What Are Some Good Halloween Party Games?

There are a few particulars that you should take into account when planning out activities for your Halloween party. To jump start, as well as streamline your planning, consider these three essentials when selecting which fun Halloween party games you and your guests will be playing.

cool halloween party games for kids

Who are Your Party Guests?

It’s important to know who your audience is going to be. Are you throwing your Halloween bash for the kiddos or adults? Who you are inviting to your party will dictate the type of games that you select to play. Take into account age and interests. For example, you wouldn’t want to play horror movie trivia with a group of 7 year olds.

What Games Match Your Halloween Party Theme?

Is your Halloween party calling all ghouls and boys for a spooky bash? Or maybe it’s festive, fun and full of bright candy corn colors? Whatever the case may be, select a party game that will epitomize your Halloween theme. All aspects of your party from the décor to the food should reflect the same look, feel and style.

How Much Space do You Have?

Considering how much space your party venue offers you is also a great aspect to take into account when selecting Halloween party games. Whether you have a large area to work with or not so much, you will be able to find the perfect halloween party activities for any location.

Games and activities are more often than not the center of all parties for just about every occasion and there should be no exception when it comes to your Hallow’s Eve celebrations. With a party theme decided upon, your Halloween invitations sent out and a menu in the works, the only thing left to consider in completing your fall party planning are the Halloween party games.

Whether you’re throwing a kids Halloween party or hosting an Eat, Drink and Be Scary adults-only soirée, frightful and fun Halloween party activities are a must-have. Explore a variety of fitting party game ideas below to help you host an entertaining get-together no matter the who, what, or where of the event.

What are Good Halloween Party Games for Kids?

good halloween party games for kids

Throwing a kids Halloween party is all about keeping things festive and full of excitement. Without a clear party agenda, the kiddos will most likely be running around the party trying to amuse themselves and that sounds more like a trick rather than a treat.

To avoid this, entice the youngins’ to direct all of their energy into some theme related kids Halloween games. Sounds easy, right? Well, that’s because it is. Between trouble-free DIY’s and costume contests, the ideas are endless when it comes to games that are fit for a kids Halloween celebration. Use these Halloween party ideas for kids to elevate your October bash to match your haunted wall decals and décor.

Doughnut Eating Race

Opt for a kid friendly take on the classic bobbing for apples party game and set up a doughnut eating race. All you need are ring doughnuts, string, blindfolds and somewhere to hang these yummy treats. Suspend the doughnuts on a tree branch or a sturdy rod, blindfold the contestants and then have them try to eat the doughnuts. For a festive touch, get tasty treats that are decorated to match your Halloween party theme. Eating doughnuts has never been so fun!

Mummy Wrap

The kids will be all wrapped up over this Halloween appropriate activity. All you need to play this game are a few rolls of toilet paper or streamers and your contestants. Divide the partygoers up into two groups and have them wrap one member up just like a mummy. To make this game a little more challenging, have the mummies throw down the gauntlet and race to cross the finish line.

Pumpkin Hunt

This is a scavenger hunt with a Halloween makeover. This straightforward kids Halloween game is sure to make for a great time and it’s easy to set-up. Take a trip to the pumpkin patch and pick up a few small gourds. On the day of the party, hide the pumpkins in different areas of the venue. Remember to make some harder to find than others. Once guests arrive, inform them that during the party they should be on the search for hidden jack-o’-lanterns.

Ghost Bowling

It’s going to be strikes, spares and scares with this celebratory take on bowling. This handmade activity will keep the little ones busy and fully entertained. Use rolls of toilet paper with googly eyes attached to them as pins, which make for the cutest little ghosts as well. Next, all you’ll need is a ball to knock them down with. Bowling has never been so adorable.

Spider Web Walking

This game is great for the tiny party attendees and also makes for fantastic party décor. The only material needed to bring this activity to life is duct tape. Just as the title alludes, you’ll be creating a spider web with lines going every which way. The point of the game is for the kids to keep both feet on the duct tape lines. Add spiders to the web for a creepy touch.

Pin the Tail on The Halloween Object

It wouldn’t be a party without a little pin the tail on the donkey now would it? Although, this pin the tail on the donkey is going to be Halloween style. Think pin the face on the pumpkin, pin the tail on the cat or even pin the wart of the witch. Planning out kids Halloween games has never been so much fun.

Tombstone Bean Bag Toss

It’s going to be a graveyard smash. Bean bag toss is an iconic party game and it helps the little ones with their motor skills. Not to mention, this game is easy to set up you just need wooden boards with holes cut out for the bean bags and decorated to look like a tombstone.

Ghost Sack Race

The ghost sack race is a competitive game where participants put both feet into a sack or pillowcase and have to hop forward from the start to the finish line. Use white sacks and add ghostly features for a fitting game for the youngins’.

Haunted Gingerbread House Contest

Looking to make some spooky and delicious gingerbread houses for Halloween? Purchase a handful of gingerbread house kits and let the party goers create the scariest haunted gingerbread house you have ever seen. You can buy additional Halloween candies for decorations. Marshmallows with a touch of chocolate can make the perfect ghost to haunt this gingerbread house. At the end, give the winner a small prize of candy for their creation

Bat Piñata

Did someone say piñata? You can’t go wrong by having a piñata at your Hallows Eve celebration. In fact, the more candy the merrier. This is a great way to add something more to your festivities. A bat filled with candy soaring through your party venue is just what your Halloween party needs. This game will not only be a fun-filled activity for the kids, but it also enhances your party theme and serves as a hanging tribute. Plus, if you’re not sure what to hand out as a party favor, a piñata eliminates that worry altogether. Send each of the party guests home with a clear tied bag filled with sweet treats.

