49 Gifts For Your Wife That She Will Love

She’s the rock of your family and the glue that keeps everyone happy, fed and loved. With the craziness of work and kids, sometimes it’s necessary to slow down and take a moment to show your wife how much you appreciate everything she does.

Year after year, it can be tricky to come up with a unique gift for your wife. You want a present that’s both practical and sentimental, ultimately leaving her feeling loved and appreciated. Read on to find the perfect gift for her from our list. Once you pick something out, complete the gift with a heartfelt message in a personalized greeting card.

1. Monogram Wine Glass

monogram wine glass

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The list of date night ideas is endless and sometimes, a cozy night in can be more romantic than going out. A glass of wine is the perfect companion to you and your wife’s dinner or movie marathon. Personalized monogram wine glasses are the perfect way to say, “I love you.”

2. Marbling Love Personalized Frame

personalized frame

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A picture frame to hold your favorite wedding photo is the perfect addition to a coffee table or mantel. Add an anniversary message or thoughtful caption and memory that only you and your wife would understand.

3. Custom Playing Cards

playing cards

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If you and your wife love a little friendly competition and enjoy a game of Cribbage or Crazy Eights, a set of playing cards is the perfect gift. Both unique and special for your interests, add a gallery of your adorable family photos.

4. Milestone Date Engraved Cuff

engraved cuff

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She’s a wonderful mom, your best friend and partner through all the ups and downs. Remember your special anniversary by engraving your wedding date on a gold cuff. Pair it with another cuff with your kids’ names so she can stylishly stack them and wear them proudly, feeling like her people are close to her throughout the day.

5. Love Script Keepsake Box

keepsake box

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From family game nights to special occasions, you have so many memories to cherish with your wife. Capture them by gifting your wife a keepsake box to relive a special memory each day. It can protect her wedding ring, jewelry or other collectibles. Top the box with a pretty photo tile of your family from your Hawaiian vacation or last Christmas.

6. Customized Photo Book

custom photo book

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Is your wife the anchor of the family? She loves your family unconditionally, so a photo book is a perfect way to show how much you appreciate her. Customize a photo book with a theme, then fill it with your favorite photos and thoughtful memories. Shine the spotlight on her by including messages from the whole family of why she’s so special.

7. Sprinkled With Love Tea Towel

sprinkled with love tea towel

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The kitchen is the heart of the home. Add a special sentiment to the tea towels you use for everyday cooking. Customize by adding a monogram, your wedding photos or family reunion snapshots. They pair perfectly in basically any style of kitchen with a cutting board of any size.

8. Perfect Pair Heart Mason Jars

mason jars

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Nothing says home like a pair of personalized mason jars. They’re the perfect decor for any country or rustic kitchen and double as cups for your beverage of choice. Pull them out for your next dinner party or simply display them on your open shelving as lovely kitchen decor.

9. Family Recipe Trivet

family recipe trivet

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Your favorite chef will love this personal and practical gift—a trivet to complement your kitchen theme. Add a special photo, monogram or caption to personalize. It’s the perfect place to rest a warm cup of coffee or your cooking utensils—keeping the countertop sparkly clean.

10. Family Cotton Tote Bag

established family cotton tote bag

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Whether she’s strolling through the farmers’ market or picking up the kids from practice, she’s always on the go. A personalized tote bag is both practical and stylish—the best catch-all for all those miscellaneous items your wife needs to keep track of throughout the day.

11. Simply Rustic Initials Phone Ring Holder

rustric initials phone ring holder

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A ring holder is perfect for holding onto your phone during physical activities—like hiking or biking. Customize a holder with a photo of you and your partner or the kids.

12. Pastel Block Collage Travel Mug

pastel block collage travel mug

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Does your wife love coffee mugs but never seems to finish her cup of joe at home? A personalized travel mug is a perfect gift for your special lady to grab on the go. For work or travel, it’s a great way she can always have family photos and a special message with her.

13. Wooden Collage Hanging Print

collage hanging print

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Home is where memories happen. Showcase your wife and the little ones in a gorgeous canvas print that she’ll adore. Hang it as entryway decor or in your family room as a memento of your love for each other.

14. Tribal Frame Woven Photo Blanket

tribal woven photo blanket

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What’s a living room without cozy blankets to wrap up in after a long day? Gift your wife a photo blanket that showcases her favorite photo of you two. It makes for a thoughtful and functional DIY room decor piece when hung over your couch or armchair.

