Ideas for Father’s Day Cards

Your Dad has always been there from loving you and supporting you since day one, so honor him with a personalized Father’s Day card he will love to open and embrace this Father’s Day. Dads are amazing people, always watching over you and your family making sure that everything is taken care of to benefit you and your family. Create one-of-a-kind Father’s Day cards that your Dad or any father figure in your life will cherish for years. Give your Dad memorable Father’s Day gifts this year and every year after from Shutterfly’s curated Father’s Day gift guide that he will use everyday.

Celebrate this Father’s Day with a personalized Father’s Day card alongside Father’s Day gifts that he will use for years to come. Not only will he appreciate your heartwarming message in the card you wrote for him, but the gifts that went along with it. Creating these personalized gifts for dad will let him know that you took the time and effort in making this Father’s Day the best one possible.

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How to Make Father’s Day Cards

Making Father’s Day cards is simple and easy with the large variety of designs and layouts Shutterfly offers. You can even make a funny Father’s Day card to make him laugh and put a smile on his face on his special day. Start by choosing a personalized card template you like the most, then start adding different details like pictures of you and your dad together, sentimental messages you want to tell your dad this Father’s Day, and any other special details you want to convey to your dad. Browse between cards that offer space for many pictures or cards that have areas for you to write a sentimental message to your dad, from folded cards to flat cards, there is a perfect Father’s Day card that you can personalize for your dad this year.

Ted Lasso funny Fathers Day cards with regular corners and rounded corners

When to Send Father’s Day Cards

After making your personalized Father’s Day card, the best time to send out them out is approximately two to three weeks before Father’s Day. If you are sending your card internationally, send it roughly three to four weeks before Father’s Day. Sending your cards earlier will ensure that your dad receives his Father’s Day card before the actual date of Father’s Day; and if it arrives earlier, he will be able to look and embrace the card for a longer period of time. For a bonus, include a personalized Father’s Day gift from our Father’s Day gift guide that he will love to use every day.

When is Father’s Day?

Every year, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. This year, Father’s Day lands on Sunday, June 19th, 2022. Father’s Day is a holiday that is celebrated at various times throughout the year according to each country; some countries celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June and some celebrate it before or after. No matter which day you celebrate Father’s Day, it’s still a meaningful day to celebrate all your dad has done for you throughout the years and for you to show your appreciation for your dad.

Dad and son cuddling together on Father's Day

Personalized Father’s Day Cards

Celebrate your dad with the best personalized Father’s Day cards that he will receive this Father’s Day. Shutterfly’s wide range of Father’s Day cards are customizable to fit your dad’s style and he will love that you took the time and effort into making his Father’s day card one of a kid just for him. Add customized details and embellishments and let your dad know how much you are appreciative of him throughout your life.

Best Dad Forever Father’s Day Card

Show your dad he’s the “Best Dad Ever” with a card that expresses just that. This card features space for 6 of your most favorite pictures of you and your dad or your dad’s favorite pictures overall. Add any special Father’s Day messages on the front of the card or on the back so your dad can read them as he admires all the pictures along with the card. There is also space for you to add your name on the front of the card so your dad knows you took the time and effort in making this special Father’s Day card for him. Select between five different card trim designs to make things extra special for your dad when he opens his one of a kind card.

Best Dad Ever Father's Day card featuring six photos of a Dad and his daughter

Joyful Rustic Father’s Day Card

If your dad loves the outdoors, this rustic Father’s Day card is perfect for him. With space for one large photo perfect for a whole family picture and four smaller single photos, this card features the message “ Happy Father’s Day” along with space that lets you and your family members add their names to who the card. Choose the different types of card stock paper that will accent your Father’s Day card the most, between Shutterfly’s Signature Smooth card stock and our Pearl Shimmer card stock, printing your card on these papers will give your Father’s Day card a great personalized look.