Pop Goes the Balloon

This game is great for the younger kids. Fill colored balloons with confetti and then carefully pin them to the wall in any festive shape. Think pumpkins, ghosts or witches hats. Let the little ones have fun trying to pop open the balloons and see the confetti fly.

What Are Some Fun Halloween Party Games For Adults?

cool halloween party games for adults

There are a bunch of great adult Halloween party games out there that are perfect for this time of year as well as fitting for your sophisticated party-goers. Whether more challenging or just for pure fun, these great Halloween party games were made with the adults in mind and not recommended for the younger kids. You’re never too old for a party game and between trivias and solving mysteries, these games are best suited for teens and adults Halloween parties.

Horror Movie Trivia

What a fitting party game for this time of the year? Halloween is a time to binge watch all of your favorite horror movies and get into the frightening spirit. Play a game of horror movie trivia with your party guests. Beware, things may get a little eerie.

Example Questions: 

  • What was the actual name of Ghostface’s costume in “Scream?”
    • Father Death
    • Casper
    • Brother Dead
    • Ghostface Killer
  • In total, how much screen time did Anthony Hopkins receive as Dr. Hannibal Lecter in “The Silence of the Lambs?”
    • 16 minutes
    • 12 minutes
    • 10 minutes
    • 14 minutes

Candy Corn Relay Race

This is a sweet relay race and festive party game should get all of your guests laughing. This holiday comes with no shortage of candy corn so it’s time to put this good stuff to use. Fill two bowls full of candy corn and then set out two empty bowls across from the full ones. Split your guests into two teams with the goal of the game being to fill the empty bowl with candy corn without using your hands. Things should get interesting.

How Many Candies are in The Jar?

This is a great game to have set up right when your guests enter the party. Fill a jar full of Halloween candies and keep track of how many pieces are in the jar. As your guests arrive, have them guess how many candies there are in the jar. It makes a great decorative piece plus, the winner gets to take home the candy jar.

Bobbing for Apples

Now, this is an iconic fall party game that must make an appearance at your celebration. Fill a tin bucket full of water and apples, of course. Then have each guest one-by-one see how many apples they can get out of the bucket without using their hands. What a fun game to not only play, but watch too.

Harvest Bowling

A trip to the pumpkin patch could easily leave you with a few extra gourds and maybe some squash. Use these as the pins for a fun harvest themed bowling game. This activity is perfect if you have a larger back yard. Set up separate lanes with hay bales and split your guests up into teams.

Glow in The Dark Ring Toss

Sure, ring toss may sound like a game for the younger crowd, but with the lights out and some freaky background music, this Halloween party game is just right for the adults. Designate an area of your party specifically for this activity. Decorate the surroundings with scary Halloween decorations like skeletons, spooky body figurines and toy dolls. Set up these spine-chilling items around the ring toss set up. Instead of playing eerie music, opt for a scary story track and tell guests that they must be silent while playing the game.

Monster Mash Dance Contest

Every Halloween party needs to have a dance contest. All you need is a dance floor area and some fitting tunes. As guests dance the night away put a fun twist on this dance contest and make it a costume contest as well. Designate three judges to be the deciding vote on who came best dressed to your rockin’ Halloween party.

Don’t Say Halloween

Kick off your Halloween party with a challenging game for all guests. When your guests arrive make it clear that it is not allowed to say ‘Halloween’ at any point throughout the party. Pin some festive thing to their costumes so that if the word accidentally slips they got a pin taken away. Give your guests three chances and then they are out of the running. This game is more challenging than it seems.

Murder Mystery

An iconic murder mystery game is ever-so fitting for your Halloween celebration. Each guest gets a character profile for the party which you can designate on the personal invitations you send out. After you have the roles set, create a murder scene at your party which will set the tone and spook your guests. Throughout the party, guests will be able to ask questions with the goal of figure out who the murderer is among them. Gasp!

Scary Photo Booth

Although not a party gamer per se, this is a fun activity for the older crowd and the perfect photo keepsake for your guests to remember this festive night. Fill the photo booth with Halloween appropriate props like vampire teeth, glasses, sheriff’s badges, wigs and more. Your guests won’t be able to help but share their fun shots on social media.

What’s in The Bucket?

This hair-raising activity is one of those scary Halloween party games that just might be as spooky as the holiday itself. Your party guests may be hesitant to stick their hands in the bucket for this ‘identify what you feel’ game. Set out four buckets and fill each with some random food items that resemble or feel like they would resemble different Halloween-like things. Fill bucket number one with peeled grapes which will spook your guests out by feeling like actual eyeballs. Bucket number two will be filled with a damp sponge to resemble brains. Fill bucket number three with cold cooked spaghetti that will feel like veins to the touch. Bucket number five will be filled with soft flour tortilla pieces to resemble skin. Fill the last bucket with long sliced banana to feel like witches’ tongue and really freak your guests out. This is one of those cool Halloween party games no one will be able to forget.

The leaves are crisp, the party planning is in full swing and it wouldn’t be complete without a list of proper games to play at your Halloween gathering. Hosting a Halloween party complete with celebratory games will not only bring your party to life, but these activities also serve as a great icebreaking activity for your attendees and will keep guests occupied. Elevate your party to another level of excitement with these games that every Halloween party needs.

When the party’s over, don’t forget to send out thank you notes to all of your party guests for attending and participating in your Halloween activities. Send your thanks out in style with a festive Halloween address label.