20+ Hostess Gift Ideas to Help Thank Your Host

Most of us know just how tough it is to be a host, even if it’s well worth it in the end. Host responsibilities include cleaning and decorating the party space, managing the guest list, and preparing food, drinks, and entertainment. So whether a loved one hosted a dinner party or your baby shower, it’s important to let them know just how much you appreciate their hard work. From handmade goodies to unique experiences, we’ve compiled a full list of hostess gift ideas for you below.

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What Is A Good Hostess Gift?

A good hostess gift compliments and thanks the host or hostess for their hard work. This may be a simple gesture of appreciation, such as flowers or a baked good, or it may be a more elaborate gift. Just make sure to look out for gifts that wouldn’t be appropriate for your host. For example, walnut brownies might be a delicious gift, but would also be a poor choice for an allergic hostess. For custom gift ideas, make sure to check out our personalized gifts.

Important Note on Thanking a Host

Even if you’ve found the perfect gift to thank your host, it’s still expected that you send a thank you note. This card should be handwritten, but it doesn’t have to be long. Just a few simple sentences to let the host or hostess know how much their work was appreciated will go a long way.

Baby Shower Hostess Gift Ideas

If your friend or family member is throwing you a baby shower, it’s important that you find them the perfect hostess gift. After all, putting together a baby shower takes a lot of time and energy. Check out our suggestions below or visit our selection of personalized baby shower hostess gifts.

1. Cotton Tote Bag

Cotton tote bags make great gifts.

Custom cotton tote bags are a great alternative to traditional gift wrapping as they become a part of the gift itself. Fill the cotton tote with any other gifts you like and present it to the hostess as a token of your appreciation for the party.

2. Travel Mug

Travel mug next to two coffee mugs.

If the hostess loves to stay caffeinated, a travel mug with some of her favorite ground coffee makes for an excellent gift. Customize the mug with your favorite photos of the two of you for a special touch she’s guaranteed to love.

3. Assorted Macaroons

Mixed color of French macaroons in box.

Assorted macarons are a fun, pretty gift for a hostess with a sweet tooth. Order an assorted set and tie them neatly with a ribbon for a beautiful gift. It’s also a great idea to gift these along with a nice platter or other home decor gift.

4. Fleece Photo Blanket

paid fleece blanket with monogram initials

Creating a beautiful fleece photo blanket for your hostess isn’t just a great gift, it’s also never been easier. Simply customize one with a special message or your favorite photo of the two of you. Then you just have to wrap it up with a nice ribbon once it arrives.

Bridal Shower Hostess Gift Ideas

She’s helped kick off your wedding celebrations so it’s important to give her a proper thank you. From flowers to jewelry, we’ve listed our favorite bridal shower hostess gifts for you below. Just don’t forget your thank you note!

5. Spa Gift Card

Bunches of lavender with a spa Gift card.

After planning your party, your hostess will likely be in need of some serious relaxation. And nothing says relaxation like a trip to the spa. Gift her a spa kit or spa gift card to let her know how much you appreciate her.

6. Personalized Flower Pot

Personalized Flower pots in a window.

A personalized flower pot with planted flowers is a sweet gesture that lasts. Customize the pot with a special message thanking the host for their support or a sweet sentiment. Just make sure you plant something that’s likely to thrive in the coming season.

7. Engraved Necklace

An engraved necklace and bracelets.

Engraved jewelry is the perfect elegant gift for a hostess with refined taste. Customize a necklace or engraved bracelet as a special gift she’s sure to love.

8. A New Robe

Bathroom robe and slippers.

Help your hostess relax after the party with a brand new robe. Have it personalized with her name and pack it with her favorite brand of wine so she can have a cozy night in. She’ll thank you later.

Hostess Gift Ideas For Dinner Party

While a hostess gift is traditionally expected after a dinner party, it doesn’t have to be extravagant. A simple bottle of wine or flowers is a traditional choice that most hosts appreciate. Just don’t expect them to open the bottle for the dinner, as they may have already made other plans.

9. Glass Jar with Treats

A personalized glass jar.

Fill a personalized glass jar with a batch of homemade treats. Alternatively, you can fill the jar wit the host or hostess’s favorite candy. This is a perfect and relatively inexpensive hostess gift that your hosts will be able to use for years to come.

10. Personalized Pot Holder

A customized pot holder.

Keeps your host safe in future dinner parties by gifting them personalized pot holders. Customize the pot holders with a sweet saying or photos of your friendship for a gift they’re sure to love.

