Cream and stone colored wedding invitations with personalized response cards and printed envelopes

The Best Wedding Invitations to Buy Online

Create the best wedding invitations that fit your wedding day theme and style.


Personalized wedding invitations can help set the tone for your big day, and they let everyone know to get excited for what’s to come. Your wedding invitation cards deliver all the information your guests need while also giving them a sneak peek into your theme or wedding style. With Shutterfly, you can easily design the best wedding invitations and make them your own by incorporating hand-picked colors, fonts, embellishments, and more. Find out which unique wedding invitations will start the buzz leading up to your wedding day and learn how to incorporate beautiful designs.


Wedding Invitation Ideas for Any Theme

Shutterfly offers the best online wedding invitations that you can customize in minutes and have sent straight to your guests. Whether you have a specific theme for your wedding or just a color scheme, the wedding invitation ideas below will be suitable for your needs. The best part with Shutterfly wedding invitations is that you get to be creative, letting your invitations stand out from the crowd. Start with our wedding invitation templates and customize them to your needs. Impress your guests and create wedding invites that you can cherish as a beautiful keepsake.

1. Classic Wedding Invitations

If you’re having a more classic wedding, simple wedding invitations will be the best choice to create a more minimalist aesthetic. Just because they’re simple though, it doesn’t mean they aren’t memorable. Choose between beautiful designs that feature foiled lettering, bold fonts, and gorgeous illustrations.

With classic wedding invitations, you can match nearly any wedding theme. Your wedding invitations will also be timeless and great keepsakes

Simple red wedding invitation with names and short text

2. Destination Wedding Invitations

Custom destination wedding invitations give your guests a sneak peek of the beautiful environment they’ll enjoy during your wedding. Whether you’re planning a wedding in the mountains or by the sea, Shutterfly has destination wedding styles that fit your theme.

You can also choose tropical beach wedding invitations that show more fun pastel colors without sacrificing elegance.

Destination wedding invitation with ocean-themed blue illustration

3. Modern Wedding Invitations

A modern wedding invitation can be suitable for nearly any theme. Especially if you’re having a smaller wedding, the modern styles can be more casual, yet still refined. Browse Shutterfly’s monogrammed wedding invitation styles that include a variety of fonts and designs.

Unique chalkboard invitations also offer a more modern look that’s suitable for outdoor or rustic weddings. No matter what your specific wedding theme is, Shutterfly’s modern wedding invitation styles can fit the mood.

Modern dark wedding invitation with monogram lettering

4. Elegant Wedding Invitations

An elegant wedding invitation could be the best choice if you’re having a more formal ceremony and reception. Shutterfly’s elegant designs include gold foil detailing, intricate patterns, delicate fonts, and bold backgrounds.

As you personalize your elegant invites, make your photos black and white so they look even more stylish. With elegant wedding invitations, you’re showing your guests that they can’t get ready for a black tie event they’ll always remember.

Elegant wedding invitation with dark background and fold foil lettering

5. Seasonal Wedding Invitations

Especially if you’re having a ceremony outside of the typical wedding season, a seasonal wedding invitation can celebrate the time of year you’re tying the knot.

Choose winter wedding invitations that include subtle touches like sparkling lights, or fall wedding invitations that incorporate more warm colors for the season. Your guests will love looking forward to the season of your wedding once they receive the wedding invitations in the mail.

Seasonal wedding invitation with winter theme and forest scene across the bottom over grey background and dark green text

Using Shutterfly’s Wedding Invitation Templates

Shutterfly’s wedding invitation templates are easy to use to make your own wedding invitations that will stand out this wedding season. Chances are, you have plenty of engagement photos as well as photos together throughout the time you’ve been a couple, and your wedding invitation is the perfect chance to show off those beautiful pictures. Use the following steps to customize your wedding invitations template and have custom wedding invitations in just minutes!

  1. Browse. First, browse Shutterfly’s online wedding invitations and filter between theme, colors, number of photos, format, trim, size, foil color, and more.
  2. Select. Once you find the invitation template you like best, select the card to design wedding invitations that fit your personal style. 
  3. Add Details. Inside the personalization template, you can create wedding invitations to include all the most important details for your wedding day. Include your names, event date and time, venue location, and address. 
  4. Personalize. Upload your photos to Shutterfly and personalize your wedding invitation card by adjusting the layout and photo positioning. Pro tip: Always upload more photos than you think you’ll need so you have plenty of options!
  5. Customize. Make your final adjustments and choose the type of cardstock you want to use as well as the card trim, background colors, and font styles. 
  6. Envelopes. Customize your envelope so it matches the card exactly how you want, whether you want a solid color envelope or envelopes with fun designs. 
  7. Addresses. Choose which addresses you want to be printed directly on your wedding invitation. You can add just your return address or have Shutterfly print all your recipients’ addresses directly on the envelope as well.
  8. Order. Do a final review for your custom wedding invitations and make sure everything looks great and is spelled correctly. When you’re done, you can have Shutterfly send your invitations directly to your guests to save you the hassle.


