10 Great Mother’s Day Card Ideas

Mother’s Day is an important day to celebrate your mom for all her hard work and dedication she put into raising you and taking care of your family. Moms are incredible people, with all that she does for her family as well as herself, honor her in the best way possible with thoughtful and loving Mother’s Day cards. Make your Mother’s Day card this year more personalized by customizing a one of a kind card that you can’t buy anywhere else. Gift your mom the best Mother’s Day card as well as a personalized Mother’s Day gift from our Mother’s Day gift guide she will be sure to enjoy .

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When is Mother’s Day?

In the United States, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. This year, Mother’s Day lands on Sunday, May 9th, 2021. Mother’s Day is a day that is celebrated differently in each country. Some countries celebrate Mother’s Day at various times throughout the year. Even though different countries celebrate Mother’s Day at different times, it’s a memorable day to celebrate all your mom has done for you throughout the years.

When to Send Out Mother’s Day Cards

It’s best to send out Mother’s Day cards roughly two to three weeks ahead if sending domestically and roughly three to four weeks internationally. This way you can guarantee that your mom will receive her Mother’s Day card before Mother’s Day. Opt for earlier rather than later. If her Mother’s Day card comes earlier than Mother’s Day, she will be able to admire her Mother’s Day card for longer. For an added bonus send her great Mother’s Day gifts she will cherish along with her fantastic Mother’s Day card. Gifts for mom are easy to personalize and your mom will love receiving them this Mother’s Day.

Personalized Mother’s Day Cards

Browse a wide range of personalized Mother’s Day cards that your mom will love to receive this Mother’s Day. Each card template is fully customizable to add any specific detail you want to include within your Mother’s Day card. Your mom will love that you took the time and effort to make her the best Mother’s Day card and special gifts for mom this Mother’s Day.

Maternal Rose Mother’s Day Card

For moms who love roses, this personalized Mother’s Day card is perfect for them. Feature your favorite image of you and your mom alongside a festive Happy Mother’s Day message. This Mother’s Day card also features a spot for you to sign your name, so your mom knows who the card is from and that you took the time and effort to create this wonderful Mother’s Day card for her. Make things extra special by adding a Mother’s Day note to the back of the card, so she can read it every time she looks at her customized Mother’s Day card.

Maternal Rose Mother's Day Card

Sylvan Mom Mother’s Day Card

This floral Mother’s Day card is light and airy with its colorful flower design. This Mother’s Day card is a folded card that allows space to write messages on the inside and the back of the card. Choose an image of your whole family as the front middle feature of the card and include all the names of your family members as a reminder of how your family has changed over the years.

sylvan mom mother's day card folded

Spring Fun Mother’s Day Card

This Mother’s Day card is perfect for when you have more than one photo to display on the front of your personalized Mother’s Day card. This Mother’s Day card design features pink and purple colors with a bold type collage design that will fit up to six unique pictures. You can mix and match the different photos that you want to include and have them showing in different sizes around the card. This Mother’s Day card is a landscape style folded card which allows for space to write your Mother’s Day message on the inside and back.

spring fun mothers day card pink and coral hues

Textured Hearts Mother’s Day Card

Show your love for your mom with a display full of hearts on her Mother’s Day card. This festive Mother’s Day card showcases a background full of hearts with beautiful calligraphy font on the front. It allows for one photo in the center of the card and includes an area specifically for the names of the people who made the card for the mom in their life. This card can come in Shutterfly’s Signature Smooth Cardstock or it can come in a Pearl Shimmer Cardstock. Our Signature Smooth Cardstock is our thickest, most luxurious card stock that gives pictures a sharper design and printed out photo quality. Our Pearl Shimmer Cardstock gives all the cards a pearl finish that sparkles and shines throughout each turn of the card.

textured hearts mother's day card

Made for Mom Mother’s Day Card

Moms love to receive and display artwork that their kids make and draw for them daily. Make this year’s Mother’s Day card even more special by having your kids draw artwork that you can feature on the front of the Mother’s Day card. Simply have your kids draw and create their artwork and scan an image into your Shutterfly account to add to the front of your Mother’s Day card. This will be an extra special card for your mom since it’s personally made for her by her favorite kids. Browse more Mother’s Day cards for kids here.

made for mom mother's day card

Customized Mother’s Day Cards for Grandma

Grandmothers are like our second mothers, so honor them by creating a personalized Mother’s Day card specific for Grandmothers. These Mother’s Day cards are created especially for grandmothers and their love for their kids and grandchildren. Explore all the different varieties of Mother’s Day cards for grandmothers and start creating today.

Grandma’s Garden Mother’s Day Card

For the grandma’s who love flowers and gardening, this garden themed Mother’s Day card is perfect for your grandmother. Specifically dedicated to your grandma with the message “Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma” filled with flowers around the Mother’s Day message center. This card features images for 2 different photos you want to include on the card. This card is also a folded card allowing you more space for two of your grandma’s favorite photos.

grandma's garden mother's day card

Brilliant Words Mother’s Day Card

Perfect for grandmothers who love a vibrant pink color, this card features space for five of grandma’s most cherished pictures. With descriptive words that best showcase grandmother’s love – Joy, Love, Hugs, Sweet, and Adore – displayed around the card your grandma will love opening this card to see the collage of words and pictures around the Mother’s Day card.

brilliant words mother's day card

Best Grandma Mother’s Day Card

Honor your grandmother with this great card that says “Great Moms Become the Best Grandmas!” When your grandmother opens up this card she will be so happy to see this great message on top of her Mother’s Day card. On the inside of the card, there is also a thoughtful prefilled Mother’s Day message that you can choose to use or choose to write your own Mother’s Day message. Whether you decide to use the prefilled message or create your own message, your mom will love reading this special note this Mother’s Day.best grandma mother's day card

Rainbow Scribbles Mother’s Day Card

Grandmas teach their kids and grandchildren many important things such as how to love one another, thank her for these important lessons with this thoughtful Mother’s Day card for grandmothers. With the message “Grandma, you show me love in so many ways,” she will love seeing your bright and smiling face while you thank her for all the love she’s given you over the years. This card features four images on the front cover and space on the inside of the card to add different messages and additional pictures. Change the border designs on this Mother’s Day card for extra personalization.

rainbow scribbles mothers day card

Deseos Florales Mother’s Day Card

For your dearest Abuela, this card is perfect for spreading your Happy Mother’s Day message in Spanish. This floral card features 4 images on the cover as well as a message “Feliz Dia de La Madre” which translates to “Happy Mother’s Day” in Spanish. On the inside, you can write a personal message for your Abuela, and include pictures she will love to see. Make this card more personalized to your Abuela by adding her name for a customized touch. She will love that you took the extra time to make this fabulous Mother’s Day card for her in Spanish.

deseos florales mother's day card

Final Thoughts On Mother’s Day Cards

This year, sending a Mother’s Day card is easy and fun with the wide variety of cards that fit every mom out there. Sending a Mother’s Day card shows that you are thankful, appreciative, show love, and care for your mom on this day dedicated to her. She will love that you took the time and effort in making this special personalized Mother’s Day card for her and she will be able to keep this card for years to come.

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