16 Pet Photo Album Ideas Perfect For All Animal Lovers

Pets come in all shape and sizes but one thing is clear, our own pet is definitely the cutest. One way to show your love and devotion for your funny, quirky and lovable best friend is by creating a photo book especially for them — finally an idea to put all those pictures in your camera phone to good use.

You’ll want to make sure you pick the sweetest pictures to showcase just how special he or she is. Let their personality come through and dictate the story of the book. Here are 16 of our favorite pet photo album ideas to get you started.

1. Meet Our Pet

a photo album with children and their hedgehog pictured
There is always much excitement when we bring a new pet into our lives, whether it is a cute little hedgehog or an adorable turtle. Capture the moment you bring the new critter home, take photos of him with every single member of the family and include your other pets.

Putting together a cute pet photo album for the newcomer should be a piece of cake. As a special gift, take a few pictures featured in your new photo album to create a personalized notebook featuring the new pet for every human member of the house.

2. Funny Pet Quotes

create your own pet photo book with high quality images
Some of our pets are so much fun, skipping and hopping their way into our hearts. How about showing off their best moments with special quotes? Try “somebunny loves me” with a shot of your sweet little rabbit enjoying their favorite treat. You can also get a custom made photo cube to keep admiring your precious pet from your desk.

3. Quirky Cat Shenanigans

create your own fast photo book for your pets
Cats are playful, loving and mischievous. Plus they get into the cutest kind of trouble. Document your cat’s every mood with a cat photo album that speaks to their unique quirks. Capture them while playing with their favorite wand or while they sleep in everything but their bed.

You can even hold a very special photo session with a personalized pet collar and snuggly custom-made photo blanket.

4. Doggies In Costumes

best site to make photo books for pet photos
The pictures of your dog in costumes are priceless. And you probably have accumulated quite the collection throughout the years. Gather them all to create the ultimate dog photo album. Reward your dog for being such a good sport with their favorite treat and a custom-made dog leash.

5. Forever In Our Hearts

custom cat photo album and desk calendar
The passing of a loving pet is one of the hardest things to deal with for every animal lover, their absence can leave a big void in our hearts. Keep their memory alive by creating a memory book that tells the story of how they came and what they brought into your life — this is something that can be very cathartic in processing this loss.

Aside from the album, create a personalized calendar featuring your favorite pictures so you have something to remember them with each month of the year.

6. Pet Adventures & More

Pet photo album with collage photos and family picture frame
If your house is made up of a wide array of pets, then that means there must be many adventures to showcase — the beach, the mountains or the local park. A pet photo album is ideal for this scenario, each pet can take a page, plus you can highlight what makes each one special.

Pick your top shots and create a hanging canvas print art or mix it up with a collage poster of the humans in the family members to complete the story.

10 additional photo book ideas for more inspiration

  • Adoption Day: Document the day you brought your new best friend home from the shelter.
  • Special Tricks: Does your pet perform special tricks? Highlight them all in a photo album.
  • Birthdays: Pics of every birthday party you have thrown for your beloved pet.
  • Bath Time: There is nothing more adorable than your dog or cat at bath time.
  • School: Chronicle the progress of their training session including graduation day.
  • Animal BFF: Display your pet’s friendship with other animals — whether same or other species.
  • Holidays: Pics of your pet with Santa or them modeling their Christmas sweater collection.
  • Pets with Kids: Pets and children make the perfect combination for an endearing photo book.
  • Vacation: Shots of your best friend on vacation, in front of monuments and landmarks.
  • Sleepy Time: Take snaps during their peaceful naps and funny sleeping positions.

Once you get started with your first pet photo album you won’t be able to stop, you’ll want to move on to the next and then the next.

You can always hold special photo sessions with your pets to produce more material. Keep in mind that every photo album you create can make wonderful gifts for those that love your pets just as much as you do.