Before you make your final choice to order wedding invitations, you might want to view some sample wedding invitations. As a bride or groom to be, you can order a free sample kit that includes a variety of wedding invitations examples. If you want to make sure your designs look great on a specific type of card, you can also order a sample wedding invitation for free with up to five personalized designs. Shutterfly’s free samples and promo codes make it easy for you to design your dream wedding stationery without breaking your budget. 

Five different personalized wedding invitations on white background

Wedding Invitations Wording

Struggling with your wedding invitation wording? It’s easy to learn how to address wedding invitations when you focus on the important details and wedding theme. Shutterfly’s wedding invitation templates also make it easy to choose where to put all your important details and messages. At a minimum, be sure to include the following details inside your invitations:

  • Name of bride and groom
  • Wedding date and day of the week
  • Time
  • Location and address 
  • Reception information
  • Dress code
  • RSVP deadline

Your wedding invite wording might also need to include specific directions or details for the wedding reception, especially if it’s at a different location from the ceremony. If you have a lot more information to include, consider adding enclosure cards to your wedding invitations. With an enclosure card, you’ll have more room to include your registry link, travel information, menu details, and more.

To make it easy for your guests to RSVP quickly, also include an RSVP response card where they can mark if they’re coming, if they need a plus one, and what menu items they’d like (if there’s an option). If you’d like, you can also include a sweet message in your invitation to let everyone know you’re excited to celebrate with them. Depending on your wedding theme, you can adjust your wording so it’s more casual or formal to match.


More Wedding Planning Tips

Along with your customizable wedding invitations, you can easily create a full suite of personalized wedding stationery with Shutterfly. To make everything look professional and cohesive, use the same theme and design styles throughout your suite. Similar to our wedding invitation templates, you can use similar designs and layouts across all your wedding products. For more help with how to plan a wedding, use the following tips below to make sure you have everything you need for the special day.

1. Send Save the Date Cards Before Invites

Before you even send out your invites, you’ll want to create save the date wedding cards so your guests can clear their calendars for the big day. A save the date lets them know when the big day is coming, and it’s especially important for destination weddings where a lot of guests will be traveling. Aim to send your save the dates out 6-12 months before the wedding, depending on how much planning your guests will need. At that stage of wedding planning, you should have a venue and decor theme, but you’ll still have time to finalize the rest of the details before you send out the invitations.

Custom save the date cards on pink striped background

2. Create Unique Wedding Programs

Your wedding programs help everyone see the schedule for either the ceremony or reception. Since most weddings are big events, having a program makes sure everyone knows where they need to be, and it keeps everything organized and professional as well. Design a wedding program that’s flat or folded to include photos and all the details you like. Years down the line, your personalized wedding program will be a beautiful keepsake to remind you of all of the day’s events.

Custom wedding programs on table with green-themed designs

3. Order Wedding Thank You Cards Early

After your wedding day, you’ll have plenty of people to thank. Be sure to create wedding thank you cards in bulk ahead of time so you can have them ready to send out on time. Send thank you cards to your wedding party for their involvement, and be sure to record each gift that your guests brought. With your thank you cards, you can send a personal thank you message to your guests for attending and bringing thoughtful wedding presents.

Three Shutterfly wedding thank you cards with goid foil lettering and photos

4. Design Wedding Photo Books

Another tip for after your wedding day is to create a wedding photo book within the same year. Instead of uploading your photos to social media and forgetting about them, a photo book allows you to create a beautiful wedding album that you’ll cherish forever. Aim to create the photo book within a year so you still have the memories fresh in your mind and you can choose the best photos from each moment.

Wedding photo books displayed on coffee table

Wrapping Up

With your wedding day on the horizon, there are plenty more things to worry about than where to buy wedding invitations. Shutterfly is your one-stop shop to order wedding invitations online and create themed stationery for save the dates, thank you notes, wedding programs, and more. You’ll have the best wedding invitations because they’ll be unique to your photos, style, and personality. Get started today by choosing the wedding invitation styles that you love and order free samples so you can see and feel the cards first.

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