11. Bouquet of Flowers

Woman doing flower arrangement.

Bouquets of flowers are a hostess gift staple for a reason. If you know the hostess’s favorite flower, stick to that. But if you’re not sure or the flower is out of season, do a little research before picking up the bouquet. Some flowers have unintended meanings, and you don’t want to risk offending your hostess.

12. Baked Goods

Homemade oatmeal raisin cookies in a basket on a blue rustic table.

If you’ve got your fair share of baking skills, consider gifting the hostess a batch of baked goods. Whether it’s their favorite cookie, or a seasonal loaf of bread, baked goods make an excellent hostess gift for a dinner party.

Hostess Gift Ideas For Weekend Stay

If you’re staying for the weekend at a host’s house, it’s important to thank them properly for the accommodation. Hostess gifts for a weekend stay should be a little more thoughtful than for a dinner party. These gifts may include anything from a wine basket to a custom cutting board, depending on the hosts’ preferences.

13. Custom Pillow

A set of customized pillows.

A custom pillow or two make great hostess gifts for couples who you know well or for those who recently purchased a new home. Customize the pillows with photos of the hosts along with a sweet message to display in their home.

14. Personalized Candles

Candle set for a cute gift idea.

These personalized candles make an excellent addition to a hostess gift basket. Pick from a variety of scents and layouts to create a stand out candle gift. By adding a few sweet treats or a bottle of wine, your hosts won’t hesitate to invite you over again.

15. Customized Cutting Board

Cutting Board for a family.

If your host is known for being a culinary connoisseur, gift them something they’d love to add to their kitchen set. These personalized cutting boards make a beautiful addition to anyone’s kitchen. They’re also the perfect stand out addition for a charcuterie board.

16. Their Favorite Wine

Wine bottles in basket on brick wall background.

Do your hosts have a favorite wine label? If so, present them with a basket full of that vintage. Or, consider gifting them a wine subscription for a gift that keeps on giving.

Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas

Are you a guest at a loved one’s Thanksgiving table? If so, it’s important to bring a special hostess gift to thank them properly. After all, Thanksgiving isn’t just a regular dinner party– it takes a lot of work to put it all together.

17. Hanging Canvas Print

A hanging canvas of a summer trip.

A hanging canvas print makes an excellent hostess gift for a family member. Use a favorite family photo from a family reunion or major event to personalize the canvas print. They’re sure to hang it up as soon as it’s opened.

18. Tea Towels

A gifted custom Tea towel.

Tea towels are useful and decorative gifts, perfect for most homes. Customize one to match your hosts’ home or use it as wrapping for a set of baked goods or gift basket.

19. Custom Growler

Custom growler and beer for a gift.

If your host is a well known beer connoisseur, a growler makes an excellent Thanksgiving hostess gift. Personalize theirs with the event name or the last name of the host’s home. And for an extra special touch, have the growler pre-filled with their favorite brew.

20. Homemade Jams

Fresh jam and toast as a great homemade gift.

Homemade jams are the perfect seasonal hostess gift for a Thanksgiving dinner. Whether or not the homemade jam is made from fruits from your own garden or from the grocery store, it’s an easy and thoughtful gift.

Holiday Party Gift Ideas For The Hostess

Whether you’re staying with relatives for Christmas or a guest at a New Years dinner party, you’ll want to come prepared with the perfect hostess gift. The following gifts are perfect ideas, no matter the holiday event.

21. Christmas Photo Mug

Photo mugs from Shutterfly.

Photo mugs make fun and festive holiday gifts, perfect for small gift for a dinner party. Fill the mug with hot chocolate supplies for a decorative touch the hostess is sure to love.

22. Champagne Flutes

Champagne flutes and drinks outside.

Champagne flutes make a classic holiday gift most hosts are thrilled to receive. Customize a set with the names of the hosting couple and provide a bottle of champagne. This gift is especially fitting for a New Years Eve party.

23. Personalized Apron

A cute apron for gifting.

Customize a festive apron with the host’s name and a holiday themed decoration for a cute gift perfect for frosting Christmas cookies. Fill the pockets with plenty of holiday treats or cookie supplies.

24. Custom Advent Calendar

An advent claender for a cute holiday hostess gift.

If early enough in the season, create a special advent calendar for your hostess. Personalize a hanging advent calendar with the hosts’ names, and then fill the pockets with their favorite candies, small gifts, or even mini liquor bottles.

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