name the scent after her.

44. Present For The Pup

christmas gifts for her present for the pup

Source: Shutterfly

Shower her dog with gifts by designing a customized leash with the pup’s name, a fun pattern or a dog phrase that sums up their unique character. This makes for an extra special gift if you’re surprising her with a new puppy this Christmas.

45. Tea Time Trivet

christmas gifts for her tea time trivet

Source: Shutterfly

This unique Christmas gift for her is ideal for those who love tea time. Adorn the center tile of the trivet with a photo, phrase or piece of artwork and present with a new teapot or a new selection of teas.

46. Home Spa Jars

christmas gifts for her home spa jars

Source: Shutterfly

Give her the gift of an at-home wellness spa this Christmas by combining DIY bath bombs and salts, dried flowers and calming soaps into a set of personalized glass jars. Add a personalized wine glass and her favorite vintage to the gift basket to complete the set.

47. Calming Custom Wall Art

christmas gifts for her calming custom wall art

Source: Shutterfly

Whether she’s a yoga lover or simply needs a calming corner of the home to herself, collect a set of motivational pieces of wall art. Mount or frame each piece of art and create a gallery wall display in a corner of your home.

48. Family Fridge Magnets

christmas gifts for her family fridge magnets

Source: Shutterfly

Each time she heads for the fridge, greet her with these loving oversized magnets. Include your favorite quote, a photo from your wedding or a customized message.

49. Tree Rings Cutting Board

christmas gifts for her tree rings cutting board

Source: Shutterfly

Commemorate the days of etching your initials into a tree with this natural wood cutting board. The design depicts the rings of a tree trunk encircling your initials.

50. Rustic Shadow Box

christmas gifts for her rustic wedding tray

Source: Shutterfly

Did you have a wedding decked out in lace and burlap? Honor your wedding style with a matching shadow box to frame your favorite photos and hold important mementos like programs, place cards or even dried flowers.

51. Winter Glove Revamp

Gloves can be as unique as the person wearing them when you add your own special touch. Insert brass nail studs in a pattern of your choosing on the front of new or repurposed gloves and pair with other homemade winter-wear Christmas gifts.

52. Mugs Of Gold

christmas gifts for her mugs of gold

Source: Shutterfly

Who doesn’t want to sip their morning coffee from a mug trimmed with gold? Choose from an array of customizable designs to include your favorite photos, phrases and monogram styles to greet her each morning.

53. Mom’s Mason Jar

christmas gifts for her moms mason jar

Source: Shutterfly

This personalized mason jar includes an elegantly etched message, set of initials or name of your choice. Fill it with flowers to transform into a vase or gift in a set of four or six glasses.

More on Gift Ideas for Her

Personalized and homemade gifts will always spark an emotional reaction, especially around the holidays. Show you really know her individual personality and tap into your creativity with these unique gifts this Christmas. And don’t forget to include a personalized Christmas card!