Joyful Rustic Father's Day card featuring a family of six taking photos outdoors

Plaid Dad Father’s Day Card

This blue plaid patterned Father’s Day card is perfect if you want to include pictures and a long message within your customized Father’s Day card. This card has space on the outside to fill with any special message you want to convey to your dad. With a variety of layouts you can use on the your card, you can add more pictures along the card as well as meaningful messages for him to cherish this Father’s Day. On the card you are able to customize the message to reflect anything you want to say to your dad this Father’s Day.

Plaid Dad Father's Day Card featuring a father pulling his daughters on a sled

Bow Tie Wishes Father’s Day Card

Whether you want to feature one large family photo or four smaller photos, this Bow Tie Wishes Father’s Day card template lets you choose which design best fits your dad’s personality. With the message “Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day. Love your children, [Name & Name]”, your dad will know that his kids made the best card possible to celebrate this Father’s Day. The back of this Father’s Day card features a nautical blue and white stripe pattern and space for you to write a special message for your dad to read and cherish for years to come.

Bow Tie Wishes Father's Day card featuring a family a four taking a photo outdoors

Customized Father’s Day Cards For Grandpa

Share your love for your grandfather with the best personalized Father’s Day card that is specifically made for your Grandfathers. Your grandfather has loved you from the day your parents brought you home from the hospital till the day he saw you grow up and went off to school. Often times we look up to our grandfathers like they are our second dads. Honor them so with a customized Father’s Day card so that your grandfather knows how much you care about him this Father’s Day holiday.

Greatest Grandpa Father’s Day Card

The easiest way for kids to learn their alphabet is to make examples of each letter so they can associate that letter with a particular word. Use the letter G as an example for Grandpa, which will not only make the perfect card for your grandfather for Father’s Day but it will teach your kids a new word they will use forever. This card is perfect for grandchildren who adore their grandfather and have one favorite picture of them with their grandfather to place in the center of the card. The inside of this Father’s Day card also allows for space for grandchildren to draw or write a message for their grandfather.

Greatest Grandpa Father's Day Card featuring an old man wearing a yellow beret

Witty Words Father’s Day Card

Grandfather always has a way with his witty words, so thank him for always cheering you up in your times of sadness and need with this wonderful Father’s Day card for grandfathers. With words that describe grandfathers “joy, love, sweet, adore, hugs” your grandfather will love seeing this collage of words along with his favorite pictures around his Father’s Day card. Choose between the different cardstock options to make your Father’s Day card feel one of a kind and picture quality stand out so your grandfather will notice the vivid colors of pictures on the card.

Witty Words Father's Day card featuring grandparents and thier grandaughter

Perfect Grandpa Father’s Day Card

You can always count on your grandfather to always be on your side even if your parents say no, so thank him so with a card that best represents him and all he’s done for you. Use this card to thank your grandfather for all he’s done for you with this card that displays the message “Grandpa: The one you turn to when Mommy and Daddy say “No!”. The cover also features an area for an image your grandfather will cherish. This folded card also has enough space for grandchildren to write about their special memories of when their grandfather took their side and how he’s helped them over the years.

Perfect Grandpa Father's Day card with regular corners featuring a boy and a girl

Promoted to Grandpa Father’s Day Card

Whether your grandfather is a first time grandfather or an existing grandfather, this card is the best to honor him this Grandfather’s Day. Celebrate Father’s day by creating this card displays the message “Only the best dads get promoted to grandpas” as a way to thank him for being a great father as well as an amazing grandfather. This card allows the card givers to add their names to the bottom so that your grandfather will know exactly who gave this Father’s Day card to him.

Promoted to Grandpa Father's Day card featuring an old man wearing a yellow beret

Wrapping Up on Father’s Day Cards

This year, honor your dad and grandfather in the best way possible by creating a personalized Father’s Day card made just for them. Father’s Day is a special time for you to celebrate what your father and grandfather mean to you, and to show how thankful, loving and appreciative you are towards all the fathers in your life. Take this opportunity to make a special Father’s Day card for him that he will be able to appreciate for years to come.

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