6 Steps To Make The Best Premium Photo Book

You’ve made the memories—and you’ve got all the photographs to prove it. Now it’s time to preserve them by creating a keepsake photo album. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful way to showcase your favorite photos or remember a particular event, turn all those digital photos into a premium photo book you can cherish for years to come.

When it comes to creating photo albums, it’s all about personalization. You can choose a theme, carefully select colors, and add your own text to create personalized books that are as unique as the person who created them. Every detail from the cover to the pages inside is up to you. For an extra boost, opt for a premium photo book packed with luxe features that make it stand out from the rest. Not sure how to get started? This guide will explain just how easy it is to make your own book.

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What Is A Premium Photo Book?

Your photo albums are only as good as the materials used to make them—the kind of paper, ink, and print quality all impact the look and feel of your book. While all of our photo books are professional quality and beautifully finished, you’ll really bring your best memories to life by creating a premium photo book.

Vacation photo book.

Premium photo books come standard with these exceptional features:

  • Professionally printed on double-thick, semi-gloss premium paper
  • Create seamless spreads with deluxe layflat pages
  • Choose from a premium leather cover or hard photo cover
  • The ability to add eye-catching metallic embellishments

How To Make A Premium Photo Book

Creating a personalized photo book isn’t just about randomly putting images on pages. A great book takes a collection of photos and pairs them with a style that tells a story. Whether you choose to create a wedding photo book, an album for your new baby, or a book that shows off all your gorgeous travel photos, we’ve put together this guide that will show you how—in just a few steps—you can create a premium photo book you’ll treasure for years.

Mom and baby at computer.

You’ve got three great options when you’re ready to design your premium photo book. With our Make My Book® service, we’ll design the book for you. Choose the Simple Path® for a quick and easy way to automatically arrange your photos in your book. If you’re ready to personalize each and every page down to the last detail, simply choose the custom path option and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Choose Your Size

When you’re ready to make your own book, the first step will be picking the size. You’ve got lots of options, from a petite 8×8 to an impressive 11×14—that’s 28 inches wide when it’s open! The size you choose will depend on your number of photos, how many images you want to display per page, and where you’ll keep your book. If you want to keep it on a bookshelf, make sure your book will fit. That said, the best coffee table books and the best travel books are usually large photo albums.

Step 2: Pick a Theme

Give your premium photo book a cohesive look by choosing from hundreds of available themes. Personalized baby books tell the story of your little one with precious illustrations and typefaces that accompany your photos. If your style is more subdued, don’t worry, there’s a theme for you, too. From pets to professional, you’re sure to find the perfect design style. Each theme comes with a variety of pre-designed, fully customizable templates to help you tell your unique story.

Step 3: Upload Your Photos

Woman looking at photo prints.

Choose all the images you want to include in your photo book. Make sure they’re high-quality, in focus, and not blurry or pixelated. Keep in mind that poor-quality photos will be even more blurry when they’re enlarged and printed. Most photo book layouts feature certain images that are larger than others, so make sure you highlight your favorite photos to make sure they get the spotlight. Whether you’re pulling from digital files or scanning in some of your favorite photo prints, this is a great time to organize all of your options.

Step 4: Customize Each Page

Premium photo books are all about personalization! This is where you’ll let your creativity shine. Choose from a variety of page layouts for any number of images from one to 30. Then, choose a background for your page. Will you choose the same background from one page to the next or will you mix it up? The choice is yours. You can even add embellishments to each page, like stickers, ribbons, or photo frames. And if you get stuck, don’t worry—we’ve even got some sample pages already designed for you to use. Simply choose the one you like and swap out the photos. Since you’ve chosen to create a premium photo album, be sure to take advantage of those seamless layflat pages and include some two-page spreads in your layout.

Photo book open on table with toddler pictures.

Step 5: Choose Your Options

When it comes to personalized books, you’ve always got options. Here’s where you’ll select your premium features, like the genuine leather cover with deluxe layflat pages rather than a softcover or hardcover. You can also choose to add a memorabilia pocket for storing souvenirs and keepsakes, choose six-color printing to make your photos pop, and order a gift box if you’ll be giving your book as a gift.

Step 6: Preview And Purchase

After you’ve finished designing your personalized book, you can preview it on screen from cover to cover to make sure it’s exactly how you want it. Then, simply add it to your cart and check out. Do you want to print more than 10 copies of the same book? Our bulk ordering option makes it easy to get a copy for everyone.

Premium Photo Book Ideas

Christmas photo books.

Premium photo books can be used to showcase almost anything. From the quality paper to the elegant leather cover, they’re perfect for all of your most treasured memories. Here are just a few ideas for when you’re ready to make the perfect photo book:

  • Engagement, Wedding, or Honeymoon: It goes without saying, one of the best days should be commemorated with one of the best photo albums. From the parties to the planning, from the proposal to picking out your dress, there are plenty of memories to fill up a few books! Our wedding photo books are the best way to capture the big day.
  • Travel: The deluxe layflat pages in a premium photo book lend themselves perfectly to the gorgeous landscape photos you’ve captured in your travels. Travel photo books make some of the best coffee table books, so be sure to keep it somewhere gusts can enjoy.
  • Family: Whether you’re documenting a pregnancy, want to chronicle baby’s first year, want to celebrate every member of your family, or even want to document your family tree, personalized family photo books are one way to keep the memories alive. Family and pet photo books are some of the most popular photo albums.
  • Holidays: The best photo albums are the ones that bring back the warmest memories. And, some of the best memories are made over the holidays. From trimming a tree, spending time with family, and sending out holiday cards, the holidays make heartfelt content for your Christmas photo books.
  • Everyday: While showcasing special events is always treasured, sometimes it’s just fun to showcase your everyday memories. From a fun breakfast to a day at the park, you can pick a theme or just choose to showcase your favorite photo prints.

Final Thoughts on Premium Photo Books

From personalized baby books to the best travel books, from your ultimate wedding album to a book all about your pet, there’s always a reason to preserve your favorite memories in a photo book. Now that you’ve been inspired, get started on your very own custom photo book.