Unique Save the Dates That Will Stand Out From the Stack

Your save the date should be as unique as you and your partner are. You are not just another ordinary couple about to be married. Have your save the date card stand out among the sea of others that will be put on your guest’s fridge. Take a peek at the below 20 card ideas and don’t forget to browse even more unique save the dates to reflect your style.

1. Blanket Fort

couple kissing on the bed on early morning
You are never too old to make a fort out of blankets and pillows. Either make a fort or snuggle up under some covers for a unique and intimate save the date photo. This announcement card is anything but a snooze.

2. Scenic Photo

Palm tree save the date
This filmstrip idea is perfect for any couple that wants to show off their scenic photos. Select pictures from an exciting vacation, where the proposal happened, the location of the wedding or just a place that you and your partner think is picturesque. Be the stars that you are.

3. Talk Bubbles

Speech bubble save the date
This card is perfect for any pictures that were taken during the actual proposal or any candids that were taken while you and your loved one were having a private conversation during your engagement session. The speech bubbles are perfect for filling telling a story to your audience about you and your partner.

4. Photo Booklet

Save the date fold out
A photo booklet is perfect for that couple that can’t just choose one photo for your save the date. Don’t worry about cropping and resizing because you can enjoy the full picture in this booklet. The heart details and lettering give this card a country and rustic flare.

5. Go for a Boat Ride

Couple on boat ride
Paddle a boat, ride a motorcycle, fly in a helicopter, zip around on mopeds, ride segways or even skateboard in your photo shoot for some playfulness. Make the save the dates cohesive by adding transportation elements into the design like tire tracks, clouds or water drops.

5. Photo Strip

Save the date photo strip
Sometimes it is hard to choose just one photo out of so many for your save the dates. With this photo strip card, you and your partner will enjoy the bonus of choosing nine different pictures. Your guests will love the fact they can see a handful from your collage.

6. Hide and Seek

Couple with heart balloons
Grab a handful of balloons and have some fun in this hide and seek inspired photo design. Steal some kisses behind heart balloons, or pretend to fly away while holding onto the strings of your balloons. You can even write your wedding date on the balloons and hold them in front of you.

7. Wanderlust

Travel themed save the date
Give your guests a preview of your destination wedding with a travel photo card. Sit on the beach, travel to the mountains or relax in a European café. Express your wanderlust by picking a special location that has significance to you and your partner, where the proposal occurred or the wedding’s destination.

9. Large Lettering

Save the date with big type
Choose a black and white photo that would look great with large, bold and colorful lettering that layers on top of your photo. Your photograph will be the background of the entire card so make sure you choose one that is not too busy or clashes with the letters on top.

10. Beating Heart

Save the date with watercolor heart
Paint your love for everyone in this painted “beating heart” watercolor save the date. Your guests will think you painted it yourself with this realistic depiction of watercolor paints. This design is perfect for anyone that loves art, painting or just the look of quality pigment.

11. Include the Family

Family posing outside
Involve each of your families and capture this photo idea to showcase the love of two families merging with the impending union, People love seeing social interaction, what better way to show this than gathering up your loved ones and smiling for a photo.

12. Split Frames

Couple on beach in save the date
Show your inventive side in this unique, split frame save the date. Choose one photo of you and your partner, then split the frame up into off-level, paneled design. Your guests will love the distinctive design that sets your invite apart from everyone else’s.

13. Vibrant & Light Color Combo

Save the date with multiple photos
This vibrant design is great for any couple that loves to combine various design mediums, color pigmentations and gloss or matte finishes. This design looks great when you choose one photo to use as the dull colored backdrop, then layer three other photos on top with more color and liveliness.

14. Full Picture

Couple holding hands in save the date
This idea is perfect for anyone that just wants a save the date that allows the picture to do the talking. Your engagement photo is the focal point, no text or words are needed to layer except for nuptials. Your picture is the sole message to express your love.

15. Aerial View

Save the date with birds eye view
Take your love to new and exciting heights. See if your photographer can climb a tree or a ladder or fly a drone to get a truly unique aerial view for your photo. This card idea will surely impress your guests.

16. Dinner for Two

Young couple having dinner in the garden
Have your photographer invade your date night and by capturing you at dinner. Whether it’s a simple meal in your home while exchanging glances across the table or sharing a plate of spaghetti “Lady and the Tramp” style, recipients get to witness this intimate moment.

17. Unique Collage

Collage save the date
Tell a story to your audience in this unique nine portrait design. Choose a variety of photos that show your friends and family just what kind of couple you are. Pick a series of different actions, photo sizes and even some black and white. The possibilities are endless with this exciting collage.

18. Sideways

Couple laughing on save the date
Let your light shine in this vibrant save the date design. Choose a photo that looks attractive sideways. Have some fun with this picture. Take it while laying on the ground, or just use your hands clasped together. Just make sure the picture is taken horizontally to use this design effectively!

19. Props & Signs

Couple holding banner
Incorporate fun props and signs into your engagement photo shoot for a unique card. These props, signs and banners are all up to you and can be based off of your favorite activities, cute sayings, the wedding date or other ideas you come up with.

20. Convertible

Couple watching the sunset in a convertible car.
Hop into the backseat of a luxurious convertible car for this unique photo idea. You can drive around with the wind in your hair, watch a beautiful sunset or go to a drive-in movie theater to capture these scenes.