15. Elegant Wedding Vow Art Print

elegant wedding vow art print

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While you’re sprucing up your home, reminisce on the most memorable day of your relationship—your wedding day. Frame the romantic wedding vows you recited as you were surrounded by friends and family, and pair it with a special quote or your names. It’ll make a unique piece to hang in your bedroom or living room.

16. Leather Bound Notebook

Does she love to jot down memories, poems or to-do lists? Consider a leather-bound journal she can keep in her office, purse or bedroom.

17. Bottle Of Wine

gift ideas for wife wine

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Whether she loves sipping a merlot or pinot grigio, treat her to a brand she might not normally try. This simple yet thoughtful gift is deliciously paired with a dinner in, accompanied by candlelight and music. It’s also perfect for her next wine tasting party.

18. Potted Succulents

To decorate her office, bedroom or living room, succulents are beautiful plants that are easy to take care of. Gather a variety of colors for a nature-filled display that’s as stunning as it is uplifting.

19. Family Calendar

gift ideas for wife photo calendar

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Does your wife make every day better? Design a family calendar that memorializes special moments throughout the year, like spring break and family reunions. She’ll love looking at these special memories while at her desk or in the kitchen.

20. Classy Keychain

gift ideas for wife photo keychain

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Opt for a gift she’ll use every day: a custom keychain. Print photos of the two of you or the whole family. Whether she’s running errands, driving the kids to school or out on a girls’ night, she’ll be reminded of your constant love.

21. Citrus Extracts

If your wife loves to cook and bake, choose a gift she’ll enjoy having in the kitchen. Put citrus peels and alcohol in jars to make your own extracts. Try orange and lemon—both of which are great in a multitude of recipes, both sweet and savory.

22. DIY Wood Candle Holders

Maybe your wife likes to relax with a book and sweet-smelling candles or soak in a bath accompanied by candlelight. Either way, design wooden holders for tea lights. Glue together stacks of wooden shower curtain rings to create these trendy, DIY gifts.

23. Keepsake Box

gift ideas for wife jewelry box

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Create a special place for her to store jewelry, watches and keepsakes. Print a quote, song lyric or photo on the top of the box for bedroom decor she’ll enjoy looking at for many years to come.

24. Coffee And A Book

gift ideas for wife book

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Does your wife love to relax by reading a book and sipping a favorite drink? Find a new read that’s bound to win her heart, and pair it with a box of tea or a coffee shop gift card.

25. Custom Picture Frame

gift ideas for wife custom mug

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The best gifts for your wife are from the heart. A personalized photo frame, like one with her name and a loving message, shows how much you appreciate her. Complete the gift with a photo of you two enjoying time together, whether that’s on a date, trip or a cozy night in.

26. Personalized Cutting Board

gift ideas for wife cheese board

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Add charm to the kitchen with a custom cutting board. Engrave your family’s last name or a favorite quote. This kitchen accessory will brighten her day whether she’s chopping vegetables or serving guests a cheese platter.

27. Serving Tray

gift ideas for wife wood tray

Source: She Saved

Repurpose an old cupboard door to make a farmhouse serving tray. With vintage handles, this piece is great for serving appetizers or surprising her with breakfast in bed.

28. Handmade Card

Tell your sweetie how much you love and cherish her with a handmade card. Design your card with two lovebirds, like flamingos, then write a message describing a few things you appreciate most about her.

29. Built-In Spice Rack

Save room in the kitchen and make it easy to grab herbs and spices for cooking. Build shelves that are the perfect size for spice containers and install without her even knowing for a fun surprise.

30. Monogrammed Terrarium

gift ideas for wife monogram terrarium

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Give her a peaceful addition to the living room, kitchen or bedroom with a terrarium. Choose a custom jar to display a variety of air plants, such as tillandsia maxima. You can etch her name or your anniversary date on the jar for an extra personal touch.

31. Decorative Cheese Knives

Not only are these cheese knives stylish and functional, but they’re also easy to create in a variety of colors. These DIY cheese knives are made with polymer clay and are great for carving and serving an assortment of cheese.

32. Homemade Lotion Bars

Lotion bars look like soap but contain nourishing and moisturizing ingredients for your skin. After a shower, she can rub this on her hands, feet and elbows. Stir up a batch with coconut oil, sweet almond oil and beeswax.

