Pink paper hearts on light blue background as part of Galentine's Day gifts for 2021

Galentine’s Day Gifts for 2021

Celebrate your Galentine’s Day with your bestie with these wonderful gifts that your best friend will love.


We all know that Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate your love for your significant other, but Galentine’s Day is a special day to celebrate with your best gal pals. Show your best friends how much you care for one another by celebrating your friendship with one another on this special day. Honor the sisterhood bond you’ve created over the years and toast to your friendship for the future this Galentine’s Day. Commemorate this Galentine’s Day with your bestie and other girlfriends by giving the perfect personalized Galentine’s Day gift that they’ll love.


What Is Galentine’s Day?

Galentine’s Day is a day that is celebrated among your best girlfriends to commemorate your friendship with one another and to declare your love and affection for the girls who make up your support system. Galentine’s Day has gained in popularity over the recent years with both single women and women who are in relationships as a day to strengthen their female friendships and shower friends with love and attention. On Galentine’s Day, you can give your friends small personalized gift or even Valentine’s Day cards that celebrate your friendship.

When Is Galentine’s Day?

Galentine’s Day is celebrated on February 13, conveniently the day before another holiday celebrating love, Valentine’s day. Leading up to Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s is a specific day to celebrate friendship rather than romantic love. Be sure to mark this day on your calendar every year as a reminder to celebrate your friendship with your closest girl friends. Since it’s so close to Valentine’s Day, it’s still a great time to offer cards and gifts while spending time together.

Young couple showing heart shaped symbol with hands

How to Pick Galentine’s Gifts

Show how special your BFF means to you by gifting them these expertly curated gifts that are perfect ways to express how much you love and care for them during this Galentine’s Day holiday. There’s a special gift that is perfect for all the besties in your life and they will love that you thought about them for Galentine’s Day. Give your best friend a personalized one-of-a-kind-gift that will this Galentine’s Day a special and memorable one.

Personalized Photo Books

Showcase all the wonderful memories you’ve created with your bestie with a personalized photo book that displays all the beautiful photos you’ve taken with one another. Collect all the photos that you’ve captured together over the years and make a memory book that your BFF will treasure for years to come. Include your bestie’s name, favorite colors, and symbols to make her Galentine’s Day photo book one-of-a-kind just for her. As she looks through her customized photo book, she’ll be reminded of all the amazing times you’ve spent and cherished together.

Galentine's day photo book with different layouts on a orange and pink background

Custom Calendars

Gift a custom calendar to your best friend to use every day to keep her schedule well organized. Include your favorite photos together and add special dates, such as Galentine’s Day and birthdays, to make sure she doesn’t forget. With a variety of calendar styles – wall calendars, easel calendars, and desk calendars- there’s a perfect calendar to match her lifestyle. Make things extra special by scheduling special get-togethers in advance such as brunch dates, shopping trips, and spa days. 

Personalized calendar with light blue background and 3 different pictures

Stemless Wine Glasses

Perfect for any wine night, these personalized stemless wine glasses are perfect for any one of your best friends who love to sip on a glass of wine at the end of the day. Customize your bestie stemless wine glass by including a picture of her, her name, symbols, and other festive designs she’ll love to admire while she enjoys her wine. This special Galentine’s Day gift will be a memorable gift your BFF will use all the time while she drinks her wine.

Monogrammed stemless wine glasses.

Personalized Cutting Boards

A proper wine night with your best friends isn’t complete without a charcuterie board to match your favorite wines. Gift your best friend a personalized cutting board that she will love to use each time she creates a cheese board. Customize this cutting board with your bestie’s name, initials, or a personal message that she will see each time she uses her gift. Cutting boards are versatile kitchen items that will not only assist in the preparation of ingredients but make great decorative serving platters.

Charcuterie board with personalized cutting board with initial in the middle

Personalized Wristlets

Add a perfect statement piece to your best friend’s outfits with a personalized wristlet that she will love to use every day. This versatile, chic, lightweight, and fashionable wristlet is a combination of a handbag and wallet combo –  making things easy to carry and store for your bestie. Add monograms, picture collages, and words to create a wristlet uniquely designed for your best friend for Galentine’s Day. Whether she’s dressing up for a fancy dinner or going out to make simple errands, these personalized wristlets make the perfect accessory to match any outfit.

custom wristlet with picture perfect for any new grad carrying keys and wallet together

Statement Jewelry

Show your best friend how much you care about her with a personalized statement jewelry that will match her style. Choose from necklaces, bracelets, and bangles in various styles and metals to make a one-of-a-kind gift that your bestie will love to wear for any occasion. Make things extra special by adding embellishments such as photos, initials, or birthstones for a more personal touch. Create a customized piece of jewelry for your best friend and make a matching one-piece for yourself so both of you can sport friendship jewelry together.

personalized statement jewelry in different variety

Special Charms

Create a special custom charm for your best friend to attach to her memorable charm bracelet. Charms come in a variety of designs and metal types that makes each design more unique than the last. From designs ranging from photo charms, initial charms, and birthstone charms each custom charm will be memorable for your gal pal. Personalize the charms in either gold, silver, and rose gold styles for extra style. Start a new Galentine’s Day tradition by gifting a new charm each year to your best friend, once she looks back at her charm bracelet she will be thankful for your friendship and support over the years.

personalized charms on charm bracelet and bangles in different metal types

Personalized Home Decor

Make the moments you’ve spent with your best friends last forever by gifting your BFF a memorable photo of you both. Utilize different types of prints to create the perfect home decor art for your bestie. From canvas prints to photo tiles, the gift options are endless. Every time your best friend looks at her personalized home decor art, she will be reminded of the amazing gift she received for Galentine’s Day.

wall art and home decor variety of different frames and displays

Personalized Candles

Make your bestie’s space more cozy with a personalized candle featuring her favorite photos and quotes from within. Premium personalized candles are made with all-natural soy wax and come in three different fragrances – Driftwood Indigo, Lavender Flower and Unscented. Each candle comes in a ready to gift box, so you won’t have to worry about wrapping your Galentine’s Day gift for your friend. Treat your best friend to a beautiful surprise to a customized candle.

Personalized candle with picture gift for sympathy gift

Custom Socks

Customize your bff’s Galentine’s Day gift with pictures of her face embedded on warm and cozy socks. This gift is not only festive but practical, keeping her toes warm and cozy during cold winter days. Custom socks are easy to create and even easier to match with you and your best friends on this Galentine’s day.

Monogrammed socks with pictures.

Personalized Picture Frames

Show off your special pictures of you and your BFF with personalized picture frames that will display your memories in her home or office. Picture frames are more than just a holder that keeps a picture displayed on a wall or tabletop, it serves as a decorative finishing touch to any captured memory. Your best friend would love this gift as her Galentine’s day present as a reminder of your friendship.

galentines day floral personalized frame

Wrapping Up

This Galentine’s Day, don’t forget to celebrate with your best friends who have been there for you since the beginning. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or not, a special holiday for just your friends is a great time to get together and exchange presents and cards. Show how much your bestie means to you with these beautiful gifts that she will love to receive for Galentine’s Day.

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