Turn Holiday Memories Into Wall Art

Select your favorite holiday photos and transform them into beautiful works of art for every room in your home.

It’s easier than ever to turn your favorite holiday moments into beautiful home decor. With your Christmas card portraits or photos of your family baking cookies, let life’s best moments take center stage. From photo tiles and framed art to canvas prints and gallery walls, there are options and styles for every place in your home. Our holiday wall art guide covers each step of the wall art design process, from planning your holiday photo display to hanging it. By making your holiday memories into wall art, you can feel the joy all year round.

1. Visualize & Plan Your Wall Art

Before you order your wall art, it’s best to plan where you’ll hang it and how many pieces you’d like. Try to set a vision. Do you want a cozy collection of photos showcasing your Christmas traditions or a larger photo of you lighting the menorah as a family? Walk through your home to get ideas of what might work well in your space.

Here are the most popular ideas for where you can place your holiday wall art:

  • In the living room
  • Above the mantel
  • Kitchen
  • In the basement
  • In the office
  • Staircase or entryway

Beyond hanging your art, you can also display it on a shelf, desk, dresser or side table. Find unique places to sprinkle cheer throughout your home.

2. Determine Your Size & Quantity

Consider the size and space of where you plan to hang your wall art. For the best results, cut out pieces of newspaper or cardboard that match common sizes of wall art, such as rectangles that are 8×10 or 16×20. Hold the pieces in place or tape them on the wall with painter’s tape to get a feel of how big you’d like your artwork. As an example, if you want to display holiday canvas prints above your mantle, measure to see if you prefer 16x16s or 20x20s. Decide if you want two photos or three. The goal is to fill a space but not make it feel overdone.

3. Choose Your Holiday Wall Art Style

The beauty of making your own wall art is that you can truly personalize it to your style and the room. You can choose from traditional options, such as framed photos, or more modern options like metal art prints. 

Here are the most popular wall art styles:

Framed canvas print.

Framed Art

Classic and modern frames turn your favorite holiday moments and family portraits into works of art. Frames are available in wood and black and white options.

Picture on table.

Metal Prints

Go sleek and modern by printing your holiday memories onto high-definition metal prints. Choose one or more photos for each piece.

Photo Tiles

Build a holiday or family gallery wall with ease using photo tiles that can be moved at any time without damaging the wall.

Wood Art

The real wood-grain texture enhances any photo and turns it into unique wood wall art with depth and character.

Print of a mom and her baby with natural decor

Acrylic Prints

Premium acrylic prints brighten and elevate any room. Several sizes are available to ensure you have the right high-definition art for your photo wall.

Multi panel canvas prints.

Canvas Prints

Transform holiday family portraits into stunning wall pieces with canvas prints of all sizes and shapes. You can even design a set of canvas prints for a holiday photo wall.

Remember that you don’t have to choose just one style of wall art. You can mix and match these mediums to create a display with visual appeal and depth. 

4. Select Your Holiday Photos & Upload Them

Choosing the right photos for your wall art is just as important as selecting the style and size. Opt for photos that are clear with high-resolution, such as the original photo you took with your smartphone. Select holiday photos that show particular joy, such as your kids opening Christmas gifts or you and your grandma baking pies together. Holiday family portraits make for stunning artwork, but don’t leave out snapshots of your family laughing, playing or dancing together. You can even create a holiday-themed photo wall, such as a display of all snowy photos or all family snapshots. When there’s life in the photos, the wall art is more vibrant and full of love.

5. Add Festive Words & Embellishments

With custom wall art, you can choose different backgrounds, designs and wording to enhance your display. You can inscribe “Thanksgiving 2020” under your family photo or include a few lyrics from a favorite holiday song. You can choose a design that incorporates snowflakes or stars into your art piece. You can also let your photos stand alone without any wording or embellishments for a more classic feel.

6. Order Your Art

Enjoy your holidays and a cozy home with artwork that brings the most joyous memories right to your walls. Order a variety of wall art to fill the special spaces in your home, from your dining room to den. You can always move your artwork and add to your collection in years to come. 

7. Hang Your Wall Art

Once your new artwork arrives, you’ll want to hang it on the wall right away. Learn how to hang pictures on your wall, keeping in mind the type of wall art you have. You’ll need one or two nails to hang your canvas prints and for metal art prints, follow these seven easy steps. If you chose photo tiles, you won’t have to do anything but stick them in their places. Photo tiles can be moved at any time without damaging the walls. 

Final Thoughts on Holiday Wall Art

Wall art made of your holiday memories is a beautiful way to decorate your home with love and gratitude. Whether you plan to hang your art during the holiday season or all year long, your personalized wall art will be treasured for years to come. Even a single piece of wall art can add character, joy and color to your space. You can also design custom wall art as art prints to gift to a loved one, such as your mom, sister or nephew. 

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