33. Painted Garden Stones

Mark each garden treasure with a custom stone, painted with bright colors and the name of the plant. From herbs to vegetables, she’ll never wonder again what’s planted where.

34. DIY Birthstone Bracelet

Personalized gifts touch her heart and make her feel special. Connect a string of beads to a magnetic clasp and add a colored bead that resembles her birthstone. This DIY jewelry project is fast, easy and customizable.

35. Personalized Blanket

gift ideas for wife custom blanke

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Make relaxing, snuggling and watching Netflix even cozier. Design a custom blanket with a favorite family photo or snapshot from a trip you took together. Not only will this gift be well-loved, but it will also become a cherished keepsake.

36. Custom Mug

gift ideas for wife custom coffee mug

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Brighten her mornings with a mug she’ll love reaching for. Choose photos from a couples’ weekend or opt for a landscape shot from a recent outdoor adventure. Whether she loves coffee, tea or hot cocoa, this mug is bound to become a favorite.

37. Monogram Necklace

gift ideas for wife engraved jewelry

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Small gifts can have the biggest impact. Engrave a necklace or bracelet with your beloved’s name or initials. Choose a metal that matches her other jewelry, like rose gold or silver.

38. DIY Photo Board

gift ideas for wife photo collages

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Put your creative skills to use by repurposing a photo frame. Pin photos to diagonal wires to build a photo board. For an artsy look, opt for black and white photos.

39. Wave Paintings

A set of serene wave paintings offers color, texture and a relaxing aura. Even if you’re not an artist, these simple canvases are easy to paint and look great in a living room or bedroom.

40. Fun Coupons

Whether your wife’s love language is acts of service or quality time, create coupons she can redeem throughout the year. From date night ideas to back massages and breakfast in bed, your coupons can include all of her favorite things.

41. World Map Wall Art

This travel-inspired DIY wall art is simple yet powerful. Outline the continents on a canvas using a world map stencil. Paint each land mass in a different color or range of colors to match the decor of your living room or bedroom.

42. Stenciled Planter

gift ideas for wife cement planter

Source: Lily Ardor

Decorate a pot with a fun design, like one with shapes and patterns. Spread modeling paste over a stencil to infuse a design that will last. Fill the pot with a succulent or fern for a gift she can display in her office or living room.

43. Custom Tea Towel

gift ideas for wife tea towles

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Personalize tea towels for practical and unique gifts. Imprint the towel with a quote, photo or favorite recipe. She can wrap baked goods in the towel, dry dishes or serve treats to guests.

44. DIY Painted Notebook

gift ideas for wife watercolor notebook

Source: Maritza Lisa

Dress up a blank notebook with a beautiful watercolor painting. Opt for a simple design like one of a plant, flower or heart. She can jot down favorite memories, to-do lists and important reminders in the journal.

45. Eucalyptus Hanger

Looking for gifts for plant lovers? Breathe life into your walls with eucalyptus—a plant known to offer healing elements and calming scents. Secure the eucalyptus leaves to a curved piece of wood for modern, chic wall art.

46. Themed Photo Book

gift ideas for wife custom photo book

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Pull your photos off of the computer and into your life. Create a photo book with a theme in mind, whether it’s your wedding day, a special trip abroad or your year in review. She’ll appreciate the time you took to put the gift together—and enjoy looking at it for many years to come.

47. Framed Art Print

gift ideas for wife family photo frame

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Thrill her with a piece of art she’ll be excited to hang in your home. Find a photo of the two of you that brings you energy—whether that’s a shot of you hiking a mountain or walking the dog through the park. Turn the photo into artwork with a framed print that will look stunning in the living room, bedroom or another favorite spot in the house.

48. Gemstone Earrings

The most exciting gifts for your wife offer a bit of flair and personality. Secure rhinestones or gemstones to the backs of earrings for one-of-a-kind jewelry she’ll love to wear on dates and to parties.

49. Cutting Board With Marble Inlay

Looking for the best homemade anniversary gifts? Make a cutting board out of walnut, then add a marble inlay for contrast. Every time she chops vegetables or serves appetizers to guests, she’ll feel proud to have a partner who’s also so thoughtful.

Finding a gift for your wife on every occasion is never easy. Consider something practical that she’ll use and love day in and day out. Whether you’re searching for a romantic anniversary date gift or a sentimental thank you gift, these ideas will surely show your wife just how